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July 2012

Cheery Pink and Green Bathroom

I have a lot of “dream” bathrooms, but this one is actually a pretty attainable one! Start with a basic white bathroom, add some fantastic modern toile wallpaper, some cheery pink and green accents, and you have something pretty special.

Below are some items that can help you get the look.

  1. striped towel
  2. colorful towels
  3. braided laundry basket
  4. windsor chair (painted green)
  5. London toile wallpaper (look at the closeup shots — very cheeky!)
  6. striped bath rug

— Nicole Balch, Making it Lovely


As the editor of BHG’s monthly Color feature, I read dozens, if not hundreds, of paint color names each month. And I’ve always wanted to name my own. I mean, Painted Turtle, Llama Brown, Briquette, and Tinsel? I love it.


These are all names by PPG, who’s sponsoring a promotion where you can submit names for new paint colors each day.


These are today’s colors:

Go here to name them!

–Joanna Linberg, Better Homes and Gardens


Did you catch the premiere of TLC’s Four Houses? This new competition series follows four homeowners who are invited to preview, critique and score each other’s homes for the chance to win $10,000 and an opportunity to be featured in Better Homes and Gardens! We we’re lucky enough to chat with episode 1 winner Mishka Kluk, who answered our questions about her beautiful home.


How would you describe your design aesthetic?

We came from Europe and used to travel a lot during our teenage years, all over Europe and I guess we brought things from there. We love America but it has nothing to do with our style, especially on the real estate market, so we decided to create something completely different than what you see over here. It’s very natural, organic, and rustic.


What room in your home do you spend the most time in?

Our master bedroom is probably the most significant. It’s one large space with a handmade copper bathtub in the middle of it. We designed it,  and then my husband made it. It’s a beautiful piece, like a piece of art, and so we decided to keep it open to keep it visible. Why should we cover something that is so beautiful?


What makes your home uniquely you?

I love nature. I love organic materials. I hate shingles, siding, and everything that is ninety nine percent of what you see outside when you drive through a residential area. I like unique stuff. I like different, but natural and simple things that comes from the ground, from the soil, from outside. It makes me feel comfortable.


Do you have a favorite piece of furniture in your home?

I have many of them. Probably the first piece of furniture that we created about twenty years ago, the table in the kitchen that’s composed of wood and old copper that turned green and pieces of green marble with handmade rivets.


Of the remaining homes, are there any that you would live in?

Ricky’s home was very interesting. Yes, it is kind of psychedelic, it looks like a set from a movie, but it had so many things inside that I found interesting. This guy is traveling the world and brings back interesting pieces of art, brings something that brings him motivation to do his own art. I knew automatically when I went there that he had to be an artist and that most of the artwork was his.


What will you be doing with the prize money?

My son is an American born, all-American boy, but he’s also very artistic and he helped build this house. We told him about what we believe in but it’s hard to believe in something when you don’t see. So I said, “Listen Sam, if we’re going to win this money I’m going to take you on a trip to Europe and we’re going to spend some time over there. We’re going to go to southern France, we’re going to go to Spain, we’re going to go to Italy and I’m going to show you how the real architecture looks, not something that’s just an imitation.” I want him to see how they were building hundreds of years ago, I wanted him to see castles.


For a clip from next week’s episode, view the video below—and be sure to tune in Mondays at 10/9c on TLC!


Whether you love to whip up a big meal or avoid the kitchen like the plague, there is no denying the amount of “gadgets” that come with cooking and baking.  Storing them can always be a bit of a challenge, since they come in many shapes, sizes and functions.  Of course, the first step to any organizing project is to assess the need for the item {gadget} and pair down what you can before investing in storage.  It’s amazing how many kitchen items a single knife can replace.


Using wooden crates, decorative jars and canisters is a great way to corral items such as cookie cutters, baking supplies and even could hold hand mixers and whisks.


I am so smitten with this DIY utensil holder, which is basically a strip of painted wood and some plumbing pipe clamps attached to the back of a door or directly to a wall.  Using wall and door space saves on valuable drawer real estate.


Another space saving solution is to use an over the door pocket organizer, which is typically intended for shoes, however there is no denying that it is also perfect for anything and everything kitchen.  From straws to spatulas, these door pockets pack a lot of storage punch.

Using hooks combined with pegboard or a simple towel bar, provides instant kitchen storage for just about anything kitchen gadget related.  Once again, utilizing vertical space and keeping everything right in arms reach.


If you have the drawer space, my personal favorite way to manage those kitchen gadgets is with mix and match drawer organizers.  They ensure that you don’t exceed your storage capacity and keep items nice and divided so it’s simple enough to open the drawer, grab what you need and focus on the cooking and baking.


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Happy Fourth of July!  Today’s inspiration is a bit of a throwback, but I thought it was a fitting classic for today’s holiday.  Here is a little Indiana Jones nursery:

indiana jones baby room ideas(1) Indiana Jones Portrait; (2) Luna Pendant Light; (3) Indy Profile; (4) Indy’s Hat; (5) Vintage map of Asia; (6) Indy’s Whip; (7) Photo of Egypt; (8) Pyramid Photo; (9) Last Crusade Poster; (10) Indiana Jones Vinyl Album; (11) Crib; (12) Kudu Lamp; (13) Vintage Books; (14) Sari Pillows; (15) Oak Dresser; (16) Escape from Atens Tomb; (17) Adana Shaggy Rug; (18) Explosives Crate; (19) Gordon Tufted Chair 

~Joni, Lay Baby Lay

Some of the most show stopping fashion moments include bright and bold color.  When it comes to interior design, color can be intimidating and overwhelming.  The easiest way to introduce color in your space is against a neutral backdrop.  Inspired by this Agnes B ensemble, here is a gorgeous color palette to spice up your space.

On the walls: Pure White 7005 is clean and neutral option.

Color Inspiration:  Top.
For an accent wall or inside shelving, go black with Black of Night 6993.

Color Inspiration: Flowers in skirt.
For an upholstered piece such as a chair, try a pretty pink like Priscilla 6575.

Color Inspiration: Flowers in skirt.
Create modern art by painting it in Blue Nile 6776.

Color Inspiration: Shoes.
Throw-pillows and ceramics in a version of this Energetic Orange 6880 would be striking.

Bonus Color Inspiration: Skirt.
Pickle 6725 would be another great color for accessories  and Grey Clouds 7658 would be an option for a wall color.

(All Paints: Sherwin Williams)

Runway Photo:  Agnes B Collection from ELLE.

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