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Trick or Treat: Two Fall Inspired Entryways


Hi all,  Michael Wurm, Jr. of Inspired by Charm here! In a little over a month, ghosts, goblins, and ghouls will come knocking and asking for goodies. These two fall-inspired front entryway looks will have your home all decked out for the holiday. Decorating staples such as a chandelier and a console table are perfect for any season. Decorative accessories, including a bowl for candy, can be easily swapped out seasonally or dressed up to fit the occasion. Whether it be for a trick or a treat, you can bet all the neighbors will be trying to sneak a peek at your fabulous decor while the children fill their bags with candy. Let’s decorate!

(1) Glass Vase 15″- Purple; (2) Glass Vase 13″ – Purple; (3) Parsons Mirrored Chandelier; (4) Spider Witch Hat; (5) Domed Mirror; (6) Source Console; (7) Witch’s Broom; (8) Senegalese Storage Basket; (9) Spider Web Placemat; (10) Mercury Glass Decorative Bowl


(1) Ceramic Owl; (2) Copenhagen Chandelier; (3) Amana Brass Candleholders; (4) Bungalow Mirror; (5) Leo Foyer Table; (6) Rope Bin Collection – Orange; (7) La Belle Gold Table Vase; (8) Harvest Pumpkin Serving Bowl; (9) Sun Bleached Cardoon Wreath (10) Antique Grape Lug


Which fall-inspired look do you like best?


Happy Fall, Michael Wurm, Jr. Inspired by Charm

30 Responses to “ Trick or Treat: Two Fall Inspired Entryways ”

  1. Hi Michael! I love both looks, but look number two is my style. I love the wood, owl, and wicker. These are perfect looks for fall.

  2. I love the first “Trick” group. Great choices.

  3. I am leaning toward the first…classic, pretty Halloween. So fun!

  4. Treat group all the way….Bungalow Mirror my favorite!

  5. Love the witch broom in the first one! :)

  6. Treat is my style all the way. Love it. I need the orange robe bin.

  7. Love them both, but the 2nd one is really fun because I am OBSESSED with owls right now! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Hey there, Michael! Great to see you over here. :-)

    I’m not sure I could pick — love ‘em both and would honestly probably combine elements of both to find my own unique blend. However, the textures in #2 just really do it for me. Love it!

  9. Love it!! Tough to decide, but i’m picking Trick!

  10. I like them both, but I know I’d be happiest with Treat. I really love the warmer colors and the textures. :)

  11. Hi Michael — congrats on becoming a BHG StyleSpotter, fabulous!

    I love both of your entryway collections. I’ve been trying to figure out how to integrate purple into our upstairs and just love your pairings in example 1. Our downstairs palette matches the warmer towns in example 2, what great ideas.

    You’ve really inspired me! Instead of changing everything in my rooms, I can just add a few things here and there to re-work the colors.

    I hope to see more of your ideas in the future!
    Renee :-)

  12. Treat would be my style.

  13. Really love both looks but treat is more my style. So enjoy keeping up with you and your new experiences. I love to see someone able to do what they so love to do. You are quite an inspiration to all of your fans!

  14. Will take them both :-)

  15. Absolutely love the second one – great style, Michael.


  16. I’m definitely leaning towards the first one, the ‘trick.’ I love both and would be happy with either, but the mercury bowl is absolutely gorgeous!

    I’m working on creating an inviting yet functional entry in my home. I now have some interesting ideas to play around with. Thank you!

  17. Love both! Would probably go more towards Treat simply because it’s more Fall and less Halloween. If I had the time though, I would try to do both looks during the season. Love reading your blogs…

  18. I’m really loving gold lately, but I think I like the ‘trick’ better. Love the mercury glass bowl and purple vases!

  19. Love the mirror and table…treat!

  20. Michael!
    Once again-I luvvvvvv it!! love both looks! would love to do treat up until about week before the goblins come out then switch to treat! I too am so addicted to all things owl lately! I have been greatly inspired by you and have started added little things here and there in my home that have added immensley to my happiness! thank-you – I will be stealing some more of these ideas too!!

  21. Michael! You seriously have the best taste! Hard to pick but I think if I had to chose its the second one. Love the warm rich colors of fall. I tend to go more for the cozy comforts. Congrats on all your exciting ventures!

  22. Love the golds in the second look for fall! However, I seriously need that broom!

  23. Michael,like them both but love the colors of fall in Treat the best.Trick is very fun..esp.with kids:))

  24. Treat please!! BUT could I also have the purple vases and basket from the Trick collection?

    I don’t know how you do it, Michael, but both collections are winners! I look forward to seeing you here more often.

  25. i’m picking treat! i love the wreath and that pretty gold vase!

  26. I am a fan of the warm colors in the Treat board!

  27. I really like both and have a hard time choosing. I absolutely love mercury glass so I want the bowl!

  28. Love them both! Just fabulous! If I have to pick I’m going for Trick!!!

  29. Love it all! Especially loving the purple vases!!

  30. I totally love your style ideas. My preference is treat. Hope to see you here again and again.

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