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organize this: kitchen gadgets!

Whether you love to whip up a big meal or avoid the kitchen like the plague, there is no denying the amount of “gadgets” that come with cooking and baking.  Storing them can always be a bit of a challenge, since they come in many shapes, sizes and functions.  Of course, the first step to any organizing project is to assess the need for the item {gadget} and pair down what you can before investing in storage.  It’s amazing how many kitchen items a single knife can replace.


Using wooden crates, decorative jars and canisters is a great way to corral items such as cookie cutters, baking supplies and even could hold hand mixers and whisks.


I am so smitten with this DIY utensil holder, which is basically a strip of painted wood and some plumbing pipe clamps attached to the back of a door or directly to a wall.  Using wall and door space saves on valuable drawer real estate.


Another space saving solution is to use an over the door pocket organizer, which is typically intended for shoes, however there is no denying that it is also perfect for anything and everything kitchen.  From straws to spatulas, these door pockets pack a lot of storage punch.

Using hooks combined with pegboard or a simple towel bar, provides instant kitchen storage for just about anything kitchen gadget related.  Once again, utilizing vertical space and keeping everything right in arms reach.


If you have the drawer space, my personal favorite way to manage those kitchen gadgets is with mix and match drawer organizers.  They ensure that you don’t exceed your storage capacity and keep items nice and divided so it’s simple enough to open the drawer, grab what you need and focus on the cooking and baking.


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2 Responses to “ organize this: kitchen gadgets! ”

  1. Love this! We’re moving into a new apartment with a small kitchen. These might just make it a bit easier = )

  2. These are great suggestions “if you have wall space” in your kitchen.

    My kitchen is an open concept with very little wall space. I would like to see more creative suggestion for this problem.

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