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Four Ways to Define Your Signature Style







So nice to meet you! I’m Darlene Weir, the principal interior designer for Fieldstone Hill Design, an eDesign and interiors firm. I am also a style blogger, and I am delighted to be posting here at the BHG Style Spotters Blog. Today’s topic happens to be a passion of mine: helping people to discover their own signature style.


Defining your signature style can take a little bit of work, but it is completely worth the effort. By becoming a student of your own style, you will eventually save yourself both time and money, as you confidently move toward having a home you LOVE, not just “like.” You can get started by taking the following steps {these are some of the same steps I use with my eDesign clients}.


1. Determine your style words:


Select 3-5 descriptive style words that illustrate how you want your home to feel and look. Remember the words you select, and keep them in the front of your mind as you make choices in your home, and even when you are shopping.


My top style words are glamour, simplicity and comfort. You can see these words reflected in the image below, which is a room I happen to love:


2. Study favorite pictures:


Photo inspiration is a key tool to helping you define your signature style. Pull favorite images out of magazines of rooms you truly adore, and scour design websites for spaces you love. Then, once you have collected your favorite spaces, study what common themes these rooms share. Do they all have light walls? Do they all have pops of color? Look for any commonalities and then take note of what you discover.


I also like to search by room, as my style is a little different from room to room:


3. Determine your favorite colors:


This may seem obvious, but not everyone knows their favorite colors! I consider a “favorite color” one that has travelled the miles with you. If you have only loved turquoise since it started cropping up all over the internet, it may very well be a passing phase. But, if you have loved turquoise ever since you set your eyes on it in the box of 64 crayons, then you can be sure this color brings you joy. Are you consistently drawn toward certain colors? Take note!


Is turquoise a favorite? Or is that a passing phase for you?


4. Have the guts to decorate with your signature style:


As you begin to see style themes surface, take note of them. Then, confidently move forward in your decision making. For you, this might mean finally buying a bright orange pillow. Or maybe, now that you are armed with a pile of velvet pink sofa images, you will have the “guts” to just go for it! The point is, it is time to stop questioning what you love. If you love it, fill your home with it!


Is it time to throw an orange pillow on your sofa?


Once you have taken the time to study your loves, take these thoughts with you whenever you need to make choices regarding your interiors. With each new decorating decision you make, add things to your home that you truly love, and edit out things that are so-so. Soon, you will see your own beautiful signature style emerge within the walls of your own home.


As you move forward in this way, you are well on your way to a home you love; a home that reflects the signature YOU!


- Darlene Weir, Fieldstone Hill Design

62 Responses to “ Four Ways to Define Your Signature Style ”

  1. I love number 4! Have the guts! I think I know deep down what I like but I am too scared to just go for it! Great advice as always from Darlene. Thanks for putting her in the spotlight BHG. She deserves it!


  2. Decorating a home can be overwhelming, so I love that Darlene has broken down the process for us in her article. I think I may just give it a try using some of her helpful tips!

  3. What a great article! So many homeowners need this type of guidance and Darlene does such a great job at breaking it down! We should all definitely have our own signature style and move forward confidently!!! Awesome!

  4. Love that article and all the pics. Thanks for the tips on favorite color…I’ve been in love with turqoise since the day I layed eyes on it as a little girl in the 70′s., my Barbie had a turqoise dress lol. I’m relieved to hear I don’t have to drop it when the trend passes

  5. Darlene – congrats on your article! Great job and I love your tips! I love adding favorite colors to each room!

  6. Love this!! I appreciate the way you give practical steps to determining my style! I LOVE #1, the style words. I think mine are charming, simplicity, cheerful.

  7. love this, Darlene! simple, but wonderful words of wisdom for the fearful! I plan to show my 12 yo daughter this page for her homemaking and planning scrapbook. and I think the style words idea can apply to many areas of life…and a writing assignment, perhaps?
    I shop at yard sales and thrift stores and create some eclectic looks. And I’m a turquoise lover! I may defy everyone and buy an orange pillow! ha!

  8. Great sets of steps and they work! Having the guts to follow my bliss in decorating is just the nudge (shove!) I need most.

  9. This is THE BEST tid bit of advice on decorating I have ever read! I feel very good after reading it and cant wait to start over in my new home!

  10. Thank you for inspiring us, Dar! You are brilliant, glamorous, creative, beautiful, classic, and insanely talented! (And on a personal note… I love you and I’m SO STINKIN’ PROUD of you!!!) Love this post!

  11. I love #4! Whenever I have the guts to do something different that I believe in the results always look fantastic.

    Oh, and I absolutely love that dining room!!

  12. Great tips! Your designs are comfortable with a sophisticated edge. Love!

  13. Excellent post…No Guts No Glory!!! :-)

  14. Great tips Darlene! With a little effort you CAN determine you style and get the look you want.

  15. This is a wonderful article, Darlene. Great tips to get anyone going down the correct path to creating a home that oozes with their own personality.

  16. Such a great article! Inspiring and motivation!!! LOVE IT!!!

  17. Fabulous article Darlene and I love using photo’s as an inspiration. I am a visual person so choosing a photo or two is what I do :)

  18. Had the privilege of listening to Darlene speak at a blogging conference this summer. She is spot on with this advice and love her style and blog! BHG made a great choice featuring her!!

  19. Great Tips and Advice, Darlene! Thanks for sharing your passion!

  20. I love the idea of the style words–brilliant–and going with guts.
    Maybe my style word is gutsy?! Wise post, Darlene!

  21. Great, simple steps for breaking down style self-discovery. Knowledge is power and will definitely give you the guts to paint those walls purple and green- or whatever you love. Great job!

  22. Excellent post! Darlene’s work is beautiful. Of course, the beautiful work of a designer can sometimes be intimidating–not so with Darlene’s. Her thoughtful, encouraging approach to design is reflective of a helpful heart as well as artistic talent and training. Thank you, Darlene, for the good advice as well as the inspiration!

  23. Wonderful tips, Darlene! Love your style and I’m so excited to see that you are an official style spotter.

    Can’t wait to see what you do next! :)

  24. Darlene — i often forget that some people are totally lost when it comes to decorating and don’t know where to begin. But you have laid it out very clearly in a way that people who have not been in touch with their signature style before, can now discover it for themselves and move forward with a sense of confidence. Great piece! – xoxo Jane

  25. KUDOS to landing on the BHG blog — you’re definitely a true “Style Spotter” to be watched and followed by the masses. I enjoyed reading the post and found your design and trend insights useful and inspiring with something to take away as “food for thought” to incorporate into my next design project. Darlene, the side board in the dining room photo transformed me back to my childhood home and memories of our Hepplewhite sideboard buffet.

  26. Once again… BAM! Knocked it out of the park! Thanks for the ever reminder to stay TRUE to myself and what my “loves” are! I tend to over think things, instead of just going for what I know and love. You inspire me ALWAYS! ♥

  27. Thank you for this inspired & inspiring piece!

  28. Fantastic post! Thank you for the inspiration!

  29. Great tips, Darlene! I get sidetracked by so many lovely styles, but then am never completely satisfied because I’ve lost my way from my true loves. I need to keep these reminders on a postcard, in my purse, on my mirror!

  30. I am a regular reader on Darlene’s blog and I have hired her to help me decorate our dining room and great room. She is AMAZE-ing and so talented with the best heart. Reading her blog has given me so much more confidence in how I decorate and she encourages her readers to go outside their comfort zones, as long as it fits who they are. That’s what I appreciate the most–she wants her clients and readers to discover who they are in their own homes, not to match the trends, what everyone else is doing, or live outside their budgets. That approach has put a whole new spin on finding one’s bliss at home.

  31. GREAT piece!

  32. I love this! I have never decorated any place that I’ve ever lived in. Unless you count the teen years when I had pop stars plastered all over my walls. These tips are simple and easy. Makes me want to think about doing something with my bare walls and undecorated apartment. So excited to be a fellow Roo Mag Sister!

  33. So true! I love this post! And aqua still makes my heart go pitter patter! LOL!

  34. Love this article! I know what I like when I see it, but could never really figure out how to do it myself! You’ve given me a great starting point! Thanks so much!!

  35. Awesome post!!!!! BHG is lucky to have found you and thanks to them for helping undercover your talents! Good Job Darlene :)

  36. i’m just beginning to learn about and figure out my own signature style. love this post … pushes me to dig further!

  37. LOVE this article! What a smart education on how to live with what YOU truly love!

  38. Hi Sweet friend! Love your article about decorating your home to reflect you and what you love. And don’t care what others think…

    simply inspiring

  39. This is fantastic, Darlene!! My problem is I like so many DIFFERENT signature styles and have trouble knowing which one I want to live with long-term! I love the way you broke it all down and those wooden chairs with the turquoise seats are to die for!

  40. I love this! I’ve never even considered #1…I think that will seriously help me be more focused when I walk into flea markets, thrift stores, etc. Thanks for this! (I love the photo you used for #1 too! GORGEOUS!)

  41. GORGEOUS finds, Darlene, and such clever suggestions. I love these! I couldn’t agree more! ;} I love those curtains in the top photo!

  42. Amazing Darlene! You wowed me! Can I take you home?

  43. Ohhhh I love the dinning room image Darlene!!! Your pictures make me want to go and redecorate my house!!! Ha!

  44. Great tips and awesome article!!!! I’m going right now to study all those photos I am always tearing out of magazines to see if I can find the common theme! Love this!!!

  45. I feel like I don’t have a decorative bone in my body! It’s not that I don’t want my house to look nice, I just have no idea how to go about doing it! I see some houses/rooms that I’m sure are beautiful to most people, but they are just a little too put together and/or stuffy for me. So, I guess I have an idea of what I don’t like. But, I’m not sure what I do like! I love the idea of paying attention to what I like in pictures and going from there. Thanks for the tips!

  46. I love this! Thank you Darlene!!

  47. This gifted lady has an incredible talent for design! Last year in preparation for a college scholarship fundraiser, Darlene provided her interior design expertise so that we could prepare for 500 people to tour the first floor of our home. She has the unique ability to uncover an individual’s preferences in style and design and support those throughout the room. This is in direct contrast to a designer that repeatedly imprints their own style choices rather than that of the clients. Thank you, Darlene, for sharing your many talents and insights. You are an inspiration and a blessing!

  48. Good advice but my problem is that i love so many different styles that it all just looks a jumbled mess plus i live with 3 VERY untidy boys and our house is TINY….
    Not a good combination really! Maybe one day my interior boat will come in…

  49. I would love to know the brand name and color of the wood floor in Edie’s house. It is absolutely beautiful. I didn’t see any information on it in the article or resources part of the magazine.

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