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organize this: bath supplies!

Bathrooms tend to be one of the smallest rooms in the home, therefore well thought out storage is a must to prevent cluttered counters and overflowing drawers.  Here are a couple of my favorite ways to maximize bathroom storage and stash those bath belongings in style.


Using vertical storage in a bathroom is crucial in maximizing small square footage.  Wall mounted shelves can add a place to set a glass of water and daily care essentials.


If you have a little more floor space, slender bookcases can provide ample towel and product storage, especially if a linen closet is nowhere to be found.


Another great way to go after that vertical space, is with wall pockets.  Storage typically designed for magazines is a great option for towels and toiletries.


Because not all bathroom products are “pretty”, tucking them away in woven baskets not only adds a nice texture to the space, but they also keep clutter at bay.


One of my favorite ways to add storage in the bathroom, is to shop the kitchen for vintage dishes and use leftover packaging that can be given a facelift with decorative papers.


Many storage solutions for smaller personal items, come in the form of suction cups typically intended for the shower, but they also work great on the wall or inside of a vanity!


Tiered storage is another great way to store up vs. out.  This allows you to stack pretty lotions and cosmetics and keep them on display.


Drawer dividers keep items from becoming a jumbled mess inside of the drawers.  They ensure you can quickly find what you need in the morning and also reduce over purchasing since everything is nice and visible.



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3 Responses to “ organize this: bath supplies! ”

  1. I’m all about recycling things and I love your ideas about covering containers with pretty paper to create storage.

  2. Jen, you did it again! Thanks for rounding up so many awesome organization ideas! I’m always amazed at how leftover containers can be transformed just with some pretty paper!

  3. Jen I love what you picked. You are the queen or organization. I can’t wait to add more vertical storage to my bathroom. We just had a vent put in today, we will repaint and then I’m adding chunky shelves above the toilet. ;)

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