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Our little home was built back in 1920. It isn’t fancy, has all the simple necessities, and nothing more. It needs a lot of love, which requires a bit of cash. Since we’re not rolling in the dough, we try our best to decorate and update our home on a small budget. This means many DIY’s and thrift shopping. One of my favorite little wall decorations: my wall of plates in the kitchen. I’m continually adding to this wall. Each time I’m out thrifting and spy a sweet little plate that I love, I buy it and add it to my wall.

Inspired by this BHG plate wall (see below), I created a wonderful chalkboard plate. Before I had my daughter, I used to make and sell these things online. Even if you don’t have a plate wall, it’s cute to have this chalkboard plate to write love notes to your family.

Supplies needed:

- Primer

- Chalkboard paint

- Paintbrush

- A plate of your choice

- Painter’s tape

- Pencil

- Blade

- Plate hanger


- Clean up your plate, make sure you don’t have any dirt or oil on it.

- Use your painter’s tape, to tape off the whole section where you’d like your chalkboard to be. Don’t worry about making a perfect circle, that’s what the blade is for.

- Use your pencil to mark where you’d like to cut the circle. I did this free hand (just following the shape of the plate), but you can use a small dessert plate or something else to trace. Trim the marked circle with your blade, peel back the tape, and you should now have a taped off circle.

- Paint a layer of primer, and let dry 24 hours (or, whatever your primer directions say).

- Now, it’s time to paint the chalkboard! My plate took 3 coats of the chalkboard paint (2 hour waiting periods in between).

- Let dry for 1-2 days before using any chalk on the plate.

- Enjoy!

- Chelsey, The Paper Mama

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