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Gifts for the Pattern Lover

Gift guide for the home

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The gift giving season is upon us. I am sure there is a pattern loving betty in your life (or maybe it’s you!). The thing I love about pretty patterned gift items and accessories is that they really are great to give all year round. These gems work great as bridesmaid gifts, hostess gifts, office gifts, and even little somethings for those occasions when you need to get something pretty for yourself!

Even the most minimalist design can use a bit of pattern and texture to complete the space. Not a minimalist? Go for full on saturated color and interesting pattern in your accessories. Go on, you will be happy you did! This is often the kind of thing someone may not do for themselves unless given a little gentle nudge. Help someone you love get inspired to experiment with a little pattern with these lovlies for the home.

gift guide accessories

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I love to go pretty basic (and chic) for a lot of my clothing. It is in the accessories that the pop and personality really come through. Patterned accessories are such a great gift because you don’t have to worry about sizing and the person can really make them their own. They can pair with something simple for a pop or work into a more pattern on pattern ensemble. You can never have enough patterned accessories to mix into your wardrobe!

gift guide paper enthusiast

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We all love our devices. I am the queen of to do apps and productivity apps. However, there is still nothing that replaces the feeling and the connection when I take pen to paper. This is true absolutely for the administrative things that need to get done. This is also true for the times when I get to daydream. This especially true when I want to connect with someone and share something from the heart. There is just nothing like a hand written note on something pretty and inspired. It is breath of fresh air.

box of chic

Subscription box lovers this one is for you! Have you heard of the latest? You’ve got to check out Box of Chic from noted interior designer Jennifer Wagner Schmidt You get a curated and of course super chic array of items for the home in a great box. This one is totally gift ready! You will probably want to grab one for yourself too!

Organize With This: The Armoire!

Armoires have been around for generations; yet continue to impress me in the world of storage. They offer an endless variety of functions, making them a prime candidate to be used in just about every room in the home.

An armoire is best described as a large wardrobe or cupboard with doors and/or drawers. Today I am going to share examples of how this amazing piece of furniture can work some organizing magic in most common home spaces.


Armoire - Entryway

Unfortunately, many homes are not designed with a large entryway or coat closet. Yet this space can ultimately become one of the highest traffic areas in the abode. Tame the coat, handbag, boot and shoe clutter with an armoire cabinet. A rail manages the hanging items while drawers and shelves manage footwear and outdoor accessories.

Living Room:

Armoire - Living Room

(via Ballard Designs)

Growing up, I always remember visiting homes where families utilized armoires to hold their televisions. They still work great for that purpose today, however, they can also be used in the space to store folded blankets, stacks of board games and glossy magazines waiting to be read.

Home Office:

Armoire - Home Office

Because so many armoires are designed to hold televisions, they also can jump in and act as a place to setup a computer workstation. Take advantage of the doors for a place to keep important notes, papers and reminders, while the drawers work overtime to store smaller office supplies that come in handy during a good homework session or late night conference call.


Armoire - Kitchen

No pantry? No problem! An armoire acts as the perfect “stand-in” pantry, with an abundance of concealed shelving it is ready to hold dry goods and small appliances.

Dining Room:

Armoire - Dining Room

One of my personal favorite places to utilize an armoire, is in the dining room. Armoires are ideal for holding delicate china (and the doors can be removed to display your favorites!), as well as creating a small and personal bar area or serving station. The lower portion of the cabinet offers space for organizing party and entertaining supplies.


Armoire - Bathroom

(via Young House Love)

In the bathroom or bedroom, utilize wardrobes to hold extra linen and toiletry products. They are perfect for over-sized quilts, pillows, towels and bath robes. Add a few decorative trays or boxes to hold bathroom products such as bath salts and personal care items and you have created a handy linen closet where there once was none.


Armoire - Bedroom

Although many bedrooms are designed with a closet, often times there is a larger storage demand that the closet just can’t keep up with. If that is the case, the armoire saves the day again! Many are designed to act as a clothing closet, coming equipped with a rod and shelving, however, they can also hold off-season items, bedroom and bath linens and your growing shoe and accessory collection.

Laundry Room:

Armoire - Laundry Room

In the laundry room, an armoire can offer a place to hang clothing to dry (just be sure to leave the doors open or remove them all together). It also can hold laundry baskets and conceal everyday laundering and cleaning supply clutter.

Final Armoire Tips:

Armoire - Wallpaper

(via The Handmade Home)

Don’t be afraid to search for armoires at flea markets, thrift stores and on your local Craigslist site. Old armoires are often times the best built and have beautiful detailing, and are just in need of a little love. A fresh coat of paint and new hardware can do wonders for dated pieces. And to really make it special, consider lining the back with a beautiful paper.

Have you invested in one of the most versatile pieces of furniture on the market? How would you put one of these beauties to work in your own home?

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Enamelware + 8 Clever Holiday Ideas

Enamelware + 8 Clever holiday ideas

Enamelware has always been a sought after commodity at flea markets and estate sales but just recently I have seen this timeless trend hit an all time high in popularity. It has been around for centuries and can be dated back to the 1760′s where it began in Germany, as an effort to find a safe and convenient way to cook. This highly functional trend came to the US around 1850 with a very basic appearance and took off from there. It’s the idea of getting back to the basics and simplifying things on the home front that has people drawn to this rustic, kitchen essential. If you can’t find what you are looking for at your favorite salvage or antique shop, then try your favorite home stores. It is the perfect holiday accessory this season and can be used in a vast array of clever and creative ways, here are just a few….

Mix and match styles and textures. Even though enamelware is considered a rustic, country aesthetic, there is no reason you can’t mix this farmhouse look with some chic details, especially for the holidays. Try mixing in some gold and warm wood tones with this crisp, vintage feel and while you are at it throw in some fresh greens to complete your holiday look.

Joanna Goddard-Mixing enamelware with gold


Try a clever hack. In my travels I can’t tell you how many vintage enamelware canisters I have found in pretty good condition, I passed some of them over thinking I couldn’t possibly use or need another one but…my wheels are officially turning. What a great idea to house your tapers inside an enamel canister! I like this for a few reasons but mainly because I love using tapers but worry with my little ones that they will knock one over. If you fill an old canister with tiny rocks or something with weight then this is a very cool idea for the holidays.

Dreamy Whites-set tapers inside enamelare canister


Set up a hot chocolate station. I have to say, I never get tired of this idea, especially when it looks like this. Not only is the styling vintage perfection but it’s functional. Whether you use this holiday idea indoors or out, it is sure to be a huge hit with everyone in your family.

Schoolhouse electric-hot cocoa bar


Grown up beverage station. The idea that you can make and serve your guests cocktails in enamelware mugs is the cleverest of ideas for the holiday season. This could simplify things while entertaining and make you the envy of your family & friends.

Hot Buttered Fig + Rosemary Bourbon Cider recipe by @Beth Kirby


Fill with fresh greens. Take an enamelware pitcher and fill with greenery for a simple holiday touch. I also love the idea of lining your stairs or using a collection of varying heights.

Golden Sycamore-enamelware pitcher holds greenery


On Sutton Place-enamalware makes a statement on the stairs filled with fresh cypress


Use as a centerpiece. Taking a vintage enamel bowl & turning it into a simple and fresh table showstopper is a great way to re purpose a kitchen essential. The idea of setting apples under petite cypress trees makes it even more festive.

Simple Rustic Centerpiece made with cypress trees and apples by Hymns & Verses


Fill with ornaments. Holiday decorating can be as easy as filling a pretty enamel bread bowl with shiny and colorful ornaments. You can even fill with scented pine cones to give a cheerful, holiday aroma.

Town & Country Living-large enamelare dish holds ornaments


Use enamelware outdoors. Seasonal decorating is all about using purposeful items in unexpected ways. Why not use pitchers filled with greens either on your front porch or by your front door. No need for a big boxwood and planter, just pair your greens with a few other flea market finds and you have a simply styled front door to greet your guests with Christmas nostalgia.

Livs Lyst Blog- Use enamelware outside


I am off to finished my holiday decorating. I hope this post inspired you, I know it did for me.

Have a beautiful week,

Jen-City Farmhouse

Building a Dream House: A Family Command Center

a family command center by @luluthebaker for Style Spotters

Before we moved into the Dream House, one of the things I looked forward to most was having a very organized house. I’m a firm believer in the old adage “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” I think that if you have a designated spot for things to go, life just goes more smoothly, and in our old house, our lack of storage space drove me crazy. I’m also a firm believer in calendars. Being a pen-and-paper list maker, our family calendar is a must. Events and activities literally live and die by the calendar. If lessons or parties or appointments don’t make it on there, there’s a 99% chance that they’re not going to happen. At least without some tears, major confusion, and crazy hustling!

We’ve been wanting to put up a “family command center” ever since we moved in, but because it wasn’t a top priority, it’s taken us a whole year to do. We’ve gotten by with a free calendar and important papers stuck on the front of our washing machine with magnets! We finally ordered all of the pieces last month and installed our family command center over the weekend. And it makes my organization-loving heart happy and fills my nerdy soul with peace. Seriously. We decided on the Build Your Own Daily System from Pottery Barn for 3/4 of the items in our command center. They are beautiful, functional, and well made. We have a different place for boots, jackets, and backpacks, but we needed a place for bills, important papers like school lunch calendars and daily reading log sheets, and somewhere to hang keys. We also needed a magnetic surface for our weekly menu notepad (which, if you don’t have one, you REALLY need to get!), grocery list, etc. We could have gotten a magnetic whiteboard, but I think the magnetic chalkboard looks a million times nicer. I like the contrast of the white frame and the black surface, and since the chalkboard and whiteboard were the same price, it was a no brainer. The last and possibly most important component of our family command center is the blank paper calendar. Again, we could have gotten the dry erase calendar component that matches the rest of our set, but I need to be able to put events and activities on the calendar months in advance. Things like doctor’s appointments for the kids, big vacations, and out-of-town guests get scheduled several months before they happen, and I needed to be able have them on the calendar early. I did a little research and found a blank paper calendar from The Container Store that I really liked and that was roughly the same size as framed chalkboard (I like symmetry as much as I like being organized!). The calendar has a clean, simple design with boxes that are large enough for lots of family activities to be written in. We hung it up with 3M Command Strips, and it looks great. And it has 36 pages–that’s 3 years of calendar pages! I’m giddy just thinking about how far in advance I can put things on that calendar.

Interested in putting a family command center in your house? Here’s some inspiration from around the web:

family command center from Pottery Barn
photo from Pottery Barn

small space family command center from BHG
photo from BHG

family command center from Simple as That
photo from Simple as That

family command center from Sweet Aprils
photo from Sweetaprils

family command center from The Caldwell Project
photo from The Caldwell Project

family command center
photo from Hi Sugarplum!

small space family command center from BHG
photo from BHG

Get the Look: Stylish Boy Bedrooms

Serena & Lily bedroom -


As a mom of two boys (an eight year old and a 10-month old), I’m always on the lookout for beautifully-designed boys’ rooms that have loads of style, especially for my oldest since he’s starting to outgrow his “big boy room” post-nursery (sob!). And much like boys’ fashion leaves a lot to be desired, so can interiors. So I’ve rounded up some favorite inspiration shots of some pretty spectacularly-styled spaces that will hopefully grow with the boy it’s designed for.

I’m not particularly fond of themed rooms, and the one thing all of these spaces have in common is their eclectic, lived-in look. All these rooms are pretty different, but they do share some common elements.

First, nothing is too matchy-matchy. You’re probably not going to see an entire suite of furniture (i.e., matching bed, nightstand, and dresser). Instead, look for interesting contrast with your accessories. Maybe an interesting hairpin-leg side table or a vintage dresser you’ve repurposed from a garage sale.



These rooms also all share a graphic sensibility, whether it’s through an accent wall papered in a simple print or through textiles like striped rugs or bedding. Mix and match your patterns for something unexpected. Classic prints like seersucker, gingham, oxford striping, HBC point blankets, chevron, and colorblocks can all play well together when unified with a consistent color palette.





This gallery wall of found paintings and ephemera is such a fun way to lend a traditional feel to this space. I love how they mix and matched patterns in the bedding, and then threw in that side table for a funky modern spin.







I’m always on the hunt for furniture for my kids that looks like something I would want even it I didn’t have kids. The mark of great design is something that appeals to all age groups without being pigeonholed (much like really great kids’ books that can also hold a parent’s attention!).



Keep an eye out for fun artwork on sites like Etsy, Minted, Serena & Lily, and local art fairs. I’m a huge fan of overscale prints as well as vintage advertisements. Or you could wallpaper an entire space with a world map like Jordan Ferney did below in her boys’ shared room.


And of course, a giant chalkboard wall means that artwork is always being switched up for something new.





And as always, a gorgeous chandelier doesn’t hurt, either. Hello beautiful sputnik!



Got any great tips for boys’ rooms? Share them in the comments!

9 Ways to Wear Faux Fur This Season

Are you tired of wearing heavy-duty winter coats that look like you’re about to go shovel away snow from your front driveway? I am. Luckily, there are other outerwear options available. One of which is faux fur–arguably the most popular trend for this season. Whether it be a clutch, coat, or vest, faux fur makes a great addition to any winter ensemble. If you’re not sure how you want to wear faux fur, then take a peek at these looks. Who knows? Maybe you’ll gather a bit of inspiration!


1. Clutch

How stunning is this faux fur clutch? I am in LOVE with its brilliant eggplant hue.

photo courtesy of The Glitter Guide



2. Earmuffs

Keep your ears out of the cold with faux fur earmuffs. Find a bohemian-inspired pair like this one or a more classic version here.

photo courtesy of Free People



3. Pull Over

Isn’t this faux fur pull over sensational? Plus it makes a great in between seasons staple.

photo courtesy of Atlantic-Pacific



4. Infinity Scarf

Nothing says “fall” like a good scarf. Take your look up a notch and opt for one that’s faux fur!

photo courtesy of Vanilla Extract



5. Statement Coat

Jewel tones were flooding the runways this fall. Incorporate NYFW’s latest craze with a brilliant dose of emerald.

photo courtesy of Style Carrot



6. Russian Hat

Possibly one of my favorite pieces–the faux fur hat. If you’re looking to make a statement, this Russian hat brings a dazzling dose of drama.

photo courtesy of Fashionsy



7. Vest

This faux fur demonstrates how color doesn’t have to take over. The subtle pink hue of the vest sweetly complements the neutral outfit.

photo courtesy of Sirma Markova



8. Cheetah Print Jacket

If animal print is your thing, then this cheetah print jacket is the perfect faux fur for you! Keep cheetah print from becoming overwhelming by pairing it with traditional cuts and simple hues.

photo courtesy of Sortra



9. Colorful Coat

Snap. Crackle. Pop! This vibrant coat does just that. If you’ve got this whole faux fur thing in the bag, then go a step further and mix it with pattern and color!

photo courtesy of Style Carrot


If faux fur seems a little daunting at first glance, then try to incorporate small amounts into your daily ensemble–perhaps ear muffs or a clutch? I guarantee after a few days you’ll feel like a regular.


Happy Friday!


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