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A party is never complete without the group photo. Many wonderful parties have been reminisced by looking at that group shot; the one with the partially empty pizza box on the table and the dirty dishes stacked up in the sink. Don’t let this image be the one to remind you of your awesome night. A lot of work — and fun — went into and came out of that event. Set up a DIY photo booth backdrop so that your future nostalgic moments can be remembered as awesome — not as a group of unfortunate photos.

1. Shiny Style

Pin up a stylish display of large, reflective sequins for a classy photo backdrop. The party resource blog Oh Happy Day found a beautiful use for for 60mm pailletes. Pick your pattern, straight, formal lines, or staggered, like here, which encourage movement. See how they did it here.

Image Via: Oh Happy Day

2. Chevron Sparkle

Jenni has your next bash covered. She’ll give you all the party tips and tricks you need for decor, but be sure to pay attention to her chevron fringe backdrop. Pick up a few packs of metallic fringe in your favorite colors, some scissors, and a roll of tape. You’ll create this glamorous backdrop in just a few minutes with help from her how-to guide.

Image Via: I Spy DIY

3. Strike a Pose

If you — or someone you know — is handy with power tools, this is the photo booth for you. A Flexible Life writer Jennifer Cario had this DIY photo booth prop wall created for her wedding. Think of all the fun poses you can create reaching through, standing behind, and posing in front of the wall.

Image Via: A Flexible Life

4. Balloon Backdrop

If you’re looking to save a buck and still create an exciting DIY background, try blowing up some colorful balloons, crafting some streamers, and tacking them to the wall and ceiling. Drew B of Mom*tog took her son’s birthday photo shoot with this fun backdrop she made out of rainbow balloons and construction paper.

Image Via: Mom*tog

5. Simple, Subtle Streamers

Looking for a subtle and beautiful background for you celebration? Try this DIY wax paper backdrop. Style Me Pretty writer Erin Lepperd got the scoop on the simple white streamer wall that went viral on Pinterest. Check out how the bride and her designer friend Katie M Kulper did it!


Image Via: Style Me Pretty

6. Skip the Paint

There’s a good chance you can create this DIY colored fence photo booth with items you already have. Whimsy and Hope creator Sarah Halstead colored her backyard’s wood fence — not with paint — with sidewalk chalk to create this unique photo booth backdrop. Use your favorite colors, take your photos, then wash off the fence with a hose. Or wait for rain and let nature do the work later.

Image Via: Whimsy and Hope

7. Posh and No Frills

Chic, cute, and easy are just a few words to describe FP Jana’s minimalist DIY Party backdrop. Standing in front of these balloons for a photo will make you feel austere and lavish at the same time. Bonus money-saving tip: use rocks to weigh-down your helium balloons rather than shelling out for balloon weights.

Image Via: Free People

8. Geo Drop Cloth
Meg Keene, the CEO and Editor-In-Chief of A Practical Wedding, headed this funky project. Using acrylic paint and a heavy canvas drop cloth, Keene’s team created a beautifully geometric DIY photo backdrop. Pick paint colors to match your wedding, birthday, baby shower, bachelorette or whatever-other-reason party color scheme. And the best part? No sewing!

Image Via: A Practical Wedding

9. Learn from the Professionals

Though they have several other DIY photo booth concepts (check out the ombre- and tinsel-backdrop projects), the talent behind Lovely Indeed shows us the simplest DIY backdrop imaginable. Chelsea and husband Ryan use just a few colors of crepe-paper streamers and tape to make this DIY streamer backdrop. Cut, tape, repeat, repeat, repeat, done.

Image Via: Lovely Indeed

When your next get-together is near, get your DIY on, and prep the perfect space at your party — and everyone gather in!
Say “cheese!”

8 Pretty Porch Makeovers!

Trend: 8 Pretty Porch Makeovers!

When I think about family living spaces my mind immediately goes to indoor living or family rooms, but I can’t forget about our outdoor living spaces! During nicer weather a porch is the perfect spot to sit with friends and family and enjoy the day. If it’s dull and messy no one will want to hang out there. Spend some time this summer making over your outdoor living space. You don’t need to spend a ton of money, sometimes all it needs is a little paint color and some cleaning. Check out these 8 inspiring Pretty Porch Makeovers!

1) This porch REALLY changed when they removed the wrought iron and installed some lovely columns. Found on Balancing Home.

This porch REALLY changed when they removed the wrought iron and installed some lovely columns. Found on Balancing Home.

2) This screened porch makeover is wonderful. I want to be there right now. Found on Home Stories A to Z.

This screened porch makeover is wonderful. I want to be there right now. Found on Home Stories A to Z.

3) The transformation of this porch is fantastic! I love the bright colors and tile. Found on Tater Tots and Jello.

The transformation of this porch is fantastic! I love the bright colors and tile. Found on Tater Tots and Jello.

4) Look at how these tiles changed this front porch! Found on Eighteen 25.

Look at how these tiles changed this front porch! Found on Eighteen 25.

5) This front porch really looks like an outdoor living room. Found on The Decorologist.

This front porch really looks like an outdoor living room. Found on The Decorologist.

6) I really love how this painted deck turned out. Love it. Found on Young House Love.

I really love how this painted deck turned out. Love it. Found on Young House Love.

7) Do you have a porch that gets a lot of sun? Or, maybe there’s something you don’t want to view from your porch? Add some curtains! Found on BHG.

Do you have a porch that gets a lot of sun? Or, maybe there's something you don't want to view from your porch? Found on BHG.

8) Some paint, decorations, and a cute bench really make this front porch so much more welcoming. Found on Garage Sales R Us.

Some paint, decorations, and a cute bench really make this front porch so much more welcoming. Found on Garage Sales R Us.

We want to see what you’re crafting! You can share a link to what you’ve made in the comments below, or tag me on Instagram with a photo (my user name is @thepapermama).

– Chelsey, The Paper Mama

P.S. The images in the first photo are from: Young House Love, Garage Sales R Us, Tater Tots and Jello, Balancing Home.

Stylish Sheds-8 Incredible Backyard Ideas

This season it seems like the hottest backyard accessory is the shed. Once seemingly basic in structure, it has gotten a face lift and has completely transformed the way we think of an outdoor retreat. By simply recreating a new purpose & vision for these tiny spaces they can become a stylish backyard getaway and quaint gathering place for any occasion. It is easy to romanticize these petite dwellings, so here are 8 incredible & real ideas that will inspire you to rethink your shed.

The invention of the she shed has taken over the man cave in terms of outdoor living. It has become a place women can go to get some much needed peace, rest and rare moments of silence. To maybe curl up with a good book [or magazine], a glass of cold tea and smell the fresh, sweet air. Sounds magical doesn’t it?

She Shed-Ella Claire

Ella Claire

BHG-Coastal Retreat By Finding Silver Pennies

Finding Sliver Pennies

BHG-Outdoor Getaway


Thinking outside the box when it comes to this simple structure can make all the difference when creating a spacious play house for your kiddos. By adding windows, fun lighting, paint and bold accessories you can create a place that sparks their imagination for years to come.

Backyard Playhouse By Lay Baby Lay

Lay Baby Lay

The idea of having an outdoor haven to host your next summer soiree sounds quite perfect. Whether for dining, lounging or even serving, having another enclosed area in your yard for entertaining is another great way to make a basic shed seem sophisticated and smart.

BHG-Add another outdoor structure to entertain by Jansen Blokhuizen

Jansen Blokhuizen

BHG-Outdoor Retreat in a She Shed by Passion Shake

Passion Shake

At one time or another we have all had visions (I think) of being tucked away somewhere in a beautiful, rustic outdoor space surrounded by lush greenery & gardens. Well now it’s easier than you think. You can create a garden shed from online plans, DIY one yourself or alter an existing shed by adding custom color, details and windows.

BHG-Garden Retreat


I love the idea of creating a work studio from a simple shed. By adding French doors you are not only customizing the look but also bringing light & life into the space. Living in NY this may not me ideal for me but for anyone residing in temperate climates this is a great solution for creating more square footage in your home.

BHG-Garden Shed by Iron & Twine

Iron & Twine

Your company will never want to leave if you create a beautiful guest cottage like this for them to stay. They will feel right at home with the modern conveniences of indoor living and will have all the privacy they could want. Add a coffee bar and you may indeed have permanent house shed guests.

BHG-Guest House by Backyard Buildings

Backyard Buildings

When you think of summer you can’t help but imagine being poolside and/or beach bound. Add a tiny shelter to that dream and you have all the makings for an serene outdoor retreat. The size of a typical shed makes for an ideal pool house, add a small landing to the front with large doors, a light fixture, along with some planters and you have a chic look. The dimensions would also make the perfect beach cabana. By adding a shower to the side and an area to change before entering the main house, makes it not only pretty but functional as well.

BHG-Jalaine Blog- Beautiful Pool House Shed

Jalaine Blog

BHG-Outdoor Retreat from This Old House

This Old House

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Jen-City Farmhouse

We have a big family reunion happening in just a few weeks, and not one, but two families of cousins are going to be staying with us for an entire week. We decided a little while ago that with all these family members heading our way, we really needed to get the guest room and bathroom in the basement finished. So we called up our contractor, who happened to have just enough time between other big jobs to help us out, and got the work started within a few days. And guess what? It should all be done in the next two weeks! They finished painting this morning, carpet and flooring go in on Monday, and then we’re just a hop, skip, and a jump away from a new guest room.

Once the guest room is finished, we get to work on the fun part–decorating! We already have a bed and a dresser to go in the room, both from my old bedroom at my parents’ house. I feel like we need to get those pieces moved into the room before we can really get a feel for how we want to decorate. In the meantime, I’m having fun looking at photos of pretty bedrooms from around the web. In my quest for guest room inspiration, I’ve tried to focus on the qualities I want our room to have. I want our guest room to be restful, comfortable, and cozy. I want it to be well-appointed. I want it to have personality. I want it to feel like home for the guests that get to stay there. That’s kind of a tall order, but I know that with some careful thought and lots of gorgeous guest room inspiration, we can make it happen. Here are just a few of the beautiful bedrooms I’ve found so far in my quest…

guest room inspiration
[photo from Style Me Pretty]

Guest bedroom inspiration
[photo from BHG]

Guest room inspiration
[photo from Refresh Restyle]

guest room inspiration
[photo from BHG]

guest room inspiration
[photo from Little Glass Jar]

guest room inspiration
[photo from BHG]

guest room inspiration
[photo from Love Grows Wild]

guest room inspiration
[photo from BHG]

guest room inspiration
[photo from Magnolia]

guest room inspiration
[photo from BHG]

guest room inspiration
[photo from One Kind Design]

guest room inspiration
[photo from Vintage Whites]

Though it’s been several years, I’ve always really enjoyed a good camping trip. Sure, I’ve got an issue with bees, spiders, and *shivers* freaky centipedes, but, really, how many of us like those critters anyway? But camping can truly be one of the most relaxing and enjoyable vacations you can take. Now that the trend toward glamping — that’s “glamorous camping” for you non-Pinteresty types — is reaching new heights, anyone heading out to be one with nature is trying to do so in the coolest, easiest, chicest, most hackable way possible. We’re here to help. Check out these 10 camping tips and tricks sure to exceed the usual camping standards.

1. #Adulting

The first issue you’ll face when choosing to camp for the first time in your adult life is, well, everything. What tools do I need? What food should I bring? How do you build a fire? How do you pitch a tent? Where do you even put the tent? Trail Sherpa was kind enough to compile a list of tips from their bloggers that answers these questions and many more. If you were unsure about shaking hands with Mother Nature, you won’t be after you read through the advice.

Image via: Trail Sherpa

2. Sip and Set

With the shortage of coffee tables you’ll have in the woods, you’ll need to be prepared with a place to set your beverage. Blogger Megan has the DIY solution for you. Her tutorial for this outdoor drink holder is a quick, fun project you can personalize. Use a different pattern for each member in your camping party.

Image via: Positively Splendid

3. Bright Bottles

Worried about tripping over your guylines and tent stakes while carrying the roasting sticks? Me too. Mike from Instructables relaxes our fears with these DIY tent stake markers. If you’re not interested in an adult beverage, glass soda bottles will do the same trick!

Image via: Instructables

4. Floor Foam

Ever make it through the night in a tent with your air mattress still full in the morning? If you have, you’re one of the few. Prevent the pain of might-as-well-have-slept-in-the-dirt bed-deflate with this clever idea from Tiffany’s blog, A Little Campy. She lines the floor of her tent with huge, interlocking foam tiles. This gives support beneath the mattress pad and also lets you walk around your tent barefoot without worrying what might be beneath the canvas.

Image via: A Little Campy

5. Fashion-Forward Hiking

Hiking just got easier — and more beautiful. Spend time with friends or the kids making an afternoon craft for the next morning’s hike. Christine shows us how she created these DIY painted walking sticks with her daughter over at her blog The DIY Dreamer. Be sure to give these beauties a decoupage finish to ensure a lasting paint job.

Image via: The DIY Dreamer

6. Prepared and Planned

Meal prep at it’s finest, Mean Mommy Academy creator Sarah has a plan for your meal plan. You can download a template for free at her blogspot. Print one for each day of the trip; it will help you figure out not only what ingredients you’ll need per meal, but also what groceries to buy, what tools to pack, and even reminders for the day’s activities and what fun things you’ll need to bring for those as well.

Image via: Mean Mommy Academy

7. Portable Kitchen Cabinet

Keep your campsite kitchen in order with a rolling drawer set. All of Melissa’s favorite camping cookwear fits neatly into these four drawers and moves easily from car to campfire. See how she and her husband made this rolling cart chuck box over at her blog, Finally-Forever.

Image via: Finally-Forever

8. All Within Reach

Hanging shoe racks have become one of the most multipurpose items in home goods. Lifehacker Alan Henry put his to good use with this DIY camping kitchen organizer. Alan picked the plastic variety for it’s durability and water resistance. Hang from bungee cords on an awning or as a personal items organizer inside the tent.

Image via: LifeHacker

9. With all these hacks, you’ll have plenty of time to lounge for a bit during your glamping experience. Take a peek at how the gals from Spell Designs created this beautiful boho glamping site. Most items were from around the house and easy for two people to set up.

Image via: Spell Designs

10. Northstory creator Alex made these cute magnetic invites for her daughter’s birthday party. As you plan your next camping trip, send these cute invites out to your friends. You can all connect with nature together.

Image via: northstory

Now that you’re ready to get your glamp on, what project are you going to do first? Do you have any other great camping tips and tricks? Let me know all about it!

Until then,



Storage caddies are a daily sanity saver in our home. Not only do they work great for corralling items with similar functions, they are also a breeze to tote from location to location. And with a busy family of five to care for, I am all about anything that makes our life easier.

I utilize caddies in almost every room; each for completely different functions and purposes. Although caddies come in a variety of shapes and sizes, no two options are created equal. When selecting caddies for your storage needs, it is important to consider their ultimate function. For example, if you are looking for a way to store your cleaning supplies, you will want to use a caddy that is lightweight and washable (bottles of cleaning solutions and tools can quickly become heavy, they also have a tendency to leak). Also, if you are having a hard time tracking down a caddy with specific compartment sizes, consider using an open caddy that can be paired with jars and other organizers to fit your desired requirements.

Because I am such a huge fan of these little workhorses, I thought I would share a few of my favorite time and sanity saving uses for caddies.


Cleaning Caddy

If I could only have one caddy in my life, it would be this one. I get into a groove while cleaning from room to room, so taking multiple trips back to a cleaning closet or cabinet would only slow me down. By putting together a cleaning kit containing my favorite cleaners, rags/wipes, a duster and gloves, I am able to work continuously throughout our home in half of the time.


Automotive Caddy

Just as a cleaning caddy assists in the maintenance of our home, and automotive caddy can have the same positive impact on our transportation. Load up a durable bin with your favorite car care components; wash, wax, duster, scrubbers, glass cleaner and a few air fresheners, and keep it stored on a shelf in the garage.


Tool Caddy

Although we love big DIY projects, daily life always calls for quick tune-ups and small home maintenance tasks. We keep a small caddy on hand to act as a mini toolbox. Inside we store everything we reach for frequently, including safety glasses, wrench, pliers, utility knife, tape measure, small hammer, painter’s tape, wood glue and picture hanging hardware.


Garden Caddy


Let’s head outdoors for a moment, and take a pre-filled caddy with us as we check out the garden. Everything from snips and twine to plant food packets and small potting tools will help your garden flourish.


Craft Caddy

Now that our boys are older, I encourage impromptu crafting sessions in many areas of our home. A utensil caddy is a great way to keep crayons, markers, glues, paints and glitter corralled and accessible. For adults, swap a few supplies for pens, a notepad, calculator, envelopes and paperclips, and you have yourself the perfect bill paying caddy.


Diaper Caddy


Prior to needing a craft caddy for our boys, diaper caddies could be found on both levels of our home. Once stocked with lotions, wipes, diapers, sanitizer and a changing pad, they become a little nursery-on-the-go.


First Aid Caddy


Accidents never seem to happen near the first aid cabinet; however, a pre-stocked caddy will ensure you are able to tend to wounds quickly in an accommodating area of the home. They also make it easy to be prepared when heading to the ballpark, pool and playground. Not feeling well? Put together a cold and flu caddy with medication, a thermometer, cough drops, sanitizer and tissues, to ensure you are comfortable wherever you decide to snuggle in.


Toiletry Caddy


Although toiletry caddies are generally used by college students with shared showering facilities, they are my favorite solution for small bathrooms with limited storage space. Just fill a waterproof caddy with your daily essentials and hair care tools and pop it on a hook behind the door, no shelves or cabinets necessary.


Pet Caddy


We have a few puppies to care for, and have found a single caddy to be a wonderful solution for staying on top of their grooming needs. Inside I store nail clippers, brushes, shampoo, ear cleaner and dental care items.


Entertaining Caddy


Many caddies on the market are designed for holding cutlery, so I am sure to put them to good use. In a dining room cabinet, I keep a couple of caddies stocked with outdoor entertaining utensils, napkins and dishes, as well as party decorations, balloons, hats and goodie sacks. I love that I can entertain at the last minute and just pull out our caddies without too much thought or effort (allowing me to focus on my time with our guests).

Now that I have shared my favorites, I would love to hear how you utilize caddies to simplify areas of your home and life. Are there anymore I should add to my list?

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