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DIY-ify: Hidden Alarm Panel


Hello and a Happy New Year to all of you. I’m in full clean up and organize mode over here. Finishing up projects I have put off and making my home more comfy. First project of the year: the Hidden Alarm Panel. Yeah, that ugly thing I see each and EVERY time I walk into my home. While my husband really doesn’t ever notice it (as he told me), I always do. A few months ago I found a great idea to cover up this eyesore. I found it on the blog, The Third Boob. I’ve done things a bit differently than they did. My canvas print backing was made of cardboard, and their backing was made of wood. I used Command Strips to attach the hinges to mine, since the screws probably would hold too well (so if your canvas has a wood backing, use the screws instead of the strips).



Supplies needed: 

- Command Small Refill Wall Strips

- Two small flat hinges

- A canvas print

- Optional: Velcro to hold the open side down.


- Using the command strips, attach the hinges to the canvas (following the Command Strip instructions).



- Place another Command Strip on the wall side of each hinge.

- Adhere the hinges to the wall. This can be a bit tricky getting things level, maybe a second set of hands would help?



- Optional: Since our canvas is right at the entrance, it kept swinging open when we opened our door. To fix this issue I added another set of Command strips to the backing of some light velcro. I placed it on the back of the canvas and on the wall. Problem solved!



You’re done!

- Chelsey, The Paper Mama


A little side note: even though I’d love to cover my ugly thermostat, this would not be a good thing to do. The thermostat needs to read the temperature in the room, and can’t do that if covered. 

10 Responses to “ DIY-ify: Hidden Alarm Panel ”

  1. What an interesting use of canvas art.

  2. Nice canvas idea, would it be better to be hand-painted?

  3. what a a nice one…..

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