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organize this: kitchen necessities!

What room in the home gets more traffic and love than any other?  The kitchen!  It’s known as the hub of the home.  It is where the family meets for dinner each evening and for Sunday brunch during the weekend.  And with that busy space, comes mega amounts of goodies.  Pots, pans, dishes, cutlery, spices, gadgets, baking supplies, small appliances and more.  But the kitchen can always look welcoming and clutter free with the right storage, so I pulled some of my favorite kitchen storage tips to share today.

Drawers, drawers and more drawers.  It’s amazing how much easier things are to access when they are in drawers.  In fact, I am a fan of popping slide out drawers inside cabinets as well, just because they really ease your ability to snag something towards the back without reaching and digging.

Just like drawers, lazy susans rock the kitchen world.  They spin, which makes organizing those corner cabinets (both uppers and lowers), much smarter.  Just open the cabinet, spin until you see what you are looking for, and walk away happy that you didn’t just spend too many minutes of your day reaching and searching for that baking dish in the back.

Spices are on the smaller side and come in many shapes and sizes, so they are great candidates for being stored on the backs of cabinet doors or inside of secret skinny pull out cabinets.

When storing flat items, such as baking sheets, cutting boards and pizza pans, placing them in an upright position allows you to quickly slide the item in and out vs. stacking them, which would require you to remove items in order to get to the piece at the bottom.

Open shelving is just as functional as it is pretty.  For kitchens that get a lot of use and traffic, having the ability to always see your dishes and easily take them out and put them back, just makes things run quicker and smoother, especially when unloading the dishwasher.

Now let’s take a moment to chat about what is going on inside those drawers and behind those cabinet doors.  I am smitten with the idea of storing cutting tools within a block inside the drawer, not only freeing up valuable c0unter space, but also keeping them out of reach of little fingers.  Using a block keeps the cutlery items divided and prolongs their use.  Bonus points for also adding in a cutting board for a one stop chopping spot.

For all other drawers, dividers allow items to have their own home and reduce the digging and rummaging for a lost spatula.  Dividers are also great for keeping drawers paired down to only the essentials and what you need, since they don’t allow too much extra to be tossed into the mix.

To maximize the space behind cabinet doors, tiered shelves and lazy susans allow items in the back to be easily found and accessible.  Clear sealed storage containers not only increases the shelf life of dry goods, but they also give you a quick visual inventory of what you have on hand before heading out to the market.

Don’t have a lot of built in cabinet space?  Add a sideboard or armoire to boast even more storage in your kitchen space.  These pieces are wonderful for storing small appliances, over-sized baking items, special china or even everyday items and dishes.



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  1. Fabulous Jen, you are the QUEEN of organization, love your tips and picks!

  2. Very nicely organized all the stuffs, very beautifully designed kitchen.
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