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September 2012

Hi all,  Michael Wurm, Jr. of Inspired by Charm here! Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. I love the deep, rich, saturated colors, the hearty and flavorful foods, and the pleasantly reassuring smells of leaves, pumpkin, and spices. As the warm temperatures of summer fade and the frost covers the landscape, people quickly move inside.

(1) Glass Globe String Lights; (2) Gold Flatware; (3) Global Medallion Dinnerware; (4) Mercury Glass Candlesticks; (5) Shadow Plaid Throw; (6) Triangle Lattice Throw; (7) Oar Server; (8) Gather Tote; (9) Yard Dice; (10) Fresh Pumpkin Crate; (11) Sumner Dining Table; (12) Who’s Wine Glasses 


This year, instead of escaping from the outdoors, I’m encouraging you to embrace it! Grab some pumpkins, your dining room table, and a couple throws. Then call your friends and invite them over for a Fall Garden Party. I’ve pulled together some of my favorite fall-inspired table elements to make your dinner magical and unforgettable! Where are the chairs you might ask? Grab a few bales of straw, cover them with a blanket or rug, and you’ll have all the seating you need. Plus, after the party, you can use them to decorate your house for the season. I even dug through the BHG recipe archives to plan a delicious, simple, and hardy menu your guests will love. With the planning finished, it’s time to party!


(1) Peppered Herb Cheese Ball; (2) Mini Party Quiches; (3) Chicken and White Bean Stew; (4) Garden Salad with Balsamic Dressing and Herb Feta; (5) Maple Pumpkin Creme Brûlée; (6) Crumb-Topped Apple Slab Pie


Happy Fall, Y’all! I’ll be patiently waiting for my invitation to your Fall Garden Party.

Michael Wurm, Jr. Inspired by Charm


There is no doubt that toys seem to multiply in the night.  And it is often times most convenient to store all of those goodies within the commonly used areas of the home, such as the bedroom, playroom, living room and even within the home office.

So how does one keep a little bit of order mixed with some style, when it comes to stashing kid’s gear?  Here are a few of my favorite ways to store children’s belongings in both convenient and pretty ways.

Any furniture that does double duty storage is a win in my book.  Benches not only add cozy seating to a space, they also bring in storage for stuffed animals, toys and books.


Bedrooms aren’t typically known for their abundance of storage and space, so when you add toys to a place where sleeping and getting dressed often take priority, it may require a little creative thinking.  Utilizing the space under the bed by adding drawers on casters, is a smart way to gain oodles of space saving storage and keeps toys concealed when it is time to get some zzz’s.


Storage on wheels is a really smart way to corral toys, as kids have no trouble pulling the bins out for playtime, and they easily roll back to where they belong when it is time to pick up.  Bonus points for adding a decorative label and even more extra credit for adding a photo of the toy when your little one is unable to read.


Shoe pocket organizers are a simple solution for smaller items and accessories and also for those one off toys that don’t belong to part of a larger set.


It is always great to encourage kids to craft and create, but it is not so much fun when crayons end up on hallway walls and smiley faces are painted on computer monitors.  Keep items that are extra messy, tucked behind cabinet doors that lock to ensure that paints and clays are only used during supervised art time.


Open shelving with toys concealed in decorative bins offer easy access for both play and cleanup and is a versatile enough option to be functional in any space of the home.


Toy chests have been around for decades because they work!  Because of their height and size, they are the perfect solution for youngsters to easily reach in and grab their favorite play things.  They also make pick up time a breeze and their lids neatly tuck things away.


Square cubbies are another long time favorite way to store children’s belongings, since you can mix and match a variety of bins and baskets with the ability to also store larger awkward shaped toys and stacks of books for story time.


There are many mix and match storage options available on the market, that allow you to customize storage to your exact needs.  Combining different sized pieces allow for versatility based on toy and bin sizes, and the ability to add doors allows you to decide what you would like on display and what you would like kept concealed.


With time, our little ones eventually grow out of playing with toys, so it is smart to remember that when planning and implementing your storage systems.  Bookcases, cabinets, drawers, benches, armoires and cubbies are all common pieces of furniture that can be used to store other items down the line, so they make great investment pieces.


{ 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 }

Fall is in the air, and the change in seasons is such a lift.  Here is a warm room inspired by Mr. Ron Burgundy of Anchorman that feels like fall to me.  First, a glimpse of his apartment (source here):

Ron Burgundy's living room

And an inspired nursery look here (for a cozy man cave or living room, just take out the crib, and add a manly leather couch):anchorman baby room ideas

Sources, from top left: (1) Stay Classy needlepoint; (2) Amber Pendant; (3) Point Loma Surf; (4) Triangle Poster; (5) San Francisco Trees; (6) San Diego Pine; (7) Black & White Painting; (8) Brass Seagulls; (9) Arc Lamp; (10) Mustard Ikat Pillows; (11) Cigar Baby Announcements; (12) Leather Bound Books; (13) Kudos Crib; (14) Perspecta Dresser; (15) Hobnail Jar; (16) Mustard Chair; (17) Charcoal Rug; (18) Poodle Pouf; (19) Martini Side Table

Hope you enjoy!  ~Joni, Lay Baby Lay 

Being an editor for the kitchen and bath group here at BHG, I’ve found it’s impossible for me to pick just one style. I adore sleek modern fixtures, but I love the cozy feel of warm, worn woods, and then there’s the glamour of marble…

So many options.

Luckily, I think I’m one step closer to finding the ideal bath—and it includes all those things! Part environmental awareness and part design trend, we’re seeing more designers incorporating salvaged and reclaimed woods into every style, from traditional to contemporary. The success is in the mix of materials.

This traditional bath plays heavily on the rustic vibe with many natural elements: large, warm wood frames, concrete vanity countertop and pebble flooring. The square vessel sinks and wall mount faucets add an unexpected contemporary twist.


Weathered grey finishes set the subtle palette for this transitional bath. A classic marble brick floor complements the wooden vanity and mirror frame, while the hardworking look of an industrial light fixture balances a more whimsical window treatment. The rounded vessel sink pairs with an angular faucet to marry the modern and traditional styles.

Rough-hewn woods have a place in contemporary baths, too. A thick-cut vanity top keeps this bath from feeling too cold. In an otherwise black-and-white space, the wood’s natural colorways and grooves create a dramatic accent to the stone floors and textured wall tiles. Topping the piece with minimalist sinks, faucets, and mirrors keep the room steeped in modern style.


We’re calling it refined, or redefined, rustic. I’m calling it perfect. Well, until I change my mind again.

-Kristina McGuirk, Kitchen and Bath Ideas


Hi all,  Michael Wurm, Jr. of Inspired by Charm here! In a little over a month, ghosts, goblins, and ghouls will come knocking and asking for goodies. These two fall-inspired front entryway looks will have your home all decked out for the holiday. Decorating staples such as a chandelier and a console table are perfect for any season. Decorative accessories, including a bowl for candy, can be easily swapped out seasonally or dressed up to fit the occasion. Whether it be for a trick or a treat, you can bet all the neighbors will be trying to sneak a peek at your fabulous decor while the children fill their bags with candy. Let’s decorate!

(1) Glass Vase 15″- Purple; (2) Glass Vase 13″ – Purple; (3) Parsons Mirrored Chandelier; (4) Spider Witch Hat; (5) Domed Mirror; (6) Source Console; (7) Witch’s Broom; (8) Senegalese Storage Basket; (9) Spider Web Placemat; (10) Mercury Glass Decorative Bowl


(1) Ceramic Owl; (2) Copenhagen Chandelier; (3) Amana Brass Candleholders; (4) Bungalow Mirror; (5) Leo Foyer Table; (6) Rope Bin Collection – Orange; (7) La Belle Gold Table Vase; (8) Harvest Pumpkin Serving Bowl; (9) Sun Bleached Cardoon Wreath (10) Antique Grape Lug


Which fall-inspired look do you like best?


Happy Fall, Michael Wurm, Jr. Inspired by Charm

Hello color!  This next palette, inspired by this fashion blogger, is colorful, bold and quite daring.  She took a risk with her fabulous silk pants and it paid off by creating a classic yet modern ensemble.  If used correctly, these colors will create the same affect in a space.  When first glancing at the different shades of blues, it’s hard to imagine them working cohesively together.  Picture the dark, strong blue on a wall with the lighter blues being used in fabrics and accessories.  Also picture the yellow and orange in an art piece hung on the blue wall.  Pure color heaven!  So if you’re up for more bold colors in your home (which believe me, this isn’t for everyone) have fun and be creative.  Here’s the look:

Color Inspiration: Jacket.
On the walls:  Hague Blue (No.30) is moody and wonderful.  If that’s too dark for your taste, try Wimborne White (No. 239).

Color Inspiration:  Shirt.
Use Pitch Blue (No. 220) for a large upholstered piece or window treatments.

Color Inspiration: Flowers in pants.
Babouche (No. 223) and Charlotte’s Locks (No. 268) are both great color to introduce in fabrics and art.  The easiest way to introduce these colors is in pillows.

Color Inspiration:  Flowers in pants.
Try using Stone Blue (No. 86) candles, art and even wooden furniture.

Color Inspiration:  Bonus.
Pitch Black (No. 256) is a great staple color to have in a room full of color.

Photo via Refinery 29.  Paints via Farrow & Ball.

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