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organize this: shoes!

Shoe storage seems to be something we all need to think about, whether we are blessed with a large mudroom or lack an entry all together.  Then, throw a few kids into the mix, and shoes could be multiplying by the second.

Of course, the first step to organizing shoes, is to constantly assess the situation and only keep the shoes that are worn frequently, fit and are in good condition.  One pair in, one pair out should be the shoe motto as that will ensure that once proper storage is in place, it should be able to stick around for the long haul.

Here are few shoe storage ideas that I personally adore.

You can never go wrong with storage designed specifically for shoes.  Simple and inexpensive pieces can be purchased and paired together to create the ultimate mix of function based on individual needs.


Bookcases have to be one of my most favorite solutions for shoes.  They are slim enough to fit in the smallest of spaces, yet offer vertical storage so a single shelf could be given to each member of the family.  And most bookcases offer the ability to adjust the shelf height which makes this option quite versatile.  Smaller units can house bins and buckets to corral a few pairs in an itty bitty space.


We personally opted to go for a slim shoe cabinet, made especially for keeping shoes neat and tidy.  We lack space in our entry, so this was the perfect solution for gaining oodles of concealed storage while also having it blend in seamlessly with the entry and adjoining living area.


{blue closet source}

If you have a closet with a door near the entryway, in a mudroom or in a bedroom, over the door solutions really allow you to maximize the closet storage and keep the shoe eye clutter at bay.


Benches that double as shoe storage are always a really great solution since they are so multifunctional.  Not only do they provide seating and give you a place to put on your footwear, they also typically provide ample storage and come in a variety of store bought and DIY options.  Bonus points for popping on some casters and a soft upholstered cushion.


Rattan baskets work really well for shoes, especially flip-flops, since they are easy to clean and blend with almost any decor.  Baskets can be placed on shelves, in cubbies, on the floor or even hung on the wall.


Storage boxes are a really great solution for taking care of your shoe investments.  By keeping shoes in individual boxes, the life of the shoe is extended and the shoes are protected.  It also allows for easy stacking if shelving space is limited.


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6 Responses to “ organize this: shoes! ”

  1. But what about larger shoe sizes? Like mtly twenty boys wear 13 – 15.

  2. I love the bench with the hidden storage underneath! Where can I find that?? I just started an attempt at a small-scale organizing series and would love to have a great bench like that for my entryway area : )

  3. Please check out my invention, called the ShoeSwirl. It has wide storage cubbies and storage on both sides.

  4. I recently purchased a BHG product for shoe storage at Walmart. It was a canvas-type sectional on a metal frame, floor model standing about 2 ft. high with 16 shoe pockets. I was unable to put it together. Directions were clear, but the canvas pocket piece was just too small/tight to fit the frame. Struggle with it for over an hour, then returned it to the store. The customer service gal said even their technician could not assemble one! What a shame. Liked the looks of it, but it just would not go together. Have not seen the product on any on-line shoe storage websites. Good thing. It’s very poor quality for a BHG product.

  5. those are some great ideas Jen, now how would or where would I get item #6? thank you

  6. Let’s face it: even though you may already have too many shoes, this fact simply won’t stop you from buying more. You can visit

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