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organize this: home office!

The new year is quickly approaching and once January hits, the first thing many begin to think about is something near and dear to my heart; getting organized!  It’s a blank slate to the year, a fresh start and a way to analyze your spaces and use of time.

One of the first rooms I look at when the new year hits, is the home office.  It is where we manage schedules and bills and all things household management related.  Here are the key items I recommend for not only an organized office, but a happy, comfortable and functional one that you love to spend time in as well.


A place to work.  The foundation to a home office is the workspace.  It is important to select something that is large enough to write on and hold a computer screen or laptop.  Desks come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, but remember to think function first!


Task lighting.  Proper lighting when working is important to keep your eyes smiling.  Lamps that have the ability to swing or adjust are a great way to get the light focussed right where you need it!


A cozy place to sit.  A comfortable chair is essential when using your workspace for longer periods of time.  If you work from home or spend a few hours at a time working on bills and household tasks, consider chairs with cushion and padding and that are ergonomically designed for an office space.


Vertical space.  When space is limited, or when office supplies are in abundance, think about the space above the desk.  It is amazing how much storage can be packed onto a couple of shelves, a hutch or cabinets mounted to the wall.


In and out boxes.  Managing the paper piles that come with a home office, will ensure that the desk is not a discouraging place, but a spot that blends seamlessly with the rest of the home and that welcomes you when it is time to get to work.  Giving yourself a place to quickly drop mail and important papers, will keep things orderly until you have time to devote to them.


Filing system.  Rule number one is to go digital with papers when you can, but for all of those other important documents, setting up a good filing system will help you locate things in a jiff!  Filing options are endless, from desktop organizers to desks with built in cabinets, organized papers will keep you grinning year after year.


Desktop organizer.  Keeping the day to day goodies on your desktop is a natural and smart way to use the space efficiently {vs. tossing everything inside drawers}.  To keep stamps, pens, pencils, stationary and envelopes organized and accessible, desktop organizers are the key to organized desktop success!


Memo board.  We receive important correspondence in the mail and in the kid’s backpacks on a daily basis.  To be sure that all dates get recorded, that schedules are noted, permission slips are signed and important details are remembered, a memo board is a wonderful solution.  You can quickly pin or tack up documents that need immediate attention.


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4 Responses to “ organize this: home office! ”

  1. I love the orange filing cabinet, desk and chair. I am hoping to integrate an office area in either our family room or study. I tend to like to sit at our kitchen island to do everything which means everything is scattered throughout multiple places :( If I had a pretty desk area, I think I would be more inclined to keep everything together and be a bit more organized. Good timing on this post :)

  2. Hi there! Great article. Would you be able to tell me where the white organizer in the right picture is from under the ‘In and Out Boxes’ section? Thanks!

  3. Great ideas and lovely images!

    It is so wonderful that there are so many colorful & stylish options available for making work zones a nicer place to be currently!

    Sure makes getting work done a lot more fun! :)

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