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Behind-the-Scenes with Stylemaker Kim Myles

Kim Myles is the 2007 winner of HGTV’s ‘Design Star’, host of the home makeover show ‘Myles of Style’ for three seasons, and host and designer on shows like ‘HGTV’d’ and ‘America’s Biggest Yard Sale’. We love her fabulous style and warm, up-beat personality. Kim answered a few of our style questions recently –read on for her answers!


Day job: Interior Decorator / TV Host
Personal style: Me: Lady-meets-Punk; Rooms: Modern/Eclectic with global seasonings.
Style is/Style means: Knowing who you are and what you love, and then wearing that on your sleeve with pride.
Can’t live without: My family and my sense of humor (they go hand-in-hand!).
What inspires you: New York City, fashion, travel and the sea.
Best way to spend $100: Enjoying a long evening of great food and cocktails with friends.
Best way to spend $50: Cool costume jewelry. Unique pieces are key since I wear so much black (you can take the girl out of New York….)
What’s your perfect white paint color?‘Decorator’s White’ by Benjamin Moore. It’s perfect in any light.
What’s the wall color you’ve always wanted to use but never have? Deep raspberry (in a delicious lacquer finish)! I just know it’ll be a triumph, but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet.
Favorite thing: My Kim Myles Design stenciled dining table. I’ve wanted an inlaid piece for years, and I’m thrilled to have created one DIY-style!
Favorite escape: Any peaceful beach with warm water, fine sand, cold drinks and my husband.
Secret passion: I’m a huge horror and sci-fi geek. (When the aliens finally come, I have a plan.)
Style advice/wisdom: Follow your heart, and don’t settle! A single piece that you love madly can become the inspiration for the home of your dreams.
If you could have anyone else decorate your house, who would it be? The late fashion designer Alexander McQueen. I’m a huge fan of his genius, and I think that he’d have come up with something outrageous, whimsical and stunning. He was unafraid, and that’s always my goal.
What’s your favorite decorating trick? Painted wall panels. They can anchor a space, lend architectural interest, and allow you to play with color (without the four-wall commitment).
What’s your favorite decorating trend? I love the renewed focus on re-purposing and up-cycling. Living gorgeously shouldn’t cost a fortune, and most of us already own so much stuff…re-invention just seems like a golden opportunity to have some fun.
What’s the one trend or common decorating move you’d be happy to see go away? That’s easy! Regency has been done to death, and it’s so blankly glam that it never gives me a sense of who a person truly is. Our homes should feel unique to us – leave the hotel lobby vibe to the hotels.
What’s your life credo/words you live by? Breathe. I’m very small in the scheme of the universe, so no need to panic.
What’s your favorite book? Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse. I’ve spent most of my life trying to find happiness through work and achievement, so the lesson of stillness, being present and doing less is one that I re-learn everyday.
Last book you’ve read: Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. I pick it up every five years or so, but this time (and given our current culture) I kept thinking ‘How did he know?!’.
TV show or movie you obsess about: Smash on NBC. I’m a (recovered) classically-trained actor, and while this show is a ridiculously nonsensical depiction of that world, I just can’t look away.


Are you a fan of Kim’s style? Read more about her in our September Stylemaker issue on sale now!

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