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organize this: entry closet!

How much function can one single closet hold?  When it comes to the entrance of the home, many!  So many items reside in this popular place, such as shoes, coats, hats and mittens, umbrellas, totes and other every day gear.  Since this specific type of closet has to work so hard, maximizing the storage and setup will help keep it in working order!

When planning your closet layout, store commonly used daily items at an arms reach and less frequently used items up above.  Extra easy-to-access “shelving” can be created by hanging a vertical organizer from the closet rod and sleek umbrella storage can be created from an oversized vase.

Get custom closet storage at a fraction of the price by piecing together inexpensive stackable storage pieces, which are often available at common big box stores.  Space can be maximized further by adding two rows of hanging through rods and additional hooks.  And check out the mail center!  If you have a shelf to spare, keeping your everyday papers and keys tucked behind doors cuts down on the visual clutter that can easily accumulate right inside the home’s entry.

Bins and baskets are always a simple solution for keeping items neatly corralled on shelves.  When selecting storage for a high traffic area, consider the materials to be sure they are durable and can withstand the daily use and abuse.  Labels ensure everyone in the family knows where their items belong and where to return their gear each day.

Don’t forget about the closet’s wall space as it is the perfect spot to add a memo board, extra hooks for hats, keys and totes and wall pockets for extra papers and magazines.  And how much fun is that wallpaper?  Lining or painting the back wall of a closet really makes a fun statement and is a happy surprise when you open the door.

Just as it is important to maximize your storage by utilizing the closet walls, it is also smart to utilize the back of the closet door.  Adding over the door hanging rods, shoe pocket organizers and hooks can double your entryway storage capacity!

By adding casters to the bottoms of crates and baskets, you can easily roll out your closet storage to search for what you are looking for.  Stackable options allow you to make the most of your floor space.

Don’t have an entry closet?  Make one!  Remove a shelf or two to repurpose a bookshelf as the perfect entryway storage.

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6 Responses to “ organize this: entry closet! ”

  1. Where can I get the crates found in the Jan 2015 entryway on pg 8 pictured above? can’t find them on the link

  2. The fabulous boxes with casters on pg 8 in the BHG JAN 2015 issue was a BIG let down since they refer us to their ‘shop’ link and they are no where to be found. Now I read above ‘you can make them’ #BHGfail grrr!

  3. I spent 3 frustrating hours looking for the crates pictured above found on page 8 of your January issue. The posted link in the magazine is extremely misleading and very disappointing.

  4. Totally agree!! Soent 2hrs navigating the site to try to find the baskets in wheels shown in the jan 2015 Issue only to find I would have to make them myself!! Bummer!!!! Really don’t have the time to do this myself!!! Would have liked to have just purchased them already made!!!!

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