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Behind-the-Scenes of our Storage Magazine Photo Shoot!

I started blogging over at IHeart Organizing about three years ago, sharing the story of our home updates, projects, DIY triumphs and fails and our storage and organizing strategies.  Blogging has been an incredible experience in itself, but little did I know that it would bring some amazing opportunities along the way!


One of those opportunities was being contacted by an editor of Better Homes & Gardens Storage Magazine!  Say what?!


I went through emotions of every nature, ranging from hopping up and down with insane excitement to overwhelming nerves.  I have been reading Better Homes & Gardens for years and years (since I was a little lady), and own every issue of Storage magazine from the past few years, so the idea of our home gracing the glossy pages was beyond words incredible!


Although my blog is focused on simple DIY projects,  my love for storage and organizing has basically consumed the majority of the posts, so that is where the insane excitement came in.  But the question I receive more than any other is…. “Does your home always look perfect?”  And that is where the nerves came in, because the answer is, “Ha, no!  I have three little boys, an amazing husband and two furry pups!”.  Our house is very loved and lived in, and it is important for me to keep it that way.  Over the years I have gotten less and less concerned with finger prints and dinged trim and more focused on using our home as a place to create incredible family moments and memories.


But what does work in our favor is the storage and organizing solutions we have put in place.  Having a place for most everything allows us to whip our home into shape at the drop of a dime.  Luckily, Storage magazine gave us more than a few days to prep for the upcoming photo shoot!


With a lower level renovation under way and a list of unfinished projects, we did a mad dash of getting things done!  Everything from finishing a playroom update to painting walls and furniture to upholstering the boy’s bedroom headboards.



And labeling every, last, basket….



It was just the push we needed to finish all those half finished “honey do” list projects (and some got done only minutes before they arrived!)


I was a little anxious about their arrival and completely clueless about how things would go down, but as I should have known, they were a team of all-stars!


{Jay, Molly, Megan & Jen}


Molly has years of talent styling homes and Jay has an impeccable eye for photography.  And together as a team, they worked magic all over our home for an entire week!

One thing they did that made all the difference, was fill our home with fresh blooms.  The smells and colors were so invigorating and really gave new life to every room.

Molly also came prepared with boxes and bags of accessories, to help set the stage of the season and give our home some of those final finishing touches for the shoot.

A quick furniture move here, a vase there, lots of singing and laughter and you have the perfect formula for a fantastic home photo shoot!

They went room by room, project by project and captured all things big and small.

Because I photograph and chat about our home so frequently for my blog, the whole process also turned into an amazing learning experience.  They have such an attention to detail and are always looking to capture a great photo that tells a story with each and every shot.  Everything is reviewed and if it isn’t just right, they take it again until it is.

Because school was out for summer, and my husband works full time, the kids were home throughout the entire photo shoot.  This made me a bit nervous, but the crew was so wonderful to work with, and they were amazing with the kids!  They even played with them on their breaks and got to know them quite well before heading off…

Looking back, I had zero reason to be nervous.  They are real people capturing real homes.  And after hanging out with them for a week, it was like they were part of our family!  I am confident they captured our home, our family and our storage solutions with extreme thoughtfulness and I couldn’t be more ecstatic about the release of the magazine this December!

I have to thank everyone over at Better Homes and Gardens and the Storage crew, for this once in a lifetime opportunity.  Some kids grow up dreaming of becoming a firefighter, veterinarian, all-star football player, Miss U.S.A or the president.  I grew up drawing pictures of houses and building mansions out of Legos.  I organized my bedroom, locker, first apartment, office desks and now my home with thoughtfulness and love, while spending every spare second looking at my shelter mag collection and dreaming of the day that we would maybe fill a page with our story.  Better Homes and Gardens has really made this imperfect small town gal’s big dreams come true and for that, I will be forever grateful!

I also had the opportunity to interview the talented stylist, Molly Sinnett, and you can read all about some of her favorite tips here.

Be sure to check out Jen’s home in the newest issue of Storage Magazine, on newsstands Christmas day!

6 Responses to “ Behind-the-Scenes of our Storage Magazine Photo Shoot! ”

  1. Congratulations! That is a wonderful compliment to you and well deserved. I have followed your blog for months now and enjoy every post. I too collect the Better Homes and Gardens magazines. My Mom used to create a binder of ideas and plans for the house and I carried on the tradition. We just bought our first home and I look forward to making it an organized, comfortable, loving home. Congrats again!

  2. What a great story! I too love Better Homes and Gardens magazine and their storage and organizing magazines. Now that I have found your blog, I look forward to following you. My children have grown and I work full-time outside the home, but I still love reading and seeing what others are doing with organizing. Congratulations and kudos to you and your family!! Now I need to started down sizing.

  3. it’s a nice post …enjoyed reading the post :)

  4. Amazing pictures. Awesome!

  5. I really enjoyed this and will start following your blog. I love organizing and recently became a Clever Container consultant so I can help others become more organized.

  6. Good morning,
    I love your blog and was delighted to see that a magazine was also avilable.
    Sadly being in France I can not find it. How can I go about either subscribing to it (if it’s possible) or downloading it on my computer?
    Thank you very much for your response.
    You’re the best!

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