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organize this: kid’s closet!

One of the best things we did for our kids and our family, is get the kid’s closet organized so that it was easy for them to manage and use on a daily basis.  Because they have an organized closet, they are able to help hang their clothes, pick out their clothes, get on their pajamas and easily identify where everything goes.  Here is their closet now:

As simple as the closet seems to be, quite a bit of thought went into getting it just right for our boys.  Here are some of my favorite kid’s closet organizing tips:

  • Labels!  Big bold labels ensure the boys know exactly where to find each clothing type, and where to put it away on laundry day!  The labels in the photo above were added to standard canvas bins with iron on heat transfer.
  • Double hanging allows the closet space to be truly maximized.  Shirts are hung up high, pants down low.  Simple to understand for the kids.

  • Divide and conquer!  Our boy’s closet is divided down the middle by a bookcase turned closet organizer.  Each boy has their own personal side of the closet so clothes are never mixed or confused.
  • Think outside the standard storage box.  The days of wire shelves are numbered.  Often times less expensive, non-traditional closet storage such as bookcases and modular storage cubes, offer more storage capacity, cubbies and customization options.

  • Add a step stool to the closet so that little ones can safely reach their clothing without climbing.
  • Remove the closet door.  We found that the closet door took up half of the space to access the inside of the closet.  It also took up a lot of space within the room when open.  By removing the door, the kids have easy access when selecting and putting away their clothing.  To keep it concealed, a simple curtain takes up much less space than the door.

  • Attach extra hooks within the closet to hold things such as belts, hats and backpacks.
  • If the closet doesn’t come installed with drawers for the itty bits, then adding some through canvas bins or simple kits can dramatically increase the storage capacity.

  • Take a few extra minutes on Sunday to select the clothing for the week.  A little extra time on Sunday will be a huge timer saver on weekday mornings when the kids are getting up and ready for their day.

  • Don’t have a bedroom closet?  Outfit an old armoire with some shelves, baskets and bins to create one!


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  1. This has inspired me to get organized in my closet!

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