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September 2012

Spotted! In this cozy living room, a spectrum of light green accents certainly perks up the classic white slipcovered furniture and built-ins, but the real jolt comes from the neon throw on the ottoman.  Think small and mighty — a dash of neon feels fresh and fun, but it can definitely overwhelm a space in a hurry. (I have plenty of childhood photos that prove this point perfectly!) Here are some of our fave picks to add some pep to your home as the daylight hours start dwindling:

Cage Pendant Lamp; Urban Outfitters / Whitmor Rattique Storage Tote, Target / Mini Planters, Set of Four; Wind & Willow Home / Letter-Size Interior File Folders; The Container Store / Ampersand Screen Print; Shop Ampersand / 2013 Mini Date Book; Paper Source


–Alexa Fornoff, BHG Commerce Integration Editor

Raise your hand if you have a home improvement list longer than your house is tall… I know I can’t be the only one. Home improvement can be frustrating and overwhelming (not to mention spendy). Better Homes and Gardens has offered up a guide to inspire you to split your home improvement into 12 months. The idea is to plan out your updates and tie them to a specific season, your budget, weather, and life.

It’s the middle of September, what home improvement and DIY plans do you have? We are prepping for the cool weather. My husband and I need to clean our gutters, replace filters, and check our 90-year-old home for leaks in the windows and doors. We are also finishing up a little picket fence around the home before the weather goes downhill.

I made some free printables for you to enjoy. I’m hoping this will help you get more organized and plan out your year of home improvements! There are links below for each month to print (including a blank list).

Free monthly checklist printables:

// January // February // March // April // May // June // July // August //

// September // October // November // December // Blank //

- Chelsey, The Paper Mama

Get the Look: Modern Country

There’s something so appealing and easy about modern country style. Start with neutral tan walls (try “Oat Straw” by Benjamin Moore) and white trim, then layer in the following pieces to get a similar look.

Get the Look: Modern Country

  1. Solid Silk Hand-Loomed Pillow
  2. Hand-Blocked Silk Casablanca Pillow
  3. Hand-Quilted Silk Pillows
  4. Favorite Throw
  5. Big Dipper Arc Floor Lamp
  6. Beveled Square Wall Mirrors
  7. Sapien Bookcase
  8. Vela Sectional Sofa
  9. Hand-Woven Flokati Shag Rug
  10. Tyne Cocktail Table
  11. Senegalese Storage Baskets


– Nicole Balch, Making it Lovely

Hi readers, Karman Hotchkiss here! As a BHG editor there are a lot of reasons I’m glad readers don’t follow me home at night. But one of the biggest is my hall closet. This space is the only non-bedroom closet in my 1910 foursquare-style house, so it has to accommodate all our guest pillows, extra blankets, sleeping bags, luggage, out-of-season purses and a rag-tag collection of baseball caps and rain ponchos. Until recently, it wasn’t handling the job with much finesse.


So a few weeks ago I dedicated an afternoon to tackling what one co-worker called my “comedy closet.” So named because a cartoonlike avalanche seemed imminent. (See Before photo.)


The After is a great testimony to how a few basic storage lessons can really work.


1. Purge.  My family and I filled two large garbage bags with blankets, backpacks, a barely used garment bag, and other goodies for charity. We pitched misshapen hats and broken purses. What was left was truly worthy of the precious storage space.


2. Combine things that get used together. In a previous (misguided) attempt to organize this closet, I stuffed all the extra blankets in two zippered storage bags. And all the pillows went in another. The problem: When we had guests I had to dismantle two different bags, and never seemed to shove it all back together again. The new solution turns each zippered bag into one “overnight guest package” with one blanket and two pillows that a guest can easily unpack and repack.


3. Put most-used stuff in front. Because the suitcases were the biggest items, they used to live in the back of the closet. Which meant pulling everything else out of the closet every few weeks when someone traveled. And nothing went back in in an orderly fashion. Now the suitcases are on the floor in front, where they can come and go without disrupting the rest of the organization.


The first test of our new system came last weekend. A middle school sleepover necessitated removal of pillows and sleeping bags. I’m happy to report it all went back in according to plan.


My comedy closet isn’t so funny anymore.


-Karman Hotchkiss, Better Homes and Gardens

The garage is required to be a very functional and multi-purpose space.  A place to park your cars, to store your holiday decor, to build and to garden; effective storage solutions not only corral and contain the abundance of garage gear, but can also help to create dedicated work zones.


Storage in the kitchen can be tight, so the garage is typically a smart choice for creating a system for recycling.  Plastic bins are easy to clean and stackable options save on valuable floor space.


Whether it is bins of seasonal decor, home improvement and paint supplies or everyday gear, items being stored in the garage can become quite heavy.  Selecting steel options or building solid wood shelving, removes items from the floor and keeps them safe from outdoor elements.


Magnetic strips provide the perfect solution for convenient grab and go tool storage.  They keep the tools off of the workbench and make it simple to quickly return the item when it is no longer being used.


Automotive care often takes place within the garage, therefore, creating a handy caddy with all of the vehicle’s cleaning and maintenance supplies, makes it easy peasy to give the car frequent washes and tune ups.


Pegboard is a really versatile and inexpensive option for storage in the garage.  It offers the option of mixing and matching hooks, bins and organizers for customized tool storage.


Lawn and garden maintenance often times is partnered with planters, gloves, seeds, soil, fertilizer and tools.  By creating a specific planting area within the garage, it offers a workspace to plant and a place to tuck away the plethora of garden tools when not in use.


Although the garage is a fantastic place to work on home improvement and do-it-yourself projects, there are many times when work needs to be completed within the home itself.  A good toolbox is helpful in transporting frequently used tools between the garage and inside the abode, or to help out a neighbor in a jiff.


Yard tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes, therefore, custom garden rack systems are a great solution for creating customized hanging options and for extending the life of the equipment by keeping it up off of the floor.


 { 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 }


I receive frequent requests for shared room ideas, and I can understand the dilemma, especially with age and gender differences involved.  Here is one look at a room for a big sister and a baby brother to happily co-exist.

shared bedroom ideas

(1) Quatrefoil Shade; (2) Love Love Me Do Print; (3) Mountains Print; (4) Hot Dogs Poster; (5) Confetti Poster; (6) Vintage Ampersand; (7) Treat Me Nice Print; (8) Reinette Iron Bed; (9) Yellow Campaign Side Table; (10) Ebony Jenny Lind Crib; (11) Zebra Pillows; (12) Aqua Dresser; (13) Yellow Jewel Lamp; (14) Confetti Rug; (15) Empire Rocker; (16) Big Sister Pouf; (17) Mr. Lion Poster

Hope you enjoy! ~Joni, Lay Baby Lay 

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