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what should I put on my piano?

When you work at a fabulous magazine like Better Homes and Gardens, people assume your home is beautifully decorated and filled with clever projects and great ideas. Confession: That’s not true. At least not for me! I have problem spots, not enough closets, really boring white walls (and I’m the color editor!), and bad layouts. But when I’m ready to tackle a project, I know exactly where to turn for inspiration.


On my fall must-do list is figuring out what to put on top of my small console piano. This photo shows it at its best with leftover flowers and veggies from this fun shoot.


But they wilted and now I need something more permanent. Here’s a little roundup of inspiration photos. I’m trying to find a style that feels “me.”


My sweet spot is a cross between the graphic modern stuff in number 1 and the sweet charm of number 3. (And I love the idea of putting a table lamp on the piano. For an amateur player like me that’s about right!)


If you have a piano, what do you have on it?


–Joanna Linberg, Associate Home Editor, Better Homes and Gardens

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