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November 2012


Here’s the thing, I have a tiny obsession with light fixtures. Whether it is a table lamp, a pendant fixture, or a gorgeous chandelier, I believe that the right lighting can make or break a room. I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to light fixtures. I recently came across these two images from while searching for some inspiration for my own dining room. I think both of these fixtures are perfect for their particular spaces. They have major wow factor which creates a dynamic, unique, and memorable look. I’m so happy to see the emerging trend of interesting, and even a bit wacky, chandeliers and pendant lights.

Image Left // Image Right

With this inspiration in my back pocket, I decided to do a little digging and found twelve wow-factor-worthy light fixtures that will certainly transform any space into a beautifully designed room. Go bold or go home, right? Click here to get the full list of products shown below.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4  // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12

Which one of these lights is your favorite? What other funky fixtures are you loving?

Michael Wurm, Jr. – Inspired by Charm


Hi all! Kelly Eagle here!

The warm summer nights are gone and as the temps drop for so many people, I find the pile of books on my nightstand getting taller. What is it about cool weather that makes me want to curl up with a book?
There is nothing better than getting cozy with a book, propped up by overstuffed pillows under a plush throw on a Saturday afternoon. Or, in my case, late in the evening after my noisy toddler is in bed for the night.

Most of us don’t have an entire room we can dedicate to reading, but you can create your own reading nook just about anywhere: in an unused corner of your bedroom, tucked under the eave in a guest room, or just add a few extra pillows to a window seat. That perfect spot doesn’t need much, except a comfy spot to sit, a lamp for after the sun goes down, and a little table to set a snack and a cup of tea Diet Coke.


My ultimate dream is to have a wood-paneled library stocked with hundreds of books that reach the ceiling, requiring me to have to have a fancy library ladder. One can dream right?



Until then I’ll continue to read in bed or in the corner of our sectional sofa (the best spot on the couch!), though I would love to have one of these cozy reading nooks in my house. With a door. And maybe a lock.


So find that spot in your house and add big pillows to your favorite chair or chaise and hide out for a few minutes (or hours) with a good book. You have some time until spring rolls around.


-Kelly Eagle, BHG,com

The entry is a space that should make you smile when you enter the home.  It is the first impression, a place where everything lands and a multi-functional area that hugs you when you walk through the door.

Since the entry is where coats are hung, boots are dried, books and backpacks are stored… it is important to consider dual purposed storage that is also space effective.  It also helps to cure entry clutter since they are typically smaller spaces and a few things can quickly create an overwhelming sense of chaos.

If the main purpose of the entry is to hold a few coats for guests and a dog leash for Spot, a few simple hooks do the trick!


However, if you need to boast a little extra storage, lets dream about individual locker cubbies… so beautiful!

The reason the individual hooks/lockers work so well, is because they allow you to designate a spot for each family member, and store every little item that comes through the door.


The only problem with creating a large wall of built in lockers, is that your home needs the space to accommodate them.  Short on space?  Update an existing closet into built in awesomeness!


Did you know that bakeware makes great shoe trays and boot storage?


If you don’t have a natural entry in your home, they can be simple to create with the addition of a nice console table for dropping keys and mail along with a few hooks or a coat tree for bags and outerwear.


Or mix and match modular stacking closet storage pieces to create an entry that boasts endless storage options!


Benches are always a great addition to an entry since they provide a place to sit while putting on shoes, but they can also double as storage for hats, mittens and footwear!


When you walk through the door with mail and schoolwork, a designated basket or bin is a great way to ensure it quickly finds a home and doesn’t later become a monstrous paper pile.


So there you have it!  A few simple items can turn any empty space inside the door, into a fabulous and organized entryway!



{ 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 }


Hi, my name is Heather Patterson, and I am so excited to be here today on the Style Spotters Blog at! I am a home décor and DIY blogger of At The Picket Fence, and as a blogger in this genre there have been a few “dreams” I’ve had.  The dreams you wish would come true, but ones you can’t imagine ever would! Recently I had a chance to live one of those dreams.  It was one I had always hoped for and when it actually came true, ended up being more than I could have ever imagined.  My home gracing the pages of Better Homes and Gardens!

When I look back on this experience, I find that I want to hold onto every moment of it and really appreciate this amazing opportunity.  I thought it would be fun to list and always remember the highlights of my journey onto the pages of the November 2012 issue of BHG!
1. Getting the email from Kit Selzer (Better Homes and Gardens remodeling editor) asking if I was willing to have my kitchen island project featured in BHG, while on the phone with my mom, which resulted in a conversation that went something like this:
I scream and scream and jump up and down, and my poor mom screams, “What?! What?!” and I couldn’t breathe…and I might have started crying a little.
All because I adore Better Homes and Gardens, seriously adore! There have been decades of BHG love in this home.  I keep every issue and have them categorized by year.  In fact, at one time I even get TWO copies of BHG every month because in my enthusiasm subscribed twice this year…haha! This was truly a dream come true!


2. Seeing the boxes arrive on my doorsteps full of props and furniture.  This made it all seem suddenly real.  Big boxes! Huge Boxes! Boxes marked from “Better Homes and Gardens” were waiting at the door.  This was really happening.

3. Nervously anticipating this sophisticated and world traveled crew to arrive at my rural Kentucky home, only to find them to be the nicest, kindest and most down to earth people! Like having friends spend the day with you.  Except these friends completely redecorated your kitchen and took 1,000 photos of you all day long! Stacey arrived first and got straight to work tearing apart my kitchen, I even gave her one of my ponytail holders to pull her hair back.  Now if that doesn’t make you friends right away, I don’t know what does!

Edmund Barr (the photographer of many, many amazing BHG features) came breezing in from Los Angeles a few hours after Stacey, looking hip and cool, but so down to earth and fun and funny. I couldn’t have asked for nicer, kinder people to spend two days with.  We laughed and joked and just hung out.  They made me feel so comfortable and relaxed and for that I thank them so much!


4. Waiting and waiting for months and months to get the magazine, anxiously hoping Edmund was true to his word and would make me look magazine worthy, and finally getting to “see” it in the middle of North Carolina in a Wendy’s bathroom on my phone because it arrived while I was out of town!  Thankful I have a daughter who knew how anxious I was and broke into the box and snapped a picture of the feature!


5. Then finally getting to see it on newsstands, while speaking at the Southern Bloggers Conference, could not have been more perfect!

6. And the best moment of all! Glancing down and seeing my “best and most faithful friend” peeking out from the corner! My sweet Zoe in the shot made this feature perfection!  A big thanks to Edmund for including my puppy in the shot, it made the “staged shot” that much more realistic!

Here’s what I love best about sharing my experience with others… they can have it too! Better Homes and Gardens magazine is looking for everyday people to share their amazing home projects and ideas. Post your photos at or e-mail them to to enter projects where you stand back and say, “I Did It!”
Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams, you never know what fabulous opportunity is awaiting your around the corner! If you’d like more information on how I modified my kitchen island, and remodeled my kitchen on a budget and on my own, visit my Kitchen Island Tutorial!
Thank you to Better Homes and Gardens for letting me share my “I Did It” Story and I hope you’ll stop by and pay me a visit…At the Picket Fence!
- Heather Patterson, At the Picket Fence

Here is a neutral board that would work great for brothers or a brother and sister sharing a room!  Plenty of room for imagination and story-telling: shared roomSources, from top left: (1) Alyson Fox Drum Pendant; (2) Climb Every Mountain; (3) Handmade Arrows; (4) Landscape Photo; (5) Let’s Get Lost; (6) Adventure is Waiting; (7) Sundvik Bed; (8) Kudu Lamp; (9) Vintage Adventure Books; (10) Not all who wander are lost; (11) Wooden Dresser; (12) Striped Teepee; (13) Dot Bedding; (14) Faux Fur Poufs; (15) Izmir Rug; (16) Storage Bench; (17) Bow & Arrow Fabric

Hope you enjoy! ~Joni, Lay Baby Lay

Warm colors are all the rage as it gets cooler outside.  Creating a space that feels cozy and comfortable helps after a long day of business.  We just want to come home to a refuge, right?  Inspired by this street style ensemble, I have created a palette full of warm tones that highlight colors mixed with black and white.  It feels classic yet trendy.  Along with this palette, I have included products from Shop BHG that incorporate these colors.  Not only are you getting a free color palette, but now you are getting product ideas for your home!  Your welcome.  Here’s the look:


Products:  Kilum Red Pillow, Vienna Chair, Vignette Wallpaper, Jug Vase and 3 Drawer Dresser.

For the rest of this shopping guide, including more products from this color palette, go here.

Color Inspiration: Jacket
On the walls:  Leland White (DC-25) looks great as the main wall color.

Color Inspiration:  Shirt and shoes.
Universal black (2118-10) can be used as an accent wall, used accent furniture and even upholstered furniture.

Color Inspiration: Jacket.
For pillows, fabrics and storage items, try using a rich red like Caliente (AF-290).

Color Inspiration:  Bonus.
Use home on the range (483) sparingly throughout your space through accessories, like ceramics and vases.  And for a light green that can be used on the walls, Dried Parsley (522) is lovely.  Another great neutral color to use in furniture and accessories is Gingersnaps (1063).

Photo via The Locals.  Paints via Benjamin Moore.


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