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November 2012

Recently, I received a request from a mom who wants her toddler daughter to share a room with her baby brother on the way.  She wanted to use her daughter’s red Pottery Barn play kitchen as a starting point, so here is a palette suitable for both.  It’s lovely on the light blue, but would also work well on a white or neutral shade of wall.  This pretty red also has me thinking about the holidays . . . shared kids bedroomSources, from top left: (1) Pink & red Print; (2) Flow Print; (3) White Pendant Light; (4) Say the Word; (5) Matchbox Collection; (6) Red Print; (7) Monarch Bed; (8) White Table Lamp; (9) Wonder, Explore, Play; (10) Radio Flyer; (11) Pedestal Table; (12) Ebony Jenny Lind Crib; (13) Red Triangle Pillows; (14) Red Ombre Dresser; (15) Retro Rocker; (16) Gray Dot Rug; (17) Flags Pillow; (18) A Little Peacock; (19) Red Retro Play Kitchen

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!  ~Joni, Lay Baby Lay 

Hello! Maria Charbonneaux here, and I’ve recently returned from an editor’s conference in Kohler, Wisconsin, home of Kohler Co. While I can’t easily share with you the gourmet chocolates from the company’s Craverie Chocolatier Café , I did bring back some eye candy—photos of the new Mick De Giulio designer room at the Kohler Design Center!

Mick de Giulio Kitchen at Kohler Design Center, Kohler, WI. Photo courtesy of Kohler Co.

De Giulio is a Chicago-based designer and author of the book Kitchen Centric. At BHG, we know his work well—he also designed the Better Homes and Gardens Showcase Kitchen at our headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa.


De Giulio’s newest kitchen did not disappoint—it combines both rustic and glam elements in a completely chic and sophisticated way. I love the contrast of the shimmery tile, vent hood, and cabinetry with the warm wood floors below.

Mick de Giulio Kitchen at Kohler Design Center, Kohler, WI. Photo courtesy of Kohler Co.

The Kallista Multiere 45×18.8″ multi-tiered sink designed by De Giulio makes the peninsula the hub of the space. Made from 16-gauge stainless steel, the sink offers a variety of accessories, including a colander holder and a movable teak cutting board.

Mick de Giulio Kitchen at Kohler Design Center, Kohler, WI. Photo courtesy of Kohler Co.

De Giulio dubbed the space Crystal Clear, and the glass-front doors of these display cabinets certainly help it live up to the name. This solution allows dishware and cookware to be glamorously showcased without collecting dust. Notice how the pots and pans hang from hooks inside the cabinet for easy access? If you have a panty or large cabinet, consider bringing the look home by removing the shelves and adding a rod, hooks, and glass-front door.

Mick de Giulio Kitchen at Kohler Design Center, Kohler, WI. Photo courtesy of Kohler Co.

And in case you’re wondering where the lids are, they’re neatly filed away in compartments below.

Mick de Giulio Kitchen at Kohler Design Center, Kohler, WI. Photo courtesy of Kohler Co.

The space is actually divided into two main areas: The front portion, shown above, features all the main components of the kitchen, and the back portion contains an intimate sitting area and wet bar.

Mick de Giulio Kitchen at Kohler Design Center, Kohler, WI. Photo courtesy of Kohler Co.

Wood floors set in a herringbone pattern help delineate the entertaining area from the main kitchen space. Open shelves keep bar necessities close at hand and allow the mirrored backsplash to shine. A long, narrow wet bar sink makes it easy to rinse glasses while still preserving work space.

Mick de Giulio Kitchen at Kohler Design Center, Kohler, WI. Photo courtesy of Kohler Co.

So what’s your favorite part? I’m infatuated with the display cabinets and the herringbone floors. If you’d like to see this space in person, the Kohler Design Center is open free to the public and contains many other designer kitchen and bath spaces, a product showroom, and a museum. Be sure to check out the factory tours as well if you’re in the area!


Photos courtesy of Kohler Co.


—Maria Charbonneaux, Real-Life Kitchens & Baths

I used to spend New Years on a house boat in the Seattle area.  It was such a gorgeous set up.   The weather was chilly and the water was crystal blue.  It had such a cozy ambiance about it.  When I think about oceanside during the winter months, I think of sea blue, sea green and pale grey.  They all work so well together!  And then splashing some black gives it some anchor.  When I found this street style ensemble, it quickly took me back to how beautiful water is during the holidays and how beautiful a space could be with these colors.  Here’s the look:

Products: Margot Armchair, Bubbled Bell Pendant, Colorwave Pitcher and Irongate Stool.

For the rest of this shopping guide, including more products from this color palette, go here.

Color Inspiration: Jacket and Scarf.
On the walls: For a soft grey, use Pebble Beach (1597) to create a perfect backdrop for your breezy cozy room.  If you desire a darker grey, try Hearthstone (1601).

Color Inspiration: Shirt.
Dartsmouth Green (691) is a lovely accent color and can be used in blankets, ceramics and even upholstered pieces.

Color Inspiration:  Jeans.
Use a hue like Vermont Slate (1673) in artwork, pillows or in a rug.

Color Inspiration: Bag.
Carbon Copy (2117-10) is great for wood furniture and would even look striking on your fireplace.

Photo via Le Catch.  Paint via Benjamin Moore.

When you work at a fabulous magazine like Better Homes and Gardens, people assume your home is beautifully decorated and filled with clever projects and great ideas. Confession: That’s not true. At least not for me! I have problem spots, not enough closets, really boring white walls (and I’m the color editor!), and bad layouts. But when I’m ready to tackle a project, I know exactly where to turn for inspiration.


On my fall must-do list is figuring out what to put on top of my small console piano. This photo shows it at its best with leftover flowers and veggies from this fun shoot.


But they wilted and now I need something more permanent. Here’s a little roundup of inspiration photos. I’m trying to find a style that feels “me.”


My sweet spot is a cross between the graphic modern stuff in number 1 and the sweet charm of number 3. (And I love the idea of putting a table lamp on the piano. For an amateur player like me that’s about right!)


If you have a piano, what do you have on it?


–Joanna Linberg, Associate Home Editor, Better Homes and Gardens

Sources: 1. Bright Modern Condo 2. Living Room Designs 3. Handmade Cottage Charm 4. Garden-Inspired Living Room




As the owner of a new giant printer, I instantly fell in love with this DIY from PBJ Stories. I just had to share it with all of you. Any time I can save space and hide clutter, I’m SOOOOO happy! I actually own this Hemnes dresser (from Ikea), but it’s still too small for my giant all-in-one printer. SO, I’ll have to keep searching for the perfect dresser. For now, PBJ Stories said I can share her DIY with you.

How she did it:

- This Hemnes dresser is perfect for this DIY, because the dresser fronts are attached by wooden dowels. Makes them easier to remove. She used a utility knife to detach the base from the front. If you need a little extra help, use a rubber mallet to knock it out.

- Use 3 utility hinges to attach the bottom of the drawer front and drawer base together.

- Attach a right and left support hinge to each side of the dresser drawer.

- Drill a hole in the back of the drawer. This is perfect to string the printer wire out the back.

- Add your printer, you’re done!

You can see more photos and more details on how she did it here, on PBJ Stories. Stop by and say hello!

- Chelsey, The Paper Mama

Images: 1. Hemnes Dresser, IKEA 2. HP All-in-one printer, HP 3. Stanley Hardware Utility Hinge, Amazon 4. Stanley Retractable Utility Knife, Amazon 5. KV Lid Support Hinge, Amazon // Hide-Away Printer images, PBJ Stories

Black and White Plus Coral Bathroom

I’ve been looking for inspiration for redoing my century-old bungalow’s bathroom, and this amazing bathroom stands out as one of my favorites. I’m drawn to the black and white palette, the classic details, and of course, that pop of hot coral. So good! I’ve been analyzing how to get the look, and it seems pretty achievable. Check it out, below.

Get the Look: Black and White Plus Coral Bathroom

  1. Glidden Fresh Tangerines Paint
  2. Kohler Brockway Sink
  3. White Ceramic Tile
  4. Waffleweave Shower Curtain
  5. Beckham Light Blue Striped Rug
  6. Lugarno Single Sconce


– Nicole Balch, Making it Lovely

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