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i spy: dreamy office storage

Spotted!  A mixture of high and low end storage to create dreamy home office organization!


If you are looking to add incredible amounts of fabulous storage to your office space, you can snag this look with shelving and coordinating baskets from IKEA and Pottery Barn.


10 Responses to “ i spy: dreamy office storage ”

  1. That is very nice design, I orders for the same today for my office. I cam here on this site from IHeart Organizing. Thanks both bloggers.

  2. Where can those of us who don’t live near an Ikea and can’t afford their expensive shipping ( I just checked and for a $60 expedit it’s $350 in shipping!!!) find comparable shelving/storage at a decent price?


  3. Jen: Any idea on where the chair and desk came from? I LOVE them both!

  4. Any idea where the wall sconces came from? They are amazing!

  5. Sorry, IHeart, I thought you said you were “picking apart’” this look to tell us how to recreate us. Telling us the shelve’s an expedit is hardly news! How about actually explaining how to create the feel itself???

  6. Yeah, it would have been nice if there was an explanation of how to use high end and low end items together to create a dreamy home office.

    At the very least, it would have been helpful to list the source of all the major items in the photos, or the photo itself.

    I don’t believe links to IKEA and Pottery Barn are particularly helpful.

  7. @Lms, I would check and even for potential Expedit substitution options at reasonable prices.

    @Mary Aviles, I agree, the desk is FAB! It may be a one of a kind piece, however, this option on Amazon could achieve the same look and feel:×26-Computer-Desk/dp/B005G254T4

    @Kelli Eden, The sconces are absolutely incredible! I found a similar version here:

    Thanks all!

  8. Office storage are really need in this time. SO good work done by you. Thanks for sharing it.

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