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July 2012

Some of the most unexpected color combinations can make the most striking collections.  I am all about mixing colors and patterns for fashion and interior design.  Even mixing a few different hues of one color, layered over each other can create a beautiful moment.  This 2 piece suit from Tommy Hilfiger is fun, fresh and super on trend.  Creating a room around this look would not only impress your guests but make it fun to be in your own home.    Here’s the look:


Color Inspiration: Buttons on Jacket.
On the walls:  Why not go bold and create an accent wall using a smokey black like Domino.

Color Inspiration:  Jacket.
Try something new and paint your trim a fun color like Cloudburst.  It works best if wall is painted a shade or two lighter of trim color or painted white.

Color Inspiration: Flowers in Jacket.
Scanda is pretty purple option for using as an accent color in accessories and paint..

Color Inspiration:  Purse strap and shoes.
Bright accessories and pillows are a thing of the present.  Navel is a fun option for frames, candles or pillows, to name a few.

Color Inspiration: Flowers in Jacket.
Great Green is a perfect color for art and even upholstered pieces.

(All Paints: Sherwin Williams)

Runway Photo:  Tommy Hilfiger via New York Magazine.


In TLC’s new show Four Houses, contestants tour and judge each other’s unique homes based on style, originality, and livability. Each week, a contestant wins $10,000 and a chance to be featured in an upcoming issue of Better Homes and Gardens.


Four unique New Jersey homes were featured in the last episode with Carol Barth’s home taking first place. We had the opportunity to chat with Carol about her luxurious home.


How would you describe your homes aesthetic?

It’s traditional. Traditional cottage style with a European flair. My husband is from Europe so some of the decor in the house has European touch.


Which room do you spend the most time in?

I think downstairs. Our kitchen opens right to the great room so we spend most of the time just downstairs. It’s a very big and open space in my house.


What makes the home uniquely you?

It’s the type of home you never have to leave. We have everything here from a gym to recording studios, movie theaters. Everything’s here.


Do you have a favorite piece of furniture?

My chandeliers, for sure. They’re very big and over the top.


Aside from your own home, which house would you live in?

I really don’t think I could live in any of them. I thought Victoria, she lived on the boat.  I thought that it was so different and it was outrageous but I really don’t think that I could live in any other. I love my own home.


What do you plan to do with the winnings?

It’s going right into our backyard. Our backyard has been under construction. My husband is making it similar to a country club. We have everything from Koi ponds to fire pits to pool houses, it’s going to be pretty outrageous.


Get a sneak peek at next week’s episode in the clip below and tune into TLC  Mondays at 10/9c to catch the full episodes!


Are you loving all the beautifully painted and wallpapered walls as much as I am? The texture and bright colors are right up my alley. But, if you live in an apartment and cannot paint (or just don’t like to paint walls… like myself), I think I have a project for you. It’s a quick and easy way to add color to your walls without actually painting them. Yup! How? Fabric covered foam boards. Simple as that. I made a miniature panel to share with you, hopefully this DIY can get you on your way!


- 1/2 inch thick foam board (you can find these at craft stores, or larger sheets at a home supply store).

- Enough fabric to cover the boards you choose, plus an extra 2 inches to staple behind the board.

- Staple gun

- Wall putty or plate hangers (depending on the weight of your panel)


- Decide what size you’d like the panel to be. Maybe you want more than one panel?

- Once you’ve purchased all your materials, you can get started! Lay your fabric out on a flat surface. Place the foam panel on top of that. It’s best to have about 2 inches around the edge of extra fabric.

- Fold the fabric over the first edge, and staple it down. I’d suggest a staple at each corner of the foam, plus a staple every 5 – 10 inches. When your first edge is stapled, move to the side directly opposite your freshly stapled side. Pull the fabric taut and staple it down.

- It’s time to fold down the corners. Sort of like wrapping a present. Fold down the corners , fold over, and staple (see image below). Repeat on the opposite side.

- You’re almost done! Time to decide how you’d like to hang your panels. If it’s light, adhesive putty would probably work very well. If the panel is heavy, I’d look into using one of these Invisible English Plate Hangers.

 Here are a couple of my favorite examples I’ve found while wandering the internet. Maybe this will give you some inspiration?

{Photo: Upholstered Wall Hanging from The New England Southerner}

{Photo: Wall Fabric Panels from Bella Dia}

- Chelsey, The Paper Mama

Bold Floral Curtains and Fresh Country Style

The Josef Frank fabric on the curtains in the room above is stunning! The large scale floral and clear, bright colors bring interest and energy to the room. For a similar look, try the fabric below, along with a few other key pieces.

Get the Look: Bold Floral Curtains and Swedish Country Style

  1. Wonderland Pearl Fabric [via]
  2. Cordage Armchair
  3. Cat’s Paw Rug
  4. Elton Club Chair
  5. Eames Coffee Table

— Nicole Balch, Making it Lovely

Hi friends! Jenny Komenda here, from Little Green Notebook.

I remember years and years ago when I was shopping for my first pair of curtains from a retail store. I remember being sort of shocked at the price. Really, $150 per panel?! It had to be less expensive to make my own curtains. After doing some research, I realized, after buying the fabric I liked and all the necessary linings, I was close to $100 per panel in my costs! Curtains are just expensive.


One trick I’ve learned over the years is canvas drop cloths can make amazing curtain panels, especially if you have extra tall windows. The canvas fabric is heavy too, so if you’re trying to cut costs, you can likely get away with not lining these panels. Here is a link to my favorite drop cloth (just $22 for a 9×12!) though you can find all sorts of sizes at your local hardware store.

Leaving the drop cloth in it’s natural finish is a lovely look. They’re usually an oatmeal color with a linen-y texture. It’s easy and fun to jazz up the panels though, and luckily the web is full of great DIY ideas!

Stripes are the obvious choice! Just a little fabric paint and some painters tape. Wouldn’t these be cute in a kids room or as a shower curtain?

image via Dwellings by Devore

I also love these stripes!

image via The Yellow Cape Cod

These tone on tone stripes are subtle and gorgeous. I’m thinking of trying something similar in our new house.

image via Cottage and Vine

Or maybe try adding stripes to just the bottom of your panels?

image via Shanty 2 chic

Or try adding ribbon trim!

image via Chris loves Julia

Take a cue from these Anthropologie curtains and dip-dye the panels for an ombre effect.

image via Anthropolgie

Or if you like the ombre look, try stencils in tonal colors.

image via my hands made it

 Here’s another stenciling project. I love the ikat pattern.

image via Triangle Honeymoon

Geometric stencils also work really well.

image via Apartment Therapy

If you’re even more artistic, try a free-hand squiggle design with some fabric paint.

image via Design Crisis

Or maybe you don’t feel like getting too crafty? Why not try dying the whole panel a dark color? I love this moody black.

image via MerryPad

It looks similar to this image from BHG.

TLC’s new hit show Four Houses puts contestants against each other to see who’s decked-out home will be supreme. Contestants tour each others homes and judge their decor based on style, originality, and livability with the winner receiving $10,000 and a chance to be featured in an upcoming issue of Better Homes and Gardens.


The most recent episode of Four Houses featured unique homes in the heart of Texas with Brandi Harper’s antique-filled home taking the win. We had the opportunity to chat with Brandi about her quirky design style and her personality-filled home.


How would you describe your homes aesthetic?

I would say that my perfection is imperfection. I like things in odd numbers. I like them displayed very natural. The more dents and things an object has is the more character that it has. I’m really not one to go out and pick things that are new in a cookie-cutter store. I want a one of a kind item that I bought in a flea market or antique show and that way I have a memory of where I found it and it’s something that nobody else would have.


Which room do you spend the most time in?

My kitchen. I have three boys and they keep me busy all the time. We actually built the home so our kids can enjoy it and by doing that, we honestly have ten to fourteen kids at our house on the weekends or in the summertime so I cook because I want them to feel welcome and I love to cook and love to serve others.


What makes the home uniquely you?

What makes it unique is that I like to find items that were tossed away or disposed of and I try to find a creative way to reuse those. So I think repurposing and recycling unwanted objects is what makes my home unique.


Do you have a favorite piece of furniture?

It would be my mother’s chopping block. My mother passed away twelve years ago and when I was three years old we were going down the street in Louisiana and she stopped because she saw a butchers block on the curb. She went to the meat market and she asked the gentleman if he was going to get rid of it and he said yes because they had outlawed butcher blocks in meat markets. So we paid the man, loaded it up, and she scrubbed on that thing for three or four days. So can I remember being outside with her and her cleaning it and I built my kitchen around her chopping block.


Aside from your own home, which house would you live in?

Angela Glass. Angela and I have very, very similar tastes. All of our families love to hunt. We have acres of land where she’s on the water and one of my sons loves to fish. So I could see myself with Angela’s home. Angela and I, our husbands look very similar, we dress very similar, and our homes have a lot of the same feel so definitely Angela’s.


What do you plan to do with the winnings?

Two years ago we adopted, well we legally didn’t adopt, but we took on our middle son, and it has been a big adjustment because we had eighteen years to plan for college and trucks and the things you need for your boys when you’re raising them whereas for Jesse we literally had two years to prepare for college and a vehicle and make sure he has the things he needs. He just graduated high school so it’s going to be used to get him a better vehicle to go to college in and for his tuition and books and all of that kind of stuff.


Get a sneak peek at next week’s episode in the clip below and tune into TLC  Mondays at 10/9c to catch the full episodes!


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