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Four Houses Q&A: Alan Gonzalez

In TLC’s Four Houses, four homeowners compete to see who’s house is best based on style, originality, and livability. Each episode the contestant with the top score wins $10,000 and a chance to be featured in an upcoming issue of Better Homes and Gardens.


In the most recent episode of Four Houses, four Austin homeowners with radically different styles judged each others unique homes with Alan Gonzalez’s eclectic home coming out on top. We had a chance to talk to Alan about his home and the innovative decorating materials he used.


How would you describe your homes aesthetic?

The design was in accordance to a series of things. The reason it is what it is is because of what I was basically dealt.  That’s first and foremost. And then two because I wanted to experiment in the most gentrified neighborhood in Austin that’s in a prime location which is predominately Hispanic. So I as a Hispanic, somebody from Mexico City, I wanted to bring out the colors of Mexico which was why I painted the deck pink, Mexican pink, and then I used the red volcanic rock to match with the pink and then it also reminded me of my past from living in Mexico. And then basically I just took whatever I was dealt and I used color to hide the imperfections. I used materials, textures, to experiment with that and also to hide imperfections as well.


Which room do you spend the most time in?

Within my kitchen, living room, dining room area. Like my little island. I get home and I kick off my shoes or whatever, go into the refrigerator, make something to eat, get my mail off of the island and kind of read through stuff and I have my computer there. If I have guests I’m obviously not going to spend all of my time in my bedroom. So yeah, that’s the room where I spend most of my time in.


What makes the home uniquely you?

The fact that I’m experimenting and I’m trying things that I’ve never seen before. For example, the use of materials and the color schemes that I kind of went with are just natural, the exposed board and then pegboard on the ceiling and the soft pine on the floor of the living room that’s bleach white. So that contrast I would say is unique. And then, combining that with rich trim, marbles, and high-end fixtures I think give it that unique look and charm.


Do you have a favorite piece of furniture?

I love my barstools and I love my big fourteen foot couch. I’ve got a wood-leather chair that I really like as well, it’s very comfortable. And a daybed that got broken during the show.


Aside from your own home, which house would you live in?

To me location is very important. For that reason I would choose Talbot’s but I would have to do a lot of work in his house. I liked Sallie’s house. I like the living room space and the kitchen and dining room. I would probably choose to live in that house if that was in a better location.


What do you plan to do with the winnings?

Right now I was talking about helping out my cousin that’s been helping me out with the restaurant and I plan on giving part of it to them and the rest of it being put back in the house to add things and fix things.



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