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Perking Up a Room With Drop Cloth Curtains

Hi friends! Jenny Komenda here, from Little Green Notebook.

I remember years and years ago when I was shopping for my first pair of curtains from a retail store. I remember being sort of shocked at the price. Really, $150 per panel?! It had to be less expensive to make my own curtains. After doing some research, I realized, after buying the fabric I liked and all the necessary linings, I was close to $100 per panel in my costs! Curtains are just expensive.


One trick I’ve learned over the years is canvas drop cloths can make amazing curtain panels, especially if you have extra tall windows. The canvas fabric is heavy too, so if you’re trying to cut costs, you can likely get away with not lining these panels. Here is a link to my favorite drop cloth (just $22 for a 9×12!) though you can find all sorts of sizes at your local hardware store.

Leaving the drop cloth in it’s natural finish is a lovely look. They’re usually an oatmeal color with a linen-y texture. It’s easy and fun to jazz up the panels though, and luckily the web is full of great DIY ideas!

Stripes are the obvious choice! Just a little fabric paint and some painters tape. Wouldn’t these be cute in a kids room or as a shower curtain?

image via Dwellings by Devore

I also love these stripes!

image via The Yellow Cape Cod

These tone on tone stripes are subtle and gorgeous. I’m thinking of trying something similar in our new house.

image via Cottage and Vine

Or maybe try adding stripes to just the bottom of your panels?

image via Shanty 2 chic

Or try adding ribbon trim!

image via Chris loves Julia

Take a cue from these Anthropologie curtains and dip-dye the panels for an ombre effect.

image via Anthropolgie

Or if you like the ombre look, try stencils in tonal colors.

image via my hands made it

 Here’s another stenciling project. I love the ikat pattern.

image via Triangle Honeymoon

Geometric stencils also work really well.

image via Apartment Therapy

If you’re even more artistic, try a free-hand squiggle design with some fabric paint.

image via Design Crisis

Or maybe you don’t feel like getting too crafty? Why not try dying the whole panel a dark color? I love this moody black.

image via MerryPad

It looks similar to this image from BHG.

25 Responses to “ Perking Up a Room With Drop Cloth Curtains ”

  1. What a great roundup! I”m a huge fan of long and lean curtains and there are plenty of DIY choices to choose from! Love all the stripes and ribbon. :)

  2. Crap Jenny your timing is always spot on with this stuff. We just moved into a larger home and I have lots of windows to get to work on. My fave is the Ikat stamp or ribbon idea ;] Gracias woman

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my panels! I appreciate it! I love all the ones you featured… Too cute!

  4. Thanks for the friendly feature! You made some great selections – I love the whole group!

  5. Where did you get the rivets for hanging them? Not sure if rivets is the right word :)

    Love this idea!! I’m moving soon to a place with large windows and this is perfect!!! Thanks for the post.

  6. I love all of these ideas…it is amazing that they are so versatile. We used them to cover our pergola and add some more shade. The color was perfect and the price was right. And they add so much ambiance to the space!

  7. Stephanie, I think you mean grommets. You can either buy a grommet kit (make sure you buy one which has the diameter you want) or bring your drop cloth after hemming to a seamstress or even a sailmaker and ask them to do it for you. But it’s really not too difficult to DIY. We put small grommets/holes in the seats of our outdoor butterfly chair covers so that rain wouldn’t pool in the canvas seats. Google grommet kits or DIY grommet and you’ll see how easy it can be.

    Just another thought: if you plan to wash these during their life as curtains, you might want to pre-wash and dry them before you do any hemming, dying, painting, etc, in case they shrink. Maybe someone else here knows if they can shrink. Also don’t know if fabric paint can be damaged or faded by washing…

  8. Yes that’s very true I got some drop cloths at a drywall store – I washed and dried them and they turned into a wrinkly mess! They don’t iron well cus the water or steam setting made them wriggle up. Think a peice of bacon- not cute hanging limply from a skinny curtain rod. So test a small area before throwing all the panels in the wash – you’ll be glad you did!

  9. I love the idea of using drop cloths for curtains. After reading Miss Mustard Seed about drop cloth slipcovers, I will wash & dry them first. She says wash twice in warm water, then dry. I’m excited about trying it! Thanks for the tutorial.

  10. This is a great article. I have been trying to pick out new drapes for basement windows but I just can’t find ones I like. Drapes can be expensive so I don’t want to buy just any ones. I heard of the idea of contemporary window treatments and it seems like ti would be a great option. Designing my own drapes may be even cheaper as well.

  11. These are great! I did dropcloth curtains in our great room which has six windows with 16ft ceilings. We were on a tight budget so dropcloth fit the bill perfectly. I washed and dried them all and spent literally HOURS ironing the 12 curtains before hemming, but nearly two years later they still look great. I did a hidden tab with a pleat at each tab which made them take a bit to make but I’m dying to find a new way to make use of the dropcloth curtains elsewhere in the house. Next up, stamping in the master bedroom.

  12. drop cloths as a curtain.. perfect

    simple yet the effect is brilliant

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