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July 2012

Let’s face it, with technology these days, there is no good way to avoid the issue of cords.  From phones to iPads to cameras and video game controllers, it seems that everything comes with a cord to wrangle and manage.


One of my favorite ways to manage all of the cords is by taking a standard media box, adding a few DIY cardboard dividers and popping it in a local area of the home.

However, there are SO many other great and versatile ways to get your cord organizing on.


Like DIY’ing a charging station out of a shadow box.  Just add some solid decorative paper with slots for the cords and you have yourself a handy little charging station!


Shoe pocket organizers are great for organizing just about anything, and charger cords are no exception.  Just pop the individual cords in separate pockets and they will never get lost or tangled again!


A drawer in a common area, lined with pretty paper, makes the perfect location for managing all of those portable devices.


Simple zipper baggies are an inexpensive and smart way to keep cords from getting tangled together.  Just zip and toss into a pretty basket or drawer!


Another great way to keep cords under control is to wrap them around a piece of cardboard.


Getting creative with items around the home can give great cord control.  Simple zip ties with DIY labels are a inexpensive and easy solution for cords big and small.



You can never go wrong with a charging station.  They really do a great job of hiding all of the eye clutter that comes from cords, and makes it simple to always charge and go!

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We saw Moonrise Kingdom over the weekend, and it was wonderful – a quirky, sweet story with details worth pondering.  I couldn’t help but fall in love with the cozy house at Summer’s End on New Penzance Island, and I only wish they had panned a little slower through all the rooms at the beginning so I could have absorbed more of it.  And how amazing were the scout tents?  I wouldn’t mind having one of those myself for little backyard retreats.  I won’t even get into the fantastic wardrobe used in the movie – there is just too much to mention!  Below are a few movie stills (doesn’t the top left photo look like a Norman Rockwell painting? found here).

moonrise kingdom inspiration

Here is my attempt at recreating the feel of the house into a nursery.  I think the mural in that downstairs room is divine, so I went with wallpaper for the backdrop:

moonrise kingdom baby room ideas

Sources, starting at top left: (1) Vintage Chandelier; (2) Vintage Scout Troop; (3) Sweet Needlepoint; (4) Scouting Songbook; (5) Paint by Number Landscape; (6) Scouting Medal; (7) Paint by Number Seascape; (8) Sailboat painting; (9) Brass Sailboat; (10) Scouts Save the Day; (11) Arrows; (12) Order of the Arrow Patch; (13) Sparrow Crib; (14) Red Metal Lamp; (15) Feather Dress; (16) “Coonskin” Cap for a Baby; (17) Dixie Dresser; (18) Plaid chair cover; (19) Oceana Wallpaper; (20) Braided Rug; (21) Record Player Cabinet; (22) Teepee; (23) Preppy Crib Sheet; (24) Magical Thinking Curtains; (25) Plaid fabric for Pillows

If you find the wallpaper intimidating, or a bit out of price range, this collection would look charming on a neutral (like Benjamin Moore’s Linen White) with a bolder choice for the curtains – something similar to the nautical showstoppers behind Suzy’s window seat above.

~Joni, Lay Baby Lay

When picking out an outfit, most people stick to what is comfortable to them. Some prefer the classic black. Some are a little more bold and loving mixing colors. Some feel that a neutral palette suites them best. When designing a space in your home, who says you have to stick to one palette? Mix the classic black, bold colors and neutrals for a stylish and modern space.  This 3.1 Phillip Lim ensemble creates a palette that is all of this and more.  Here’s the look:

Color Inspiration: Sweatshirt and shoes.
On the walls: Lazy Grey is a great classic grey.  Extra White is a go-to white for all of your walls

Color Inspiration:  Sunglasses.
For an accent wall or inside shelving, go soft with Blushing.

Color Inspiration: Lips on sweatshirt.
Use this striking Gypsy Red in pillows and accessories.

Color Inspiration: Belt.
For an upholstered piece such as a sofa, Artisan Tan will allow you to accessorize with color.

Color Inspiration: Bonus (Pants and Clutch)
Use this Tricorn Black in ceramics, frames and accessories.
Obstinate Orange is great color for art and even upholstered pieces.

(All Paints: Sherwin Williams)

Runway Photo:  3.1 Phillip Lim via



In TLC’s new show Four Houses, four design-loving homeowners compete to see whose house is best in show. Competition heats up as contestants judge each other’s homes based on livability, originality, and personal style to win a $10,000 prize and a chance to be featured in an upcoming issue of Better Homes and Gardens!


In the second episode of Four Houses, beautiful homes in the Hamptons were featured with Monte Mathews coming out on top. We had the opportunity to chat with Monte about his gorgeous home and unique decorating style.


How would you describe your homes aesthetic?

It’s an autobiographical house, it really is all about us and where we’ve been, what we collect, where we travel. There are pieces from my own home growing up and as child and there are things that we’ve just picked up on the beach. It tells a story.


Which room do you spend the most time in?

Well actually, we spend a tremendous amount of time in the breakfast room. I love it. The light just streams in there, it’s a wonderful place. But really, we use the whole house. We have a very pretty living room and we do a lot of entertaining, so we really use the house and the outdoor space.


What makes the home uniquely you?

I think the use of color, we have a lot of color in this house. Once we had hit upon a color scheme, everywhere we went we would find objects that came from that place but that fit in here beautifully because of the coloration. If you do a house like this it makes all that kind of collecting that you do, if you’re a collector, if you’re a person who loves to travel and loves to bring things home that remind them of where they’ve been, it is much easier to do because you focus on, in our case, blues and greens so that’s really what I think makes it unique.


Do you have a favorite piece of furniture?

I don’t think necessarily. We love our dining room table which is a big English oak table. We love our dining room chairs, they’re extremely comfortable. They came off a cruise ship. They were from a ship that was a Cunard ship called the Caronia that was the first ship built for cruising and they’re beautiful chairs. We collected them. They’re very comfortable. They’re all covered in ultra suede which I think is fantastic fabric to use, especially in a beach house.


Aside from your own home, which house would you live in?

Well, I really love the big shingle mansion that Anastasia lived in. I think it’s a very gracious house. As a matter of fact, when I saw it I thought, “holy cow, what am I doing here?” because hers is a very traditional Hamptons house in a very good location and I really did like it a lot.


What do you plan to do with the winnings?

I think it that we’ll continue to add to the house, and it’ll all go back into the house. Some of it not to purchase anything but just to maintain.


Get a sneak peek at next week’s episode in the clip below and tune into TLC  Mondays at 10/9c to catch the full episodes!

It’s time to get your beautiful jewelry out of those drawers! Organize them in beautiful containers for everyone to see. This is just what I did this past week. How many of you have lovely glass containers, candlesticks, and glassware lying around? Yeah, me too. Inspired to get my jewelry organized and looking beautiful, I gathered up some lovely glassware pieces to use for this project.

Most of my glassware was sort of short, and I wanted more height. Using some super strong glass adhesive, I glued a wine glass, bowl, and candlestick to the base of three display pieces. Wait 24 hours, and you have a lovely collection of jewelry displays!

I love them. My favorite part: the decanter for a bracelet holder. If you don’t have a collection of glassware, you can easily find these pieces at a thrift store, for cheap!

- Chelsey, The Paper Mama

I’ve been a Better Homes & Gardens junkie for a long time, but I’d never given much thought to the happy, smiling families that are shown in the homes that they photograph—until it happened to my family last summer.  A little over a year ago, a BH&G editor contacted me about the possibility of a feature after seeing pictures of our home someone had sent to her from my blog, Emily A. Clark: Design. Simplified.  (Yes, I did almost fall out of my chair.)



Once I caught my breath and regained my composure, the panic set in.  This would happen fast.  I had explained to the editor that we were actually in the process of moving.  Her words?  Don’t touch anything.  They scheduled a photographer and stylist to come within a couple of weeks.  That’s when the mental lists started.  Why hadn’t I painted that bedroom, touched up the coffee table, used a real seam instead of no-sew tape to hem my unraveling curtains, made an appointment to have my hair colored?  You know—the important stuff.  Oh, and then I remembered that we had three kids, ages 6, 5 and 2.  Based on past experience, the thought of trying to make them cooperate for a real photoshoot gave me hives.



The day of the shoot was a lot different than I expected.  Although I was a ball of nerves before the BH&G team arrived, I actually got to sit back and watch them work for most of the day.  Can I tell you how much fun it is to see a stylist carry in armfuls of fresh flowers and new accessories for your house?  It also reminded me that all of the worrying and rearranging I’d done before they came was all for nothing.  The story on our home would be geared toward summer, so they added bursts of color and orange accents throughout the rooms.






I thought it was interesting to watch them style my home for photos versus real life.  Although it still looked like “our” home, their slight changes made everything seem brighter and happier.  A few of our pillows that had seen better days got the boot, along with the faux cowhide rug in our bedroom.  They added a few, new colorful accessories to our bookshelves.  And, the dark leopard print on our kitchen chairs (great for hiding stains!) was reading too drab in photographs, so the stylist sent me on a mad dash to the local fabric store to find something more colorful.





Our strategy with the kids was to keep them entertained elsewhere until their “big moment.”  My husband brought them in for the family photos toward the end of the day.  Fortunately, the photographer was full of patience and actually like the “creative direction” given by my two-year-old, who decided to sit under the table for the shot in our breakfast room. Disaster averted.



Of course, a little ice cream bribery didn’t hurt, either. . .




And, the hardest part of having your home photographed for a national magazine?  Waiting a whole year to see it in print!  A lot has happened in the last twelve months since BH&G visited our home.  Not only did we move to a new house (which I’m in the process of decorating now), but our family has also grown by two with the birth of twins in May.  Even though the babies weren’t around for our big day last summer, you can bet they each have their own copy of the July issue.



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