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May 2012

Spotted! Framed maps give this room a sense of place. Plus, it’s an easy way to signal your home state pride.

Reproduction Lake Superior Print, starting at $15

P.S. This site sells reproduction maps of every state, dozens of cities, and countries, too!

– Joanna Linberg, Assistant Editor BHG

Have you ever wondered how to create your own digital silhouette? I absolutely love this Better Homes and Gardens version of a family tree, and I want to share how you can create a silhouette family of your own, using photoshop!

There are many ways to make a silhouette (tracing a shadow on paper or using tracing paper to trace around a photo shape being the most popular). BUT, I prefer to make mine using photoshop. With the right adjustments and lighting in your photo, you can create a silhouette with any photo edit program (free edit programs can be found online).

1. First things first: you need to actually take a side view photo of each person and animal you’d like in your family tree. For my family: that’s my two cats, chihuahua, and daughter. My children.

How to take a silhouette photo: take your photo in front of a window or a white background (flash turned off). Unlike a normal photo, for a silhouette you light the background of your subject, rather than the front.

P.S. When photographing a 2-year-old, a little candy bribery may help.

2. Using a photo editing software, turn the image black and white.

3. Use the levels layer (or brightness and contrast) in your photo editing program to adjust your image. I needed my subjects to be a little darker and the background lighter. You can sharpen up the edges of your silhouette using a pen tool set to a black color.

4. Optional: Use the liquify tool to smooth out your silhouette. I had a hard time getting a photo of my 2-year-old. And, the image I chose cut out her pigtails. So, using the liquify tool you can add to and adjust your silhouette. I added a little hair curl flip back in.

5. Using the select tool, select and delete the background behind the silhouette.

6. Set a new layer behind the silhouette, and pick whatever background color you’d like. I went with a lovely teal.

7. Optional: if you’d like a white silhouette instead of black, set a clipping mask layer just above your original silhouette. Set that layer color to white.

8. Save and print your image out. I prefer to use acid free heavy card stock paper. I printed my images at home, but you can also head to any print shop to get your images printed for a low price.

9. Put your images into frames, and arrange on your wall.

10. Enjoy!

A little penny saver tip: instead of putting all your money into the frames, save a bit of cash by finding your frames at a thrift shop. You can keep them the way you find them, or spray paint them all the same color for a cohesive look. I spent $11 on 5 frames, plus $10 for spray primer and paint. My total cost: $21. Pretty darn awesome.

See, easy and fun. A unique piece of artwork to celebrate your family. I hope you create your own! I love mine. Let us know if you try this out for yourself, in the comments below.

- Chelsey, The Paper Mama


Tory Burch’s Resort Collection 2012 highlights one of the hottest colors of the year: navy blue. She turned up the heat on the blue and then swapped a predictable red pairing for coral. Let’s see how these colors shape up in a living room.

 Sofa upholstery: Twilight Blue 2067-30
Armchair upholstery (try two!): Peach Cloud 2169-60
Drapes, pillows (in a fabric that mixes this golden yellow with other colors in the palette):  Yellow Highlighter 2021-40
Accents: Flame 2012-20
Walls:  Snow White OC-66

(All paints Benjamin Moore)

photo: Tory Burch Resort Collection 2012 from



– Joanna Linberg, Assistant Editor BHG

Spotted! A fantastic flat-weave rug in a Moorish pattern.

The rug shown above from west elm is no longer available, but they do offer a similar pattern in other colors, as does The Land of Nod. If you’re drawn to the rich color of the original, Garnet Hill and Madeline Weinrib each carry similar styles in brown.

 Spotted! Reproductions of the classic tulip-style table.

Love this look? Recreate it with this Docksta table from IKEA, $499 (with four chairs) or with this Saarinen Style Tulip Table from Amazon, $465.

– Joanna Linberg, Assistant Editor BHG

Pastels are so not just for kids. They’re all over fashion and they’re heading for home next. (We’re obsessed—just take a look at the color story in our May issue!)


Phillip Lim sent the most ethereal pastels down the runway, but these colors would look just as pretty and energizing in a home office. Here’s the look:

And here’s how to use it (colors clockwise from top):

On the walls: Sweet Honeydew Melon 2033-40
In accents or an alternate wall color: Creamy Beige 2016-60
This plus ivory in a patterned drape (love it against that pale green): Splash 2059-60
A slim lamp base and accents sprinkled through the room to cut the sweetness: Jet Black 2120-20
Painted desk and in accents: Pale Iris 2073-60
Bonus: ivory upholstery

(All paints Benjamin Moore)


Runway photo: 3.1 Phillip Lim Spring 2012 Ready to Wear from


– Joanna Linberg, Assistant Editor BHG

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