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Runway to Color Palette: Basking in Blue

Some find certain shades of blues to be calming as the ocean. Some find blues to be exciting and fresh. Both are true and applicable when it comes to decor. Blue is a hue that can be desirable for many aesthetics. I’ve seen minimalist homes embrace blue and it feels young and modern. Transitional homes can feel calm when using blue. The mood board below shows how midnight blue and bright blue come alive when paired together. When partnered with whites, creams, honey wood and shades of brown, you’ve created a fantastic color palette. Gretchen Jones knew what she was doing when she designed the ensemble below. Here’s how to get the look:

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Color Inspiration: Skirt.
Use Cotton White for a neutral, bright backdrop. Everything else will pop naturally.

Color Inspiration: Shirt.
Impromptu is a fun, bright hue to use in accessories, art and fabrics.

Color Inspiration: Skirt.
Try Loyal Blue for upholstered  furniture pieces.

Color Inspiration: Shoes.
Eastlake Gold would make a great accent color on the wall or in wooden furniture pieces.

Bonus: If you need another deep color in your room design, Grounded is a perfect addition in this palette.

Photo via Refinery 29. Paint via Sherwin Williams.

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