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Get the Look: Bookshelf Storage in the Kitchen

A Styled Kitchen Bookshelf

You might think it sounds a little odd to use a bookshelf for kitchen storage. “Isn’t that what cabinets are for?” you may wonder. Done well though, as it is here, a bookshelf can be an extremely practical (and beautiful) addition to a kitchen or pantry space.

You can achieve a similar look with the items below. I was unable to find those wooden drawers (I believe they are a discontinued IKEA item), but there are a couple of excellent alternatives below, depending on your storage needs. If you love the look of plywood storage, IKEA still sells their wooden magazine files, and if you’re drawn to the function of paper drawers, look into the option below. They come in several other colors as well.

Get the Look: Bookshelf Storage in the Kitchen

  1. Slim White Étagère
  2. Cookbooks
  3. Antique Wood Chair
  4. Stockholm Paper Drawers
  5. Spring Coupe Dinnerware Set
  6. Knuff Magazine Files
  7. Viv Wine Glasses
  8. Acacia Wood Plates


– Nicole Balch, Making it Lovely

5 Responses to “ Get the Look: Bookshelf Storage in the Kitchen ”

  1. Wah! I want those drawers badly. Haha. Thanks for an alternative though! I’ve been wondering if I could fake the look with a diy, who knows!

  2. This Storage Bookshelf is great. Although it is unconventional in the kitchen this works perfectly. Storage units are great in condos and small spaced areas, especially in the entryway for your shoes or in the living room for books and movies.

  3. I love that shelving idea for the kitchen ! Thank your so much ;)

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