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DIY-ify: a trip to the museum

Hello friends! A favorite trend I’m enjoying right now: “Museums” on the wall. In fact, I have quite a few butterflies already on my walls at home. I photographed these butterflies from my collection to share with you. Now you can make your very own butterfly wall art! Just print the images out to your desired size, and put your butterflies in a favorite set of frames!

I’m really enjoying this shadow box styled Ribba frame, from IKEA. It’s already matted with a 4″ x 4″ opening, a perfect size for the butterfly prints I’ve made for you. Just trim the extra paper, pop it in the frame, hang, and enjoy!

Another idea: If you want to get a little more creative, how about cutting the butterfly out, bending it a little (for a 3D look), then glue onto white paper?

 To print, just click on the links below and right-click save. All butterfly images are for personal-use only.

- Butterfly 1

- Butterfly 2

- Butterfly 3

- Butterfly 4

- Butterfly 5

- Butterfly 6

- Butterfly 7

- Butterfly 8

Enjoy! And, please let us know if you create this for yourself.

Frames: RIBBA Frames, from IKEA, $9.99

- Chelsey, The Paper Mama

11 Responses to “ DIY-ify: a trip to the museum ”

  1. :)

  2. So where is the 9th butterfly? This won’t work!!

  3. Well darn, there needs to be one more in order to make the display work. Why put it up half done?

  4. This very nice… I am going to do it.

  5. LOVE this! Though where is the last butterfly?? The ad is misleading and kind of half-truth-y, if you aren’t going to share it.

  6. ad = article. oops.

  7. Hi, if you type “butterfly” into Google images it comes up with more butterfies. Just choose one of those and you can make it whatever size you like.

  8. You can always find another picture of a butterfly somewhere- online or wrapping paper or actual magazine, but you could also put a photo of your children or pet or a small shot of a garden full of flowers in the center for a lovely anchor to the arrangement.

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  11. Made this for my girl’s room, so beautiful, thank you!!