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August 2012

As an author, stylist, and co-owner of M&B VINTAGE, Barri Leiner Grant is a lover of all things antique. We recently had a chat with Barri about her eclectic style and what makes her happiest. See what she had to say:


Day job:  Author, Stylist, co-owner M&B VINTAGE


How would you describe your personal style? Punky Brewster


Style is: Making it memorable


Style advice: More is more


Can’t live without: My girls


What inspires you most? The little things


If you could only shop in one store, what would it be? Randolph Street Antiques Market


Favorite recent find:  A 70s silk screen in pink and green


Your soundtrack is: Emma Jayne with some Ari Hest on the side


Best way to spend $100: Flea market finds or vintage books


Best way to spend $50: Champagne or Proseco


Pet peeve: Mediocrity


Every home/garden/kitchen/closet should have:  A soul


Coffee or tea? Coffee


Life wouldn’t be as much fun without: My girls


I’m happiest when: I’m in the same state as my family.


Rule that should be broken:  All of them.


I start my day with: @ag


I end my day with: @ag


Secret passion: Candy apples!


Hidden talent: Excellent at cartwheels


Favorite escape: Anywhere with Marie, my partner in crime


Any parting style advice or wisdom: Nate taught me to think about your “stuff” in different spaces and rooms. Shake it up every now and then- you will admire and see your things with a fresh eye. It really helped when I moved!


Loving Barri Leiner Grant’s vintage-inspired style? Read more about her in our September Stylemaker issue on sale now!

Mid-century modern furniture is such a style shape-shifter. It can go retro, modern, quirky, or classic; it’s all in the pairing. Even when paired up with other iconic pieces from the era, as in the breakfast nook above, updated surroundings can still bring it very much in line with today. You can get the same look with these items below, including a budget version of the table.

  1. Sea Life Dessert Plates
  2. Criss-Cross Saucer Lamp
  3. Tabla Hand-Embroidered Pillow
  4. Fiberglass Eiffel Arm Chair
  5. Saarinen Round Dining Table (or a lookalike)


– Nicole Balch, Making it Lovely

The McGrath family has style. The mother-daughter design team of Suzanne and Lauren McGrath balances their time between decorating chic homes through their interior design company, authoring a book about essentials for every home, and writing their blog, good bones, great pieces, about interior design. The talented duo took time to tell us all about their favorite shops and the things they love. Read their responses below!


How would you describe your personal style? Feminine Eclectic. A very edited mix of vintage and retail, traditional and modern.


What inspires you most? Visiting the comfortable home of someone with great taste; the simple and the extravagant are equally inspiring to us.


Best/Favorite source for furniture? The Connecticut Antique dealers of Stamford, Connecticut.


If you could only shop in one store, what would it be? Moroni Gomma in Milan, Italy, or Privet House in Greenwich, Ct.


Favorite recent find: An original Billy Baldwin slipper chair.


Best way to spend $100:  Crisp white paper lampshade.


Best way to spend $50: Blow dry.


Every home should have: A demilune table; it’s the perfect shape to break up the monotony of too many same shape pieces in a home.


Coffee or tea? Tea, preferably Magic Moment blend by TWG.


Life wouldn’t be as much fun without: Each other!


I’m happiest when: Collaborating on a project with a client who trusts us enough to spread our wings and be really creative.


Rule that should be broken: The dresser can live in the dining room.


I start my day with: Seven minutes of stretching.


I end my day with:  Gratitude.


Hidden talent: Killer Italian Red Sauce taught by Grandma Lydia.


Favorite escape: Nantucket.


Any parting style advice or wisdom? Be nice.  You get more with sugar than with vinegar.


Read more about Suzanne and Lauren McGrath in our September Stylemaker issue on sale 8/21!

I covet gallery-style art displays–do you? They look so casual cool and say so much about a person. In my head, a woman with pretty botanical and floral prints on her wall is slightly traditional, feminine, maybe a little scientific, and definitely up on trends because nothing could be hotter right now.

Here are 10 sources for botanical and floral art I’ve been browsing (and loving) lately.

1: Flowers V by Helen Covensky
2: Leaves print by Leah Duncan
3: Going Where the Wind Blows by Budi Satria Kwan
4: Reindeer by Frances Ooi
5: Morning Frost Meadow By Anna Emilia Laitinen
6: Dandelion print by Double Merrick
7: Flowers for Gabriella by Lulie Wallace
8: Green Poppy Pods by LupenGrainne
9: Autumn Fern by unitedthread
10: Wild Fennel by Jean Lurssen

– Joanna Linberg, Associate Editor

We’re still beaming from a wonderful event at Story in New York City this week which celebrated the launch of our Seprember Stylemaker issue!


On Tuesday evening we welcomed local NYC bloggers and Stylemakers featured in the issue including Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan of Apartment Therapy, Suzanne McGrath of Good Bones Great Pieces, winner of HGTV’s Design Star Kim Myles, and BHG’s Executive Editor Oma Blaise Ford to discuss all things style.


The fabulous Stacy Kunstel moderated the Q&A, which led to many quotable moments and lots of interesting conversation.

Here are a few of our favorite Q&A moments:

  • BHG’s Oma Blaise Ford said blogging plays a huge role in finding different perspectives in style.
  • According to Suzanne McGrath, adding furniture with varied geometry works wonders and the easiest way to refresh a space is with paint and pillows.
  • Kim Myles says she made things that she couldn’t find in stores, and that living beautifully helps you live well. A sense of humor is essential.
  • Art is irreplaceable and you need to be willing to make mistakes when finding your style said Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan.

Did you join the #BHGStyle conversation? Share your favorite tip from our panelists in the comments below!

(Top right and bottom photos via Neila Deen / Apartment Therapy)


At the end of the night, attendees received a BHG Stylemaker tote filled with fun goodies. And did we mention the delicious Ice Cream Sandwich bar from CoolHaus? Their frosty treats we’re a huge hit!

Big thank you to all the fabulous bloggers that attended the event, and to our talented panel! We loved spending the evening with you, and hope you enjoyed yourselves! To learn more about this year’s Stylemakers, be sure to pick up an issue on newsstands next week!


-Liz Frantz, Better Homes and Gardens


Designer and author Amy Butler is known for her one-of-a-kind prints and smart style tips. We had a chance to talk to her about a few of her favorite things as well as what inspires her stunning designs. Read on for thoughts from Amy!


Day job:  I am a designer in the home and fashion fields—fabric, home decor, sewing patterns, lifestyle and how-to books, stationery and craft products.


How would you describe your personal style? A fresh, modern take on vintage style. Sometimes romantic, always warm and always personal.


Style means: Being who you are and loving your life from a rich perspective, which is your own unique point of view.


Style advice: Dress yourself and your home from your heart.


Can’t live without: My iPhone & my cats.


What inspires you most? Witnessing love and passion in others.


If you could only shop in one store, what would it be? Anthropologie.


Favorite recent find: Geodes and quartz crystals from Illinois and Missouri.


Your soundtrack is: My own mix of alternative, soul, rock and dance music.


Best way to spend $100: At the farmer’s market.


Best way to spend $50:  iTunes.


Every home/garden/kitchen/closet should have: Your favorite colors represented.


Coffee or tea? Coffee—dark and lovely.


Life wouldn’t be as much fun without: My husband and friends.


I’m happiest when: I’m creating and relaxing with my friends.


Pet peeve:  None.


Rule that should be broken: I don’t have one in mind that I consciously am driven to break.


I start my day with: Meditation.


I end my day with: Journaling.


Secret passion: Reading historical fiction.


Hidden talent: I’m a great racquetball player.


Favorite escape: Lake Watauga, Tennessee.


Any parting style advice or wisdom? Be yourself fully in all things. Being who you really are is the greatest gift you can give the world.


Read more about Amy Butler in the September issue of Better Homes and Gardens on sale 8/21!

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