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February 2013


Anytime I head into a home decor store, one of my first stops is the pillow section. Like many people, I seem to have an unhealthy obsession with these fluffy squares of happiness. First, I’m enamored with throw pillows because they make everything just a little more comfortable. One of my favorite activities is snuggling up on the couch (surrounded by lots of pillows!) as I watch Downton Abbey and sip a glass of wine. Does it get any better than that?



Second, I love accent pillows for the role they play in home decor. Just by changing the pillows on your bed or couch, you can give your room an entirely new look. This comes in handy with the change of seasons when you want to mix things up without completely redecorating a space. It also lets you play around with colors and patterns that you may be afraid to try on a larger or more permanent scale. After all, it’s just a few pillows. What do you have to lose?


This week on Pin it. Get it! I’m sharing some bold and patterned throw pillows that I’ve found. I’d also like to encourage everyone to take a risk and try some of these different and fun accents. Pillows just might become your new favorite accessory.

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Happy Decorating,

Michael Wurm, Jr. – Inspired by Charm

Hello! Kelly Eagle here! We see a lot of kitchens around here and in every style you can imagine!


The majority of the kitchens have white cabinets, with fewer having stained wood, but lately I’ve noticed another cabinet finish gaining popularity: greige painted cabinets.


In this month’s Better Homes and Gardens, designer Ann Rae’s kitchen has a perfect example of the color.

She painted her cabinets with Fawn, by Farrow and Ball. The color is a light tan-greige-green that is versatile, fitting into traditional kitchens, country kitchens, and even those with a more modern flair. She noted that she loves how in some lights the color reminds her of stones on the beach, but can also read as pale leaf green.


If you’ve been considering painting your cabinets, but want a color less predictable than white, this may just be the inspiration for you.


Here are couple of other examples I love:


This shade of beige reads a little green, but the color is subtle enough to act as a neutral, yet interesting enough to not need much accessorizing. Crisp white counters and accents modernize  and lighten the space.



If you are a bit braver with your color choice, try painting your cabinets a dark greige. Pair dark lower cabinets with light – or white – upper cabinets.



Since these colors are rooted in the most basic of neutrals, accent colors can vary as wide as the rainbow, adding life and excitement to your kitchen.


What about you?


Would you paint your kitchen cabinets anything other than white?

One of the best things we did for our kids and our family, is get the kid’s closet organized so that it was easy for them to manage and use on a daily basis.  Because they have an organized closet, they are able to help hang their clothes, pick out their clothes, get on their pajamas and easily identify where everything goes.  Here is their closet now:

As simple as the closet seems to be, quite a bit of thought went into getting it just right for our boys.  Here are some of my favorite kid’s closet organizing tips:

  • Labels!  Big bold labels ensure the boys know exactly where to find each clothing type, and where to put it away on laundry day!  The labels in the photo above were added to standard canvas bins with iron on heat transfer.
  • Double hanging allows the closet space to be truly maximized.  Shirts are hung up high, pants down low.  Simple to understand for the kids.

  • Divide and conquer!  Our boy’s closet is divided down the middle by a bookcase turned closet organizer.  Each boy has their own personal side of the closet so clothes are never mixed or confused.
  • Think outside the standard storage box.  The days of wire shelves are numbered.  Often times less expensive, non-traditional closet storage such as bookcases and modular storage cubes, offer more storage capacity, cubbies and customization options.

  • Add a step stool to the closet so that little ones can safely reach their clothing without climbing.
  • Remove the closet door.  We found that the closet door took up half of the space to access the inside of the closet.  It also took up a lot of space within the room when open.  By removing the door, the kids have easy access when selecting and putting away their clothing.  To keep it concealed, a simple curtain takes up much less space than the door.

  • Attach extra hooks within the closet to hold things such as belts, hats and backpacks.
  • If the closet doesn’t come installed with drawers for the itty bits, then adding some through canvas bins or simple kits can dramatically increase the storage capacity.

  • Take a few extra minutes on Sunday to select the clothing for the week.  A little extra time on Sunday will be a huge timer saver on weekday mornings when the kids are getting up and ready for their day.

  • Don’t have a bedroom closet?  Outfit an old armoire with some shelves, baskets and bins to create one!


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Sometimes I find myself craving color. Especially when the weather around me is gloomy and grey. Color can add big personality, character, motivation and has been proven to spark creativity. Adding the right color to a space can feel hard and overwhelming to some. Always remember that when working with a color palette, opposite hues are called complementary colors. Meaning they work together. Some of the most unexpected color palettes can make the most beautiful moments. For instance, this jacket has quite a few colors happening, but it works so well. And put into a room, you’ve got a modern, fresh space with lots of rich colors. Here’s the look.

Products: Teakettle, Sofa, Bookends, Chair, Blanket. For even more finds inspired by this palette, go here.

Color Inspiration: Turtleneck.
Lamp Room Gray is a nice warm gray that will compliment most colors.

Color Inspiration: Jacket.
Try Book Room Red for upholstered pieces (like the chair above) and even an accent wall.

Color Inspiration: Jacket.
For accessories that will make a big accent, find pieces with a hue similar to Fowler Pink.

Color Inspiration: Jacket.
Cooking Apple will look super stylish in art, accessories, patterns and even upholstered pieces.

Bonus: For other furniture pieces, find inspiration in Plummett.

Photo via Lucky Magazine. Paint via Farrow & Ball.

We’re excited to announce a new post series on Style Spotters that highlights a few of our favorite blogger projects. Every month we’ll share a round-up of ideas we love, focused on a specific topic. Sounds fun right? First up: DIY Valentine’s Day crafts from a few of our friends from Alt Summit!


1) We loved Ashley of Sugar & Cloth’s fun Cute as a Button post about wrapping Valentine’s Day gifts!


Photo Credit: Sugar and Cloth


2) Haeley from Design Improvised reused yarn pom-poms from her Christmas tree to make this festive Valentine Wreath.  What a cute way to recycle crafts! 


Photo Credit: Design Improvised


3) What a sweet gift! Erin of House of Earnest created this adorable Bee Mine Valentine.


Photo Credit: House of Earnest


4) Amber of Damask Love showed readers how to create this adorable DIY Paper Ribbon Banner.

Photo Credit: Damask Love


5) Jenny from Hank & Hunt went outside of the typical Valentine’s Day color scheme to create this Floating Heart Backdrop.


Photo Credit: Hank & Hunt

6) Kelly of Studio DIY gave us great ideas for packaging small Valentine’s Day gifts with her Glitter Heart Bags.

Photo Credit: Studio DIY

7) We think these DIY Painted Cork Coasters from Sarah at Sarah Hearts are perfect for a Valentine’s Day soiree!

Photo Credit: Sarah Hearts

8) And we’ll be definitely be making these cute Heart Clips from Mandy at Fabric Paper Glue!

Photo Credit: Fabric Paper Glue


What are you crafting for Valentine’s Day? We love to share something handmade and from the heart with our friends and family. If you have a project you’d like to share with us, send an email to for the chance to be featured in our monthly Best of the Blogs series.


Happy crafting!

-Liz Frantz, Social Media Editor

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Alt Summit conference, in Utah. Better Homes and Gardens had a little booth set up and it was pretty adorable. It was like a comfy little living room in the middle of the hustle and bustle of this conference. The dresser in this “living room” had a nice detail: washi tape lines. Yup. Those lines you see in the photo above are not painted on… it’s gold wash tape. What’s washi tape? It’s a lovely decorative tape that can be easily removed. There are SO many cute designs (you can find a wide variety on Etsy).

When I came home the first thing I did was stare at the dresser in my entryway. I’ve been so bored an uninspired by this thing for months. I cannot decide what I want to do with it. Paint it teal? Add a crazy design? Add some gold leaf? I don’t know, so it just sits there. BUT, this week I’ve added some gold washi tape stripes. It will keep me happy for a while, until I actually decide what I want to do.


 1st try: I attempted some stripes… then decided I wasn’t feeling it.

 2nd try: I liked this, but I felt like something was missing…

Final: Done. I may change it up a bit more, BUT that’s ok! It’s so easy to move and adjust. Maybe diamonds?

Have you tried out Washi Tape yet?

- Chelsey

P.S. Ignore the blue tape on my walls…. we are painting!

Top photo by, Brooke Dennis

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