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organize this: chaotic cords!

Let’s face it, with technology these days, there is no good way to avoid the issue of cords.  From phones to iPads to cameras and video game controllers, it seems that everything comes with a cord to wrangle and manage.


One of my favorite ways to manage all of the cords is by taking a standard media box, adding a few DIY cardboard dividers and popping it in a local area of the home.

However, there are SO many other great and versatile ways to get your cord organizing on.


Like DIY’ing a charging station out of a shadow box.  Just add some solid decorative paper with slots for the cords and you have yourself a handy little charging station!


Shoe pocket organizers are great for organizing just about anything, and charger cords are no exception.  Just pop the individual cords in separate pockets and they will never get lost or tangled again!


A drawer in a common area, lined with pretty paper, makes the perfect location for managing all of those portable devices.


Simple zipper baggies are an inexpensive and smart way to keep cords from getting tangled together.  Just zip and toss into a pretty basket or drawer!


Another great way to keep cords under control is to wrap them around a piece of cardboard.


Getting creative with items around the home can give great cord control.  Simple zip ties with DIY labels are a inexpensive and easy solution for cords big and small.



You can never go wrong with a charging station.  They really do a great job of hiding all of the eye clutter that comes from cords, and makes it simple to always charge and go!

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