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organize this: garage gear!

The garage is required to be a very functional and multi-purpose space.  A place to park your cars, to store your holiday decor, to build and to garden; effective storage solutions not only corral and contain the abundance of garage gear, but can also help to create dedicated work zones.


Storage in the kitchen can be tight, so the garage is typically a smart choice for creating a system for recycling.  Plastic bins are easy to clean and stackable options save on valuable floor space.


Whether it is bins of seasonal decor, home improvement and paint supplies or everyday gear, items being stored in the garage can become quite heavy.  Selecting steel options or building solid wood shelving, removes items from the floor and keeps them safe from outdoor elements.


Magnetic strips provide the perfect solution for convenient grab and go tool storage.  They keep the tools off of the workbench and make it simple to quickly return the item when it is no longer being used.


Automotive care often takes place within the garage, therefore, creating a handy caddy with all of the vehicle’s cleaning and maintenance supplies, makes it easy peasy to give the car frequent washes and tune ups.


Pegboard is a really versatile and inexpensive option for storage in the garage.  It offers the option of mixing and matching hooks, bins and organizers for customized tool storage.


Lawn and garden maintenance often times is partnered with planters, gloves, seeds, soil, fertilizer and tools.  By creating a specific planting area within the garage, it offers a workspace to plant and a place to tuck away the plethora of garden tools when not in use.


Although the garage is a fantastic place to work on home improvement and do-it-yourself projects, there are many times when work needs to be completed within the home itself.  A good toolbox is helpful in transporting frequently used tools between the garage and inside the abode, or to help out a neighbor in a jiff.


Yard tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes, therefore, custom garden rack systems are a great solution for creating customized hanging options and for extending the life of the equipment by keeping it up off of the floor.


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  1. I am so excited to be buying a house… a nice large garage to organize!!

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