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DIYify: Open Pantry Storage

Do you have an open pantry? Sometimes clutter can take over and then you can’t ever find anything you’re looking for. It’s a sad day, but this sweet little organized pantry has inspired me! It’s open, organized, and lovely to look at. Would you like your pantry to look like this? Oh man, me too. So to get us all started, I’ve gathered up some links and goodies to create your own pretty open pantry. Just like the photo above.

Plus, I made some free label tags for you to print out. I’ve added wording to some of them, but there are also blank labels to print. You’ll find the link below.


1. A free printable, from me. Labeled tags, blank tags. 2. Screw Eye Hook, Amazon 3. Glitter Twine, Knot & Bow 4. Chrome Cabinet Shelf, Storables  5. Glass Canisters, The Container Store  6. Large Bamboo Crate, Storables  7. Kerr Wide Mouth Mason Jars, Amazon


- Chelsey, The Paper Mama

6 Responses to “ DIYify: Open Pantry Storage ”

  1. Thsnks so much for the tips…and your printable lables are adorable!! Time to get organizing!

  2. This is exactly what I’m thinking, organizing candies, cookies, spices and pastas from bottles. That’s why I laugh to those products featured on Home TV shopping channels because you an still organize without shedding a single cent.

  3. These are gorgeous. I can’t stop looking at them! Could you tell me what fonts you used?

  4. Of course, they are my favorite fonts: Ostrich Sans and Learning Curve Pro.

  5. Thanks for sharing
    Sylwia from Poland :)

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