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Get the Look: Yellow Etageres

Yellow Etageres

These yellow bookshelves, or etageres if you want to be fancy, look beautiful. They also look expensive. They don’t have to be though! I have a feeling I know what the secret is to them…

Yellow Bookshelves / Etageres

Yellow spray paint would absolutely transform those inexpensive IKEA shelves into things of beauty (not that they’re bad in their current state). Add some shiny decorative spheres, stacks of National Geographic magazines and colorful books, plus a sweet little garden stool, and you’re well on your way.


  1. Stainless Steel Balls
  2. National Geographic Magazines
  3. Decorative Books by the Foot
  4. Vittsjö Wide Shelving Unit
  5. Vittsjö Narrow Shelving Unit
  6. Krylon Sun Yellow Spray Paint
  7. Green Porcelain Garden Stool


— Nicole Balch, Making it Lovely

29 Responses to “ Get the Look: Yellow Etageres ”

  1. Does anyone know how they dealt with the missing support column in the centre of the wide shelving unit?

  2. These are actually room and board shelves, I think. Unfortunately I don’t think the Ikea shelf is doable without the middle support column.

  3. with respect to the Middle Support on the Ikea Shelf: I personally think it is REALLY LAME that they show that this is something to be done with an Ikea shelf… but in reality & in the photo BH&G and the blogger used a significantly more expensive Room & Board shelving unit. (What does it cost? Somewhere around $600 for that Room & Board shelving without the middle support.) Either show the before / after authentically — or — in the How To in the post, state what needs to be used to recreate what is in the photo. This is a huge turn off.

  4. @ WB – it’s “get the look” which translates to “here is an approximation of this expensive piece for a fraction of the price”. The picture is not intended and was never presented as the final product you will end up with after spraypainting the IKEA piece. Get the Look is a pretty common theme among decor blogs and it always means the same thing, do you not read many? :(

  5. WHOA what is going on with the comment formatting? O__O

  6. hello worldl, i am new herer

  7. I agree with WB. Lame. It its get the look then it should be possible without a huge increase in price to recreate. And Christina yes I do read other blogs.

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