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October 2012

Hi everyone, Kelly Eagle here! A while back I shared some of the bold front door color choices that had been inspiring me as I was prepping to paint my own front door. Well, now my front door is finished I wanted to share the DIY details with you – and the beautiful finished product!

This is my house with the original plain front door.


Here is what you’ll need to paint your front door. (Here is a another tutorial from BHG, they are very similar.)

  1. Exterior paint. I used Behr Exterior Semi-Gloss enamel paint with built-in primer
  2. High-density foam roller and brush
  3. Fine grit sand paper
  4. Sponge
  5. Painters tape to close up holes from hardware
  6. Tools to remove door hardware
  7. Drop cloth

Since our door has never been painted, the prep was pretty simple, and I didn’t even remove the door from the hinges.

First, we (and by we, I mean my husband) removed the door knob and deadbolt. I taped up the holes on the inside of the house to keep the dust from sanding the door outside instead of in our living room.

Next, we (again, my husband) sanded the door with fine grit sand paper. The sanding removed any rough spots or dirt, making the surface as clean and smooth as possible for the paint.

Once the sanding was finished, the door was wiped down with a damp sponge to remove the dust. This took a few bowls of clean water before I felt like I’d removed all of the dust.

Then, it was time for paint!  Our door swings in, so we swung it inside the house, opened a bunch of windows and covered the floor with a drop cloth. It’s important to paint the door out of direct sunlight to avoid the paint drying before you have a chance to properly roll or brush it on.

I began painting with the foam brush. I painted the panels of the door using long vertical strokes. It’s bright yellow! Did you see that coming? The paint color is Vivid by Behr.

Paint color: Behr ‘Vivid’


Next, I used the foam roller and rolled the rest of the door using horizontal strokes. Here is how the door looked after 1 coat.



The coverage was pretty good with just 1 coat, but I think that is because our door was originally white. Up close it was obvious it would need a second coat of paint. The directions on the side of the can said to wait 4 hours between coats, so 4 hours later, I brushed/rolled on the second coat. What a difference another coat of paint made! I was thrilled with the paint color – and thank goodness, because it’s bright!

Don’t be alarmed if after the first coat you can see brush and roller marks on the door. Once I finished the second coat  of paint, any of the initial brush and roller marks were no longer visible.

We let the door dry until we went to bed that night — almost 6 hours — before we put the hardware back on and shut it. I was nervous about shutting the door because I’d read a few accounts where the paint wasn’t dry and they shut the door for the night, only to open it in the morning and have paint stuck to their weather stripping, ruining the paint job and causing a huge mess, so be sure to give the door plenty of time to dry before you have to close up for the night.

Lucky for us, the door was perfect the next morning and here is our new, bright exterior door.



It’s definitely bright, but I think with a new entry rug and a tall planter with bright flowers, our front porch will have loads more charm than it did before! And there is nothing better than coming home to a charming front porch.

- Kelly Eagle,


I’m already seeing the leaves turn; the streets are getting covered by speckles of orange, red, and brown leaves. That means it’s just about time for fall, with that comes my need to get cozy with a cup of coffee and a good movie. It’s getting chilly at night and our windows aren’t open as much as they were on the warm summer evenings. It can get a little stuffy in our 90-year-old home, and I wanted to add some freshness to my cozy atmosphere. 

Bring in the DIY air freshener. Yes, I could have purchased a plugin for this, or sprayed freshener every thirty minutes that. Not for me. I like to make things a little more exciting and try it myself (ok, it’s not that exciting… well, for me it is). What you need for this super fresh project:

- Baking Soda

- Essential Oil (I chose a little cinnamon and apple blend… hello fall)

- A jar with lid ring (I found my jar at a thrift store)

- Cheesecloth (or any loosely woven cloth)

- 5 minutes of time

Here are the easiest DIY directions I’ve ever written:

- Using your clean/dried jar, fill the baking soda up to about a 1/4 to 1/2 an inch.

- Add 8 to 12 drops of essential oil onto your baking soda.

- Cut your cheesecloth to about a 1/2 inch wider than the lid (you want the lid to completely cover the cheesecloth, when it’s screwed on).

- Put on the cheesecloth and lid. Maybe add a bit of decoration? Optional of course. NOTE: this air freshener should be kept out of reach of small children and animals. I’ve placed my jar where my daughter and cats cannot reach.

That’s it! You now have a homemade air freshener. Baking soda really is fantastic, right?

Happy Thursday to all of you!

- Chelsey, The Paper Mama


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A Home Office Nook with Ombré and Wallpaper

This sweet little desk setup would make a perfect space to work from a laptop, write letters, and pay bills. The drawers (painted in an of-the-moment ombré gradient) add much-needed storage and function, but the space feels just as pretty as it is practical. To achieve a similar look (think owls instead of butterflies), try the items below.

Get the Look: Ombré and Wallpaper

  1. Acrylic Desk Organizer
  2. Atoll Rectangular Mirror
  3. Peekaboo Acrylic Console Table (as Desk)
  4. Drawer Unit on Casters (Painted)
  5. Marais Side Chair
  6. Owls of the British Isles Wallpaper
  7. Lamp Shade
  8. Lamp Base


– Nicole Balch, Making it Lovely

Obviously it is a season of color because we just can’t get enough of these fabulous colorful palettes! This palette is inspired by Fashion consultant Yasmin Sewell in her incredible double breasted blazer coat paired with a floral shirt in a version of a grasshopper green. All of that combined with blue, a little grey and a pop of orange creates a palette perfect for the cold months. Here’s the look:

Color Inspiration: Jacket.
On the walls:  Be bold and try Crispy Gold (SW 6699) on your walls.  For a neutral color try Repose Grey (SW 7015).

Color Inspiration:  Shirt.
Grasshopper (SW 6733) is a great color to include in patterns and prints.  Use it for upholstered pieces and pillows.

Color Inspiration: Jeans.
Needlepoint Navy (SW 0032) is that perfect blue for your walls, furniture or accessories.  Just about anything looks fabulous in this navy!

Color Inspiration:  Bonus.
Use pops Obstinate Orange (SW 6884) throughout your space.  Black Magic (SW 6991) is always a great go to black.

Photo via Refinery 29.  Paints via Sherwin Williams.

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