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October 2012

I love decorating and I love Pinterest. Put the two together and it’s a winning combination. Have you ever discovered a unique space or the latest trend from a picture a friend pinned? I know I have. Recently, I came across this lovely eclectic, beach-inspired living room. From the beautiful carved wood coffee table to the splendid collection of pillows, I was immediately inspired!
After a little online shopping, I was able to recreate the space. Now you can do more than pin the image, you can get it at! Get the full list of products shown below here.
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I hope you enjoyed all of my fabulous finds to create this look in your own home! Happy Pinning!
Michael Wurm, Jr.  - Inspired by Charm

The living room above is such a charmer. Its design is rooted in mid-century classics and is done in a retro color palette, but it still feels fun and livable for today. If you’re a fan, you can get a similar look with the items below!

  1. Rialto Curtains
  2. BILD Poster
  3. Saarinen Executive Chair with Tubular Legs
  4. Clare Loveseat
  5. Front Row Carpet Tiles
  6. Monroe Peacock Pillow
  7. Larch Square Pillow
  8. Danish Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table


– Nicole Balch, Making it Lovely


It’s no secret around the office that I love James Bond movies. There’s just something about the fabulous clothing, fast cars, and smart gadgets. But the thing about Bond is that nothing is ever quite what it seems: watches have lasers, rings can take pictures, and cars are never just for driving. Bond’s world may be fictional, but that same concept of hidden utility exists in modern design, too! It’s one of the things I love discovering about the kitchens we photograph.


Sometimes the ideas are small and practical, like pop-up outlets, stealth cookbook storage, or cleverly (and prettily) hidden spices perfectly at-hand next to the range.



But there are also the more elaborate cover-ups, too. Who would have thought that this marble backsplash actually lifts to reveal an extensive beverage bar? It’s perfect for entertaining: easy to access when needed, but out of the way for everyday.



Then there are the seriously guilty pleasures (which I think James Bond would totally approve of). How about this integrated wall of cabinetry (left)? When the door is closed, you’d have no idea that it opens to a walk-in pantry—it simply looks like standard cabinets. A custom-paneled refrigerator to the  left of the pantry also gives the space a sneakily seamless design. This furniture-style piece (right) certainly looks like an old icebox cooler… would you have guessed it opens to a walk-in pantry?

The cool thing about undercover kitchens is that the concepts can fit any design style, from the tried-and-true traditional—the Sean Connery of kitchens—to the ultra-modern sleek styles a la Daniel Craig.



-Kristina McGuirk, Assistant Editor, Kitchen and Bath Ideas

Raise your hand if you have a passion for doing laundry.  My guess is that not a lot of hands are going up, and if yours did, I am a bit envious!  Laundry is a daily chore that can grow stale, however, if your process and laundry room are organized, it can be a much more pleasant process.

Laundry rooms come in all shapes and sizes; from large rooms to itty bitty closets and kitchen nooks.  A great way to maximize the space you do have, is by adding a few shelves above the washer and dryer.  This allows you to hang clothing to dry, stack linens, store laundry essentials and maximize vertical space.


It is important to sort down laundry prior to washing, as different linens and clothing types require a range of washing methods.  There are many great options that make it simple to divide darks from lights, such as rolling sorters or space saving slide out baskets.


Another great space saving laundry storage option is to add pedestal drawers to your washer and dryer, or slim laundry storage in-between them.


To protect your washer, your clothing and the items in your pockets, create a drop zone for all of those little things we carry around with us all day.  Not only will the jar or dish remind you to empty your pockets, it will also ensure the belongings are easy to return to their original homes and keep laundry room clutter at bay.


Treating stains should happen almost as quickly as the accident itself.  Keeping a Stain Solution chart posted in the laundry room will provide a quick reference the instant it is needed.


If you prefer to air dry your laundry, there are endless options such as clothing lines, hanging bars and space saving flip out drying racks.


Since ironing frequently takes place after clothing comes out of the dryer, installing a wall mount ironing board holder can provide compact storage for both the ironing board and the iron itself.


When looking for ways to corral the small stuff, think outside the storage box and shop the home for every day objects such as a shower caddy, small dishes and baking canisters.


Decorative boxes with labels are another great way to hide some of the smaller items that are used for laundry care.  Everything from bleach and detergent pens to garment bags and sewing kits, boxes keep it all nice and neat on your laundry room shelves.


Transferring laundry care items into decorative canisters now makes the necessities more pleasing to the eye and creates a pretty environment where chores take place.


Baskets are always a great storage solution in any space, however, in the laundry room, they can also serve as portable caddies for cleaning supplies or to disperse paper products around the home.



{ 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 }



We love the cottage look at BHG. So we’re always excited when a new issue of our sister publication, Cottage Style, hits newsstands! The latest issue, on sale October 23, features plenty of cottage inspiration from homes around the country, including the homes of five fabulous bloggers.



1)   Tracy Abanin, (, offers plenty of DIY projects on her blog, plus art prints, fabrics and pillows at her online store. Her entire Florida bungalow is featured on page 8 of Cottage Style and includes inspiration for her painted kitchen floor — for which you can get the free stencil right here!
2)   Jennifer Gray, (, explores the flea market side of cottage decor. She is an antiques dealer, and you can shop some of favorite finds in her online store. Check out her cozy California home on page 64 of Cottage Style.
3)  Tracey Rapisardi ( take cottage style to the coasts. Her style mixes happy colors with beach-friendly finishes. Tour a dreamy cottage perched along Maine’s rocky coast that she recently renovated on page 8 of the magazine.
4)  Steve Fuller, (, brings cottage style to the city. See his chronicle of renovating a 1842 Greek Revival cottage in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on his blog and the fantastic final look on page 56 of the magazine.
5)  Janet Coon, (, exemplifies romantic living cottage style, as is evident across her blog and online shop. Her surprisingly sweet Florida ranch is featured on page 42 of the magazine.



Do you love cottage style, too? Scope out your local bookstore  or grocery store to pick up a paper copy of Cottage Style, or visit for a digital version. Enjoy!

Today’s inspiration is a fun and bright room for twin girls!  The prices for each item are listed below, as you could do this room on a smaller budget, especially if you create some of the artwork yourself and find a dresser locally at a thrift or antique store for considerably less.

animal baby room ideas

(1) Pink Pendant Light, $99; (2) Yin Yang Print, $20; (3) Rainbow Garland, $12 each; (4) Dream a Little Dream Print, $75; (5) Lion Print, $40; (6) Giraffe Print, $30; (7) Tiger Print, $40; (8) Ebony Jenny Lind Cribs, $179 each; (9) Rabbit Coat Hook, $20; (10) Elephant Pillows, $34 each; (11) Icy Mint Dresser, $325; (12) Deer Coat Hook, $20; (13) Polka Dot Rug, $299 for 5′x 8′; (14) Color Block Curtains, $39 each; (15) Hearts Fitted Crib Sheets, $29 each; (16) Animal Heap, $16.50; (17) Poang Chair, $69

Hope you enjoy! ~Joni, Lay Baby Lay

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