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September 2012

Textile designer Kerry Cassill is known for her eye-catching bedding and clothing. Inspired by Indian prints, her one-of-a-kind designs feature a mixture of bright colors and and playful patterns. We had a chance to talk to Kerry about her personal style and must-have items. Read her thought below!


Favorite store: ABC Carpet and Home


Personal style: Beachy, Relaxed


Style advice: Edit your wardrobe quarterly


Can’t live without: Inhabit cotton sweaters


Best way to spend $50: Go out for dinner


Favorite destinations: Santa Barbara, NYC, south of France, Cap d’Antibes


Every garden should have: Edible, fragrant herbs


Every kitchen should have: a great stove


Every closet should have: Good lighting


Learn more about textile designer Kerry Cassill in the September issue of Better Homes and Gardens on sale now!

When putting together this look inspired by a gorgeous Stockholm gal, I realized that this lovely palette could be diagnosed as laid back Americana or high end classic.  Either or, I love this mix of denim blue with the jet black.  Of course who doesn’t love a little red splattered in their space!  And that dark navy blue, which was included as a bonus color?  My breath right now.  Here’s the look:

Color Inspiration: Scarf.
On the walls:  Reflection (SW 7661) can be noted as a pretty cashmere grey.

Color Inspiration:  Jacket.
Use Pitch Black (No. 256) for an upholstered piece or even ceramics and picture frames.

Color Inspiration: Jeans.
Respite (SW 6514) is a great color to introduce in fabrics and art.  Also you could paint the inside of shelving using this color.

Color Inspiration:  Shoes.
What to do with Real Red (SW 6868)?  Include it in pillows, books or one simple vase.

Color Inspiration:  Bonus.
I included Drawing Room Blue (No. 253) for a little drama.  Paint an accent wall or upholster a chair in this deep color.

Photo via Stockholm Street Style.  Paints via Farrow & Ball and Sherwin Williams.


Hi everyone, Storage Magazine’s Samantha Thorpe here with tips for keeping toys neat and orderly! I love my kids. I don’t love their stuff all over our living room floor. It feels like the clean-up game is never ending between my 5- and 1-year-old. But we just put together a story with professional organizer Kathy Jenkins from Come to Order about finding containers for your kids’ gear that can grow with them.


Here are a few of Kathy’s tips:


1) Select soft-sided, smaller-scale containers with handles that are easy for kids to carry and soft enough that if they’re pulled off a shelf or tabletop they won’t cause an injury. One of my favorite container systems is this snazzy orange one from Neat Freak;


2) For younger kids like mine make sure you store the containers on the floor or a bookshelf so they are easy for tots to access.  “If you want little kids to put things away, access has to be easy-easy,” Jenkins says


3) Label your containers. Write a label but also include a picture or photo for non-readers of the item that goes into each bin so everyone knows where to put things. For more fun labeling ideas, check out


4) Start teaching little ones early that clean up is everyone’s job. Make sure you show them how you pick up your things and put them away so they will mimic you. Then turn picking up their things into a fun game by seeing how many times you can sing their favorite song while you put things away, or play a sorting game with your older kids: “Who can put the trucks away the fastest? Who can put the books away the fastest?”


You can buy the neatKids Mega Sorter (pictured above) at Macy’s,, and The Land of Nod. Also, if you’re looking for a kid storage planning guide to help you stay on top of your kids’ stuff, see  These have been a life safer in my house. Now that we have streamlined our pickup time, we have more fun to play. And who doesn’t like that!


-Samantha Thorpe, Storage Magazine


As a makeup artist and entrepreneur, Sonia Kashuk made it her goal to provide high-quality beauty products at a budget-friendly price. With her cosmetics and makeup brushes available at Target for the past thirteen years, Kashuk has succeeded in making luxury available to all customers. We recently talked to Sonia about her classic style and what inspires her successful makeup line.


What’s the scoop on your new brushes at Target? Each season I do Brush Couture Brush Sets showcasing seasonal trends and I felt that plaid was going to be a strong statement for fall. Plaid is so classic, but when applied to brushes it felt so fun – everyone in my office loved it!  (Sonia Kashuk, Brush Couture Five-Piece Brush Set, $14.99 Target,


Favorite App: The Fancy, because it allows me to see what people are referring to as new and different products. It keeps me on the pulse of what’s of the moment, what people are liking, and where consumers’ interests are.  All of these things are key to creating chic, fashionable items at a great price point.


Favorite tunes to listen to while on your 5-mile walks: Kanye West’s “Gold Digger”, some Rihanna and Adele.


What’s your style wisdom? Always buy pieces that transcend the test of time. For example, I have a few Manolo’s in my closet that are a decade old and they work year after year after year.


How would you describe your personal style? Classic with a twist that creates a personal style.


Best way you spend $50: On my brand at Target, $50 can get you a makeup bag of products including the case!


What inspires you? Living and keeping my eyes open to every possible detail.


What’s your hidden talent? Finding talent.


What does style mean to you? Comfort and confidence.


Read more about Sonia Kashuk in the September issue of Better Homes and Gardens on sale at newsstands now!



Running a business from home can be, well, a little crazy. Especially with a kiddo running around. I finally got tired of losing my lists, pens, pencils, and anything else I seem to need everyday. SO, this brings me to the Fridge Work Station. I don’t actually sit next to my fridge and work, but I now know where all my office supplies are. Using a bunch of old empty tins, we are officially organized. Plus, we now have a chalkboard to leave to-do’s or love notes. 

I know technology is supposed to negate the need for paper notes, but you just can’t beat the classic pen and paper. Having all necessary info right out there. It’s hard to miss.  I tried all those handy apps to help keep me organized, but those haven’t been as helpful as I had hoped.

It’s a quick project, here’s how I created it:

Supplies needed: 

- Super strong magnets (I suggest purchasing these at a home supply store)

- Strong permanent glue

- Empty tins (I used 4)

- Small chalkboard

- Optional: A small vintage wooden box + wire to wrap around it

- Freebie lists to print: Shopping, Notes, and Blank


- Using the glue to adhere the magnets to the back of your tins and chalkboard. Wait 24 hours (to let the glue dry). And, that’s it!

- If you find a vintage wooden box, and don’t want to glue magnets directly to the box: wrap and tie wires around the end. Glue the magnets to the wire (instead of the box).

- If you want, print out the freebie lists I provided.

- Enjoy your organization.

- Chelsey, The Paper Mama

Images courtesy of Chris Court

Stylist Sibella Court describes herself as a nomad. With her globetrotting adventures and unique style that reflects her explorations, there’s no better way to say it. After living in New York and working as an interior designer and creative director for big brands like Bergdorf Goodman, Sak’s Fifth Avenue, and West Elm for fifteen years, Court returned to her home of Sydney, Australia. Along with jet-setting, she’s recently started her own shop, The Society Inc., and written three books.


Sibella took a quick break from her travels to talk to Better Homes and Gardens about her globally-inspired style recently. See what she had to say below! 


Day Job: Owner, The Society Inc, and stylist


My Style Is: Gypset. It’s a hybrid of jetsetting and gypsy.


Devoted To: Ribbons and ropes and all things trim. I am an avid collector and these happen to be the first pieces I began to collect when I was a little girl.


Secret Tool: Stencils. Stencil a lampshade using any paint you have lying around.


Travel Must: Don’t store your photos away—I have mine printed as soon as I get back. (or: I have a beautiful soft fringed cashmere throw that beats any blanket supplied in a hotel or airplane, and can double as a cozy shawl.”)


Style is: Seeing things in a new way.


Wardrobe palette: Caramel, cream, white tones—I call it Campaign


Can’t get enough of Sibella Court? Read more about her in our September Stylemaker issue on sale now!

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