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Video Interview with Designer Nate Berkus!


Hi everyone, Joanna Linberg here! A few months ago, I was lucky enough to interview designer Nate Berkus for the Chocolate and Caramel color story in our November issue (out now with a shot of one of Nate’s rooms!). Truly, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more warm, down-to-earth guy. After we were done talking color, I got the inside scoop on his new line for Target (the tortoise shell was inspired by one his mom picked up street-side in Mexico on her honeymoon), his book, The Things that Matter, and we set a date to talk on camera for all of you here.


Watch below to see what Nate has to say about bringing personality to your home, plus the answer to a special reader question!



Note: This giveaway has ended.

Nate and Target are also generously offering our blog readers a chance to win all the accessories you need to give your bathroom a major sophistication boost!  To enter, leave a comment on this post telling us which item matters most in your home.   On Tuesday October 16, we’ll conduct a random drawing from the entries received to select a winner.  For another opportunity to win, connect with us on Twitter and re-tweet the giveaway announcement tweet marked with the hashtag #NatePrize.  See the official contest rules here.


Best of luck!   –Joanna Linberg, Associate Home Design Editor
 Better Homes and Gardens

28 Responses to “ Video Interview with Designer Nate Berkus! ”

  1. just like to watch Nate. Been following his suggestions for years before he appeared, so I guess I am doing it right!

  2. I have a collection of fish..

  3. My dining room table because that’s where my whole family gets together and spends time discussing life, it helps us stay connected!

  4. The sofa is a huge piece

  5. Such a great video. Really makes me look around and see if my space reflects me! I do have a theme that has been inspired by my love of nature and the outdoors. I want my home to exude comfort, peacefulness and a warm, welcoming quality. I have what some have called a tropical garden in my home. I love plants and gardening. Also, I have peppered throughout, momentos of trips I have taken: shell displays, paintings and homemade items from different cultures. Thank you Nate and Joanna for this opportunity to look inside myself and my surroundings!

  6. My kitchen table matters most to me. That is where everyone hangs out when I am cooking.

  7. Toothbrush!

  8. My Mom left me a beautiful wooden music box .. When ever I touch it I think of her. That is my favorite thing !

  9. I would say that the sectional in my family room matters most. It’s where we all gather and spend time watching tv and talking to each other.

  10. I don’t have one particular item, but it’s photos of my grandchildren~I make sure I get anew one each year to display! They are so precious to me, and it just is awesomwe to see how they grow and change each year!!!

  11. Computer because if is used for everything!

  12. The item that matters the most to me is the collection of photos that I have taken of my family. Photography is my passion and is a visual record of who and what I care about the most!

  13. Pictures and furniture matter the most!

  14. Tough to choose….but I’ll go with my dining room table. It used to be my grandmother’s. I have wonderful memories of eating around it with all of my cousins, and now of my own family meals.

  15. I would love a new rug for my dining room. That would mean so much to me!

  16. My Thomas Kinkade oil. Especially now, since his recent and tragic death.

  17. The TV during football season.

  18. I am a big fan of Nate. I love an oak chest
    That is from my great grandparent’s house.

  19. My roll top desk because my parents gave it to me and it is absolutely beautiful! :o)

  20. Actually my most cherished item is a photo of my dad where he signed the back Love, Dad…I can only remember one time him ever saying that to me in my life…He passed away from cancer in 1996 . I was home alone crying and his picture fell off the wall and I noticed his note and the words Love Dad so , I knew I would be okay and that he found peace.

  21. My favorite thing is my oven. It brings sweet and savory dishes to life. Cooking is one of the primary ways I show love to my friends and family.

  22. My family photos spread throughout my house, they bring such joy.

  23. Thanks, Nate
    My favorite things in my home are the paintings I have. I can look at them daily and see the beauty in them everyday.

  24. These are wonderful examples of important things in your homes! I love hearing the stories behind them. It really is the little, personal things that give a house so much personality. Keep ‘em coming!

  25. After Hurricane Katrina, everyone in our city learned quickly what items in their house couldn’t be replaced. Our family was incredibly fortunate and didn’t lose much, but it certainly got us thinking – what would we take with us if we evacuate again? So, I’d have to pick family photo albums, anything my kids made, and a few items we’ve inherited from our families.

  26. Love a COZY bed :) and love Nate!!

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