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get the look: moonrise kingdom

We saw Moonrise Kingdom over the weekend, and it was wonderful – a quirky, sweet story with details worth pondering.  I couldn’t help but fall in love with the cozy house at Summer’s End on New Penzance Island, and I only wish they had panned a little slower through all the rooms at the beginning so I could have absorbed more of it.  And how amazing were the scout tents?  I wouldn’t mind having one of those myself for little backyard retreats.  I won’t even get into the fantastic wardrobe used in the movie – there is just too much to mention!  Below are a few movie stills (doesn’t the top left photo look like a Norman Rockwell painting? found here).

moonrise kingdom inspiration

Here is my attempt at recreating the feel of the house into a nursery.  I think the mural in that downstairs room is divine, so I went with wallpaper for the backdrop:

moonrise kingdom baby room ideas

Sources, starting at top left: (1) Vintage Chandelier; (2) Vintage Scout Troop; (3) Sweet Needlepoint; (4) Scouting Songbook; (5) Paint by Number Landscape; (6) Scouting Medal; (7) Paint by Number Seascape; (8) Sailboat painting; (9) Brass Sailboat; (10) Scouts Save the Day; (11) Arrows; (12) Order of the Arrow Patch; (13) Sparrow Crib; (14) Red Metal Lamp; (15) Feather Dress; (16) “Coonskin” Cap for a Baby; (17) Dixie Dresser; (18) Plaid chair cover; (19) Oceana Wallpaper; (20) Braided Rug; (21) Record Player Cabinet; (22) Teepee; (23) Preppy Crib Sheet; (24) Magical Thinking Curtains; (25) Plaid fabric for Pillows

If you find the wallpaper intimidating, or a bit out of price range, this collection would look charming on a neutral (like Benjamin Moore’s Linen White) with a bolder choice for the curtains – something similar to the nautical showstoppers behind Suzy’s window seat above.

~Joni, Lay Baby Lay

6 Responses to “ get the look: moonrise kingdom ”

  1. This is beautiful! Where can we find this wallpaper? (the link to it doesn’t seem to be working). Thanks!

  2. Hi Keely! Sorry about that! The wallpaper is by Cowtan: . I’ll try to fix it later this evening!

  3. I don’t know how you find all these amazing pieces and incorporate them all into one space so divinely! I am supremely jealous of your skills! I love all things Wes Anderson and am dying to see this movie. All of your design boards make me want another baby, but this one especially – just so I can have an excuse for this room. Thank you for sharing your brilliance!

  4. wow, you nailed the looks in your “get the look” board! great job. I LOVE the characters and style of this film. I haven’t seen it yet but Love wes anderson and am looking forward to seeing the moving! great post

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