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Fresh Front Door Style

Hi everyone, Kelly Eagle here! As an editor for I get the chance to see beautiful homes and stunning design every single day, and when I go home at the end of the day, what do I do? Read design blogs and troll Pinterest looking for fabulous style. In either my day job or nightly search for inspiration, I’ve noticed a very colorful shift in how people decorate their homes.

Painting your front door to add color and personality to your home is nothing new, but the bold front door colors that have been popping up on the blogosphere and Pinterest are!

I love seeing a switch from the traditional deep red front door to more lively colors like lime green, orange, and even purple. At the moment, I even have a few bright yellow paint swatches taped to my front door!

To refresh your memory, here is the front door color we were used to seeing.

Now, look at these 5 front doors below.
I’m sure you’ll be inspired (like I was!) with these sassy color choices.

This traditional bungalow from gets a pop of lime green.

Bold orange door via Apartment Therapy

How great is this teal door? via In Between Laundry

Bright yellow front door via Young House Love

Or try this updated shade of red from

It’s easy to be intimidated by bright colors, but if you don’t like how your front door transformation turns out, you’re only another coat of paint away from a fix.


 - Kelly Eagle,

8 Responses to “ Fresh Front Door Style ”

  1. Would you, please, discuss painting the door? What about the edges of the door? This is especially frustrating because the inside of the door will be a different color, but we don’t know what to do with the edges ;-(

  2. I painted my front door bright orange two years ago, and I still love it! That lime green door on the bungalow in the post is great, too. I like the whole vibe there with the “hello” mailbox and huge address numbers, but I’m really interested the railing. I need to replace mine, and I really like theirs. Do you know anything about it? (PS-Bev, I didn’t paint the edges on my door because I thought they would stick. The inside of my door is cream colored to go with the entry.)

  3. What is the red paint color called?

  4. In response to the door painting question, the painter’s rule of thumb (as I was taught) is that the edges should be painted the color that the door swings into. In other words, if your door swings into your entry, whatever color your entry side is painted, that is what the edges should be painted. If for some reason your door swings outward, then you would paint the edges the same color as the outside surface.

  5. I love the contrasts you show in your various doors. They are all wonderful. I painted my front door a rusty orange color a few years ago and still love it. Several of my neighbors copied variations so now I think I am going to go with something new! Maybe the teal.

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