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December 2012

What’s hot now:

I am totally in love with the brass movement that we’ve been seeing lately. It’s mostly in lighting, hardware and frames. Adding brass and gold in a modern space can immediately create a chic look. These brass cord lights seen on The Brick House are perfectly stylish for any space.

What’s Next:

1. Color! I’m predicating that we are going to embrace more color this year. Bright and bold as well as soft and serene. Also neon, which has been seen here and there, will come back around, I hope!

Via Design Files.

2. Along with the color movement will be the black and white revival. People are wanting clean, serene spaces and there is nothing that says clean like a minimalist black and white space.

Via A Merry Mishap.

Style Q+A:

  1. Trend I’d Lose: Damask and Chevron. Both have been over used and over played.
  2. Blog I’m Loving: Sfgirlbybay has always been a fave of mine. Victoria gets better and better and never loses inspiration.
  3. Person I’m Following: Zooey Deschanel is a doll face. 
  4. Show I’m Watching: I weep every time I watch Parenthood but I still just can’t get enough of it!
  5. Store I’m Shopping: I mostly shop online but when I’m out and about, I visit Anthropologie for candles and homeware.  I also shop some of our local consignment and thrift shops.
  6. Color I’m Coveting: Charcoal grey.
  7. Accessories I’m Adding: For myself, it’s all about vintage watches. For my home, I’ve been obsessed with brass book ends.

-Kirsten, Simply Grove




What’s Hot Now: Navy and Gold

The sophisticated combination of navy and gold has been seen in fashion and home decor for a couple of months now, and I love how preppy and chic the combo feels. The bold wallpaper and over-sized gold mirror in this entryway makes a big first impression!

What’s next: 

1. Metallics – and not just one metallic, people are becoming more comfortable with mixing metallics. In the same way people wear black and navy together, using different shades of gold and silver in a room shows fearless style.

2. Florals – Seen all over the runway for spring, florals are popping up in everything home design. This table cloth from Anthropologie looks like a watercolor and even though it’s floral, it feels modern.

[Anthropologie Begonia Tablecloth]

3. Meaningful Decor – While this isn’t necessarily a style trend, it’s becoming more and more apparent that people are more interested in quality rather than quantity in their homes. They want the things they live with everyday to mean something. They want to love what is in their home because no one can afford to completely re-decorate their house as often. I see people are holding out for the one thing they really want, rather than settling for something close that will do ‘for now.’ Even in my own home, the accessories in our most used rooms are family photos, meaningful buys from our travels or pieces passed down from family. I have to say, I’m loving this trend!

  1. Trend I’d Lose: Peekaboo dresses and tops. Mesh doesn’t count as a shirt, people!
  2. Blog I’m Loving:Habitually Chic
  3. Person I’m Following: Katie Bower of Bower Power. I’m dying to see their huge kitchen remodel unfold – it’s almost finished!
  4. Show I’m Watching:Happy Endings (on ABC). Not only is the show hilarious, they all live in these beautiful Chicago condos, ranging from a mod highrise to a cozy cottage-y studio.
  5. Store I’m Shopping: Zara Home
  6. Color I’m Coveting:Pantone’s color of the year, Emerald, of course! The color looks fantastic on every skin tone, with every hair color, and who doesn’t love emerald jewelry?
  7. Accessories I’m Adding: Glittery earrings. Tis the season, right?

- Kelly Eagle, Associate Home Editor for

What’s Hot Now: Urban Farming 

If I buy all my food from a grocery store, I have no idea how these items were grown or made or how many preservatives are in them. While my home and I are not exactly equipped to grow and provide all the food for my family, I am ready to get started. I want to live a sustainable city life and I know I’m not alone. What’s up next for my family? Expanding our garden and getting chickens this Spring! Yup, we will have chickens in the city.

If you’ve been excited to start your own urban farm, maybe some of these links will inspire you. They’ve certainly inspired me!

Reading material: A Chicken in Every Yard. I read this book and loved it. It’s a wealth of information for anyone looking to raise their own chickens, and have zero idea where to start. The couple that wrote this are from my city, Portland.

Small space gardening: So, you don’t think you have enough space for a garden? Check out these small space gardeners: 66 Square Feet, Life On The Balcony, and Urban Organic Gardener.

Blogging about it: Diggin Food. One of my favorite urban gardening blogs. Willi provides a ton of  gardening tips and recipes for you to enjoy. Explore her archives, you may just find an answer to your garden questions!

Other ideas: Farm My Yard. Don’t really have time to garden your own yard? Well, maybe someone else would like to farm your yard for you! While this is actually an Oregon website, it’s possible that your city may have a similar program. Here’s a quick rundown of how it works:

1. If you have a yard to share (and don’t have the time to garden), print out or buy a “Farm My Yard” Sign.
2. Place that sign in a visible spot.
3. A neighbor/friend/farmer will see this sign and is interested in farming your yard and knocks on your door.
4. Sign the use agreement which comes with the sign.



What’s Next: 

1. Bold and graphic wallpaper: All those years of steaming and scraping wallpaper are behind us (well, hopefully). Wallpaper installation and removal has come a long way. Many places now carry easy to remove wallpaper (a.k.a. renter’s paper). Sherwin Williams carries some.

2. Mixed patterns for everyone: I’ve always loved mixing patterns. Always. I feel like this trend is going to catch on more this next year. Chevrons, stripes, and a wall of bold printed wallpaper.

3. Animal print: Not just cheetah spots and zebra stripes. I’m talking little animals on fabrics, home decor, clothes, accessories, and more.



Style Q+A:

  1. Trend I’d Lose: Baggy leather pants…. I mean… no.
  2. Blog I’m Loving: Lovely Indeed. Chelsea is so sweet.
  3. Person I’m Following: I follow so many people in the social media world. If I need to choose one, Jill from Baby Rabies.
  4. Show I’m Watching: New Girl. First, this show is hilarious. Second: I love Zooey’s style.
  5. Store I’m Shopping: My local consignment/thrift shop. I rarely buy new these days. I love finding previously loved items that just need a little update.
  6. Color I’m Coveting: Ultramarine green. I want it everywhere. Clothes. House. Hair? Kidding.
  7. Accessories I’m Adding: Brooches. I like to add a brooch to each sweater and jacket. If I’m feeling fancy, I’ll add a grouping of brooches to a dress. Brooches are also a lovely decoration in a glass bowl, maybe in your bedroom?


- Chelsey, The Paper Mama

Images via: Urban Farm Store, Anthropologie, and Anthropologie


What’s Hot Now:

1. minerals: Diamonds aren’t the only interesting rock pulled out of the ground–minerals of all colors give off a rarified, traveled vibe. Agate is huge right now and super affordable (the coasters above are only $12). Smoky quartz is more pricey, but is totally the suave James Bond of the mineral family. My prediction for the next big mineral? Titanium-coated quartz crystals. Tell me that doesn’t look like neon Kryptonite. So cool!
2. hacks and personalization: Not only do tutorials and inspiration for hacks abound, it’s now a point of pride to be able to say you gold-leafed that frame yourself or that your new rustic wooden headboard? It’s a shipping palette, stained. “If you can dream it, you can do it” is a cliche, but it’s never seemed more spot-on.


get the minerals above: The Evolution Store

 What’s Next:


1. emerald and other jewel tones: Pantone just declared Emerald the color of 2013 (which I love!). I think the other jewel tones aren’t far behind: sapphire, ruby, citrine, and more.
2. southwestern: The earthy geometrics of Southwestern style are going to hit the big time next year–it’s the all-American version of kilims, suzanis, and the other storied textiles we’ve seen for the last several years.

source: Pantone


Style Q&A:


Trend I’d Lose: ’70s-inspired furniture design. Yeeee-uck.
Blogs I’m Loving: The Marion House Book, The Everygirl
Person I’m Following: Not at all design-related, but: @RE_DailyMail for my Royal news fix, @MarsCuriosity because I’m a pseud0 space geek, and @AshtonJEaton because seriously, was he not the nicest guy at the Olympics?
Show I’m Watching: Elementary. I love Sherlock in almost every iteration, but I especially love his raw, slightly trashed brownstone.
Store I’m Shopping: You’ll rarely find me in a brick and mortar store. My favorite online finds: Plume Textiles–I fell in love with the gorgeous pillows here when I called them in for a photo shoot. And Khristian A. Howell’s prints, notecards, shower curtains, and other goodies are so happy!
Color I’m Coveting: I edit the magazine’s monthly Color feature, so my favorite color changes all the time! Right now, I’m stuck on Lady Liberty 585 by Ben Moore.
Accessories I’m Adding: At home, bookends. And family photos–that was my New Year’s Resolution. For myself, wood and gold bangles and stud earrings.


–Joanna Linberg, Associate Home Editor, Better Homes and Gardens

For the next few weeks we’re celebrating the  New Year with a series of posts on  home decor trends inspired by the January Now + Next issue of Better Homes and Gardens! Check out the January issue on newsstands now, plus stay tuned for Style Spotter trend posts from our fabulous contributing bloggers!

What’s Hot Now:

Mixing patterns! Polka dots with plaids, stripes with paisley, the more the merrier! I think it creates a fun and casual space while still feeling very intentional and designed.


Image Source

What’s Next:

1. I really hope to see a movement toward this concept of designing with the things YOU love: using pieces that you have collected and cherish, regardless of whether they are trendy or in style. I also think it’s important to realize that design is a process. A room or space doesn’t just happen; it takes time to build and create.


Image Source

2. In addition to personal designs, I’m also hoping to see more designs that are bold and courageous. I love trendsetters and designers who push the boundaries a little bit to create interesting, but still beautiful and comfortable spaces.


Image Source

Style Q+A:

  1. Trend I’d Lose: Chevron – As much as I love this pattern (I have it in my house.), now that it’s everywhere – and I do mean everywhere – I’m ready to move on.
  2. Blog I’m Loving: There are too many to count, though, one of my favorites is Bright Bazaar from the amazingly talented Will Taylor. 
  3. Person I’m Following: The Beekman Boys, Josh and Brent, are all over my radar these days. They have accomplished so many incredible things over the past few years. Their talents are endless and inspiring!
  4. Show I’m Watching: Two of my favorite shows are Modern Family and The New Normal. Both are hilarious, and the homes are gorgeous. It’s always fun to see how a space is actually lived in. 
  5. Store I’m Shopping: I’m loving West Elm these days. They have such a beautiful mix of modern and traditional pieces and accessories. Plus, I’m so happy to see them embrace some brighter colors! 
  6. Color I’m Coveting: A golden yellow has quickly become one of my favorite colors.
  7. Accessories I’m Adding: For me, it’s all about vintage accessories or pieces that tell a story or have meaning

- Michael Wurm, Jr. – Inspired by Charm

When it’s cold outside and warm inside, it’s always appealing to decorate with warm tones rather than cool tones. The options of palettes are endless and it’s all about mixing the unexpected. That’s why I love this street style ensemble. She has mixed a lipstick red with a cranberry red. Throw in some gold, black and a little grey and you’ve got yourself a stylish space! Here’s the look:

Products: Surya Forest Pillow, Scratch Off World Map, Zigs Pillow and Feiss Light.

For the rest of this shopping guide, including more products from this color palette, go here.

Color Inspiration: Jacket.
For an accent wall and certain furniture pieces, use Tricorn Black (SW 6258) for a bold modern look.

Color Inspiration: Sweater.
Red Bay (SW 6321) is the perfect red for accent pillows and ceramics.

Color Inspiration: Pants.
For a fun color to include in accessories and art, Fine Wine (SW 6307) is a cool option.

Color Inspiration: Necklaces.
Use a gold tone like Folksy Gold (SW 6360) in lighting and hardware.

Bonus: March Wind (SW 7668) is a great wall color choice to warm up a space but still leaving it modern.

Photo via Street Peeper. Paint via Sherwin Williams.

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