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November 2012

Hello lovely Style Spotter readers,

Today I wanted to share a collection of some holiday inspired DIY’s from my blog, The Paper Mama, and hopefully this will get you inspired and ready the season! Most of these items are great for gifts as well as home decor! Enjoy.

Vintage Glassware Candles

Vintage Inspired Stockings:

Faux Mercury Glass

Noel Blocks:

Striped Vase

Pinecone Garland:

 Homemade Camera Strap gift

Paper Terrarium:

Polka Dot Wreath:

I’m currently in the middle of my 50 DIY Days of Christmas. That’s 6 DIY Days a week… up through Christmas. If you want to keep up with my new DIY’s, check it out!

- Chelsey, The Paper Mama


I will be the first to admit that I’ve never really been a fan of wallpaper. I think it’s because it was overused in the past and the designs were not all that appealing to me. Lately though, I’ve been intrigued with the amazingly beautiful wallpaper that is being produced. I’m not saying I have the courage to wallpaper a whole room in some of these prints, but I do love how the metallic wallpaper in the image below was used to line the back wall of this bookshelf.

It coordinates so well with the accessories on the shelf and marvelously showcases the homeowner’s personality and style. In small doses, wallpaper can be a wonderful home decorating tool. It’s come a long way from roosters and flower borders. Below are eight of my favorite wallpapers that I might just have to try in my own space. Click here to get the full list of products shown below.

 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

What are your thoughts on wallpaper? Any patterns you are loving?

Michael Wurm, Jr. – Inspired by Charm








So nice to meet you! I’m Darlene Weir, the principal interior designer for Fieldstone Hill Design, an eDesign and interiors firm. I am also a style blogger, and I am delighted to be posting here at the BHG Style Spotters Blog. Today’s topic happens to be a passion of mine: helping people to discover their own signature style.


Defining your signature style can take a little bit of work, but it is completely worth the effort. By becoming a student of your own style, you will eventually save yourself both time and money, as you confidently move toward having a home you LOVE, not just “like.” You can get started by taking the following steps {these are some of the same steps I use with my eDesign clients}.


1. Determine your style words:


Select 3-5 descriptive style words that illustrate how you want your home to feel and look. Remember the words you select, and keep them in the front of your mind as you make choices in your home, and even when you are shopping.


My top style words are glamour, simplicity and comfort. You can see these words reflected in the image below, which is a room I happen to love:


2. Study favorite pictures:


Photo inspiration is a key tool to helping you define your signature style. Pull favorite images out of magazines of rooms you truly adore, and scour design websites for spaces you love. Then, once you have collected your favorite spaces, study what common themes these rooms share. Do they all have light walls? Do they all have pops of color? Look for any commonalities and then take note of what you discover.


I also like to search by room, as my style is a little different from room to room:


3. Determine your favorite colors:


This may seem obvious, but not everyone knows their favorite colors! I consider a “favorite color” one that has travelled the miles with you. If you have only loved turquoise since it started cropping up all over the internet, it may very well be a passing phase. But, if you have loved turquoise ever since you set your eyes on it in the box of 64 crayons, then you can be sure this color brings you joy. Are you consistently drawn toward certain colors? Take note!


Is turquoise a favorite? Or is that a passing phase for you?


4. Have the guts to decorate with your signature style:


As you begin to see style themes surface, take note of them. Then, confidently move forward in your decision making. For you, this might mean finally buying a bright orange pillow. Or maybe, now that you are armed with a pile of velvet pink sofa images, you will have the “guts” to just go for it! The point is, it is time to stop questioning what you love. If you love it, fill your home with it!


Is it time to throw an orange pillow on your sofa?


Once you have taken the time to study your loves, take these thoughts with you whenever you need to make choices regarding your interiors. With each new decorating decision you make, add things to your home that you truly love, and edit out things that are so-so. Soon, you will see your own beautiful signature style emerge within the walls of your own home.


As you move forward in this way, you are well on your way to a home you love; a home that reflects the signature YOU!


- Darlene Weir, Fieldstone Hill Design

Imperial Trellis Wallpapered Dining Room

That graphic wallpaper makes the whole room pop! Without it, we have a nice but safe decorating scheme. The addition of board and batten on the lower half of the wall tempers all of that pattern and make the whole entry feel polished. Find out how to get the look, below.

Get the Look: Imperial Trellis Wallpaper Entry

  1. Moravian Star Ceiling Light
  2. Imperial Trellis Wallpaper
  3. Springfield Sconce (just add black shades)
  4. Parsons Console
  5. Board and Batten How-to
  6. Copper Shoe Tray
  7. Sisal Runner


– Nicole Balch, Making it Lovely

Hi Everyone, this is Samantha Thorpe from Storage magazine. We are really into using labels to help keep you and your family organized. No matter what area you need to get in order in your house—closet, pantry, bathroom, entry, or kid’s room—labels help everyone know where to return items so the next person can find them. Now, that is easier said then done.

But fun labels are a great reminder that there is “A place for everything and everything in its place,” as Isabella Mary Beeton first wrote in The Book of Household Management in 1861.  So try downloading these labels to get organized today.

Make it easy to find food you have stocked in your pantry with these mix-and-match labels (above left) available at You can add your own categories as well!  These free downloadable labels come in a variety of patterns and sizes. They’re easy to customize to describe your containers’ contents.

You can also get your kids organized with labels that make it easy for them to put things away. For kids who can’t read quite yet, use labels with photos to help them put their trains, stuffed animals, and other items in the right place.

-Samantha Thorpe, Storage Magazine

It’s the holiday season!  And the giving season!  That means gift wrapping galore is about to take place, so getting all of those ribbons and bows and rolls of paper organized, will take away some of the stress that often comes during the holidays.


I could look at dreamy gift wrap stations all day.  I think I would be just that more inspired to give random gifts throughout the whole year, just so I could use my happy wrapping zone…

Adding pegboard above a work table, allows you to mix and match storage options with hooks and baskets, to hold everything from tape to scissors to note cards and ribbon.


Wall mount organizers not only keep wrapping paper accessible, but they are also great for protecting the rolls from being torn and wrinkled in-between uses.


Over the door options are the best solution when space is tight.  The back of doors are typically unused and free real estate, so snag up all that vertical space and organize away!


Another space saving option is to utilize all of that floor space under the bed.  There are many wrapping paper storage options that are compact and are made to fit nicely under your furniture.


Planters, floral buckets and waste baskets are the quickest and simplest way to wrangle those rolls of paper, and they always look darling propped beside a desk or workspace!


Have a spare dresser or set of drawers?  It is a great solution for tucking away wrapping papers, supplies, gift bags and tissue papers.


Drawers below, pretty baskets above.  Tiered options are great for ribbons and bows, keeping them quickly at reach and always giving you an idea of what items may need restocking.


There are so many more holidays and important events throughout the year, in which a caring card will brighten someone’s day.  Purchasing a few ahead of time and keeping them organized by event in an expanding file will ensure you are prepared all year round.


Here are a few more great ideas from some of my favorite blogging buddies:

{California Closets System, Brooklyn Limestone Hooks & Rails System, Diane’s DIY Paper Storage, Martha O’Hara Interiors Wrapping Station, Mrs. Poli’s Wrapping Paper Tin MakeoverCassie’s Elfa System Storage}

{ 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 }


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