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DIY-ify: Welcome pumpkin

I absolutely loved this “Welcome” pumpkin I found on the BHG site. I know that painting anything freehand on pumpkins (especially words) can be pretty darn difficult. That’s why I’ve drawn and created a little printable for all of you to enjoy and use on your own pumpkins! See? I love how it turned out.

It’s easy-ish (the hard part is cutting it out). How-to:

- Print and cut out the “welcome” free printable.

- You can now choose if you’d like to use part of your cutout as a stencil, OR you can use the actual “Welcome” word and Mod Podge it on to your pumpkin. I went the Mod Podge route (followed by a quick sealant spray to keep it from coming off in the rain).

- If you’re painting on the “Welcome”: using some black (or whatever color you’d like) acrylic paint to stencil on the word.

- If you’re using Mod Podge: Follow the bottle’s instructions to adhere the word onto the pumpkin. Optional: spray on a sealant to keep the word waterproof. I used sealant, since our pumpkin will be getting a little wet. Side note: depending on the type of printer you have, mod podge could smear the ink. You can use a little water and a q-tip to remove this (nail polish remover will also work for big ink stains). If the “Welcome” word fades from the Mod Podge, go over the word with a sharpie or black paint pen.

- Optional: hollow out the pumpkin and place a jar IN the pumpkin to make a pumpkin vase. Add water and flowers = cute fall floral arrangement.

That’s it! You are done. Enjoy!

- Chelsey, The Paper Mama

16 Responses to “ DIY-ify: Welcome pumpkin ”

  1. Ah! This is so cute! I wish 1) I had an awesome front entry and 2) that I lived in a neighborhood where people would actually see this.

  2. Mmmmmm, you had me at Mod Podge.

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