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organize this: gift wrap!

It’s the holiday season!  And the giving season!  That means gift wrapping galore is about to take place, so getting all of those ribbons and bows and rolls of paper organized, will take away some of the stress that often comes during the holidays.


I could look at dreamy gift wrap stations all day.  I think I would be just that more inspired to give random gifts throughout the whole year, just so I could use my happy wrapping zone…

Adding pegboard above a work table, allows you to mix and match storage options with hooks and baskets, to hold everything from tape to scissors to note cards and ribbon.


Wall mount organizers not only keep wrapping paper accessible, but they are also great for protecting the rolls from being torn and wrinkled in-between uses.


Over the door options are the best solution when space is tight.  The back of doors are typically unused and free real estate, so snag up all that vertical space and organize away!


Another space saving option is to utilize all of that floor space under the bed.  There are many wrapping paper storage options that are compact and are made to fit nicely under your furniture.


Planters, floral buckets and waste baskets are the quickest and simplest way to wrangle those rolls of paper, and they always look darling propped beside a desk or workspace!


Have a spare dresser or set of drawers?  It is a great solution for tucking away wrapping papers, supplies, gift bags and tissue papers.


Drawers below, pretty baskets above.  Tiered options are great for ribbons and bows, keeping them quickly at reach and always giving you an idea of what items may need restocking.


There are so many more holidays and important events throughout the year, in which a caring card will brighten someone’s day.  Purchasing a few ahead of time and keeping them organized by event in an expanding file will ensure you are prepared all year round.


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3 Responses to “ organize this: gift wrap! ”

  1. So many fabulous organizational ideas! I’m in some serious need to getting my holiday wrapping and crafting in order .. thanks for the fabulous inspiration!



  2. I would love to win because when it comes to gift wrapping, I am queen. LOL
    Just kidding, but I do like to wrap gifts, just ask anyone in my family. So it only makes sense that I win this.

  3. I have many failed attempts at trying to organize my seasonal gift wrapping supplies AND poly mesh wreath making supplies. Really need this……

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