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The Hottest Trends for You and Your Home

Now + Next: Jen Jones

What’s Hot Now:

1. Gold & Brass Accents:  Whether in the form of a pretty chandelier or as the hardware on a dresser, adding small doses of gold always seems to give a space a great eclectic yet elegant vibe.


What’s Next:

1.  Bold Colors:  For a color happy gal, I have always loved when color makes it’s way into a space in a bold way, but I think until more recently, I was in the minority.  However, more and more I am seeing bright and saturated colors being used not only as accessories, but on walls and in furniture, and I am crossing my fingers that it is a trend that stays for the long haul.


2.  Instagram:  OK, so Instagram became my new favorite photo taking, photo sharing, photo everything app this year, but I am hoping that we begin seeing all sorts of new and creative ways to display the beautiful photos that are being snapped each day.

3.  Graphic Prints:  Not only do I see more color in the future, but I also see striking patterns and prints continuing to shine on the home front as well.  Everything bold wins; from damask to ikat, stripes to scallop,  oversized florals to honeycomb, even my personal favorite, the polka dot!


Style Q& A: 

1.    Trend I’d Lose:  Owls.  I love a good ceramic animal as much as the next person, but I see owls everywhere I go, and would be OK if someone decided to introduce a new animal to the mix.
2.    Blog I’m Loving:  Our Fifth House.  I am so in love with Carmel’s bold use of color and patterns!
3.    Person I’m Following:  Jenny Komenda.  I adore her blog and love to follow her social media sites to snag a sneak peek at pretty photos and projects.
4.    Show I’m Watching:  Home by Novogratz.  They are fearless when it comes to design and have an anything goes mentality.  I also admire their ability to mix and match styles and give every room a personality of it’s own.
5.    Store I’m Shopping:  Etsy.  Etsy has become my first source for all things home and office since I love the idea of adding unique and handmade items whenever possible.
6.    Color I’m Coveting:  Pink.  I think every room needs a small pop of pink.
7.    Accessories I’m Adding:  I love to collect graphic decorative bowls.  I place them all over my home because they are not only pretty, but functional.


Happy New Year!  -Jen Jones, I Heart Organizing

2 Responses to “ Now + Next: Jen Jones ”

  1. I have already seen some sweet ideas for instagram photos! I am with you on graphic decorative bowls! I found a sweet vintage enamel one with clashing pattern inside and outside and I cannot imagine my bedside table without it now!

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