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Friday Finds 3.27

Besides being full of blooming flowers, green grass and the promise that summer is fast approaching, spring brings with it a broadening of wardrobe choices. Skirts, blazers, tiny dresses and strappy sandals quickly become closet staples–and statement necklaces are an accessory that can add a whole lot of punch with little effort. Check out these five tips and tricks for wearing your favorite statement pieces this spring!


If you read regularly, you know I love bold patterns and bright colors. Mix the two together in one accessory with this wonderfully green statement necklace from Pop of Style. And yes, you’d look good in those polka dots, too.



If you’re worried about looking too flashy for the office–don’t. This elegant ensemble from Stylishly Me proves that fashion and business really do mix.



If simple is more your style, you can still make statement pieces work for you. Check out how the blogger behind Create Bake Celebrate wore a pop of color with her necklace for a weekend away. Chic, classic and clean, this look is great for any event.



Floral never really goes out of style–and you can jump on the bandwagon with this fabulous rose statement necklace I spotted on SHY Boutique. The best part? You can choose a color that’s as bright or as subtle as you want.



If casual is more for you, spice up any comfy outfit with this metallic beauty from Camp Patton. I won’t even try to hide how much I absolutely LOVE those Oxfords!



Feeling ready to get some staple statement pieces now?

Happy spring!


Jen Jones

Organize This: Tax Season!

Tax time and filing doesn’t have to be boring or stressful.  With the tax deadline date lingering right around the corner, I am excited to share a some super simple tips for keeping this time of year as worry free and enjoyable as possible.



I have been there… Suddenly it is tax season and I am scrambling and struggling to pull together multiple document types and receipts for filing day.  Whether you have a personal accountant or you tackle the tax filing process on your own, it is important to manage multiple forms and records throughout the course of the entire year.  Although I am not a tax professional, I personally had to find ways to get my own tax system in order.  Here are a few of my favorite tax time solutions:


  • Find a Routine.  Don’t wait until the end of the year to look for documents and deductions.  File/document important information throughout the year during your scheduled budgeting sessions.  A few minutes every week or two is much easier than a multi-hour mad dash in April.
  • Simplify.  Don’t create a filing system that is too complicated to manage, or one that is not easily accessible as forms and documents come into your home.  Add an open top file box or paper trays to your desk with easy to access labeled file folders.  Small, decorative boxes look great and can be used to hold important receipts until you are ready to document them and file them away.  Slotted expandable folders work really well for dividing documents and receipts out by category and/or month as well.
  • Take Note.  It can be very frustrating when you are reviewing forms at tax time and you can’t remember why you kept a specific receipt or what a statement is referencing.  Keep a stack of blank sticky notes at your workspace which can be easily attached to receipts and statements with added details that may be helpful to you and your accountant on filing day.
  • Date it.  Whether it is on a wall, desk or planner calendar, take notice of important tax dates and also mark down reminders a few weeks before each date to ensure they don’t sneak up on you.  This is especially important if you are filing your taxes on a quarterly basis.



  • Need Some Motivation?  What drives you to want to work on bills and taxes?  I enjoy using that time to catch up on a favorite TV show or to listen to my favorite soundtrack.  I also file my documents in decorative file folders and containers because I don’t believe that paperwork has to equal boring.
  • Give Back to Yourself.  Keep a clipboard and lined paper in your car for donation drop-offs.  Each time you make a charitable donation, you should be given a receipt.  Attach the receipt to a piece of lined paper, and document each of the items being donated.  Also snap a photo with your smartphone for added proof and to serve as a reminder at tax time.
  • Don’t Spin Your Wheels.  Keep a small notebook in the glove compartment of your automobile to track mileage throughout the year.
  • Out of Sight, but not Out of Mind.  It is recommended to keep tax documents on hand for seven years before sending them to the shredder.  Save room in your filing cabinet by dedicating a large, labeled bank box in your storage closet to hold those dated returns.
  • Twice as Nice.  Investing in a paper/receipt scanner could save you many headaches down the road.  It is important to keep both digital copies and hard copies of your receipts and statements, as neither way is completely fail safe.



What tips do you have to get through tax season with a smile?


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Chelsey Andrews

DIY-ify: 12 Garden DIY Ideas for Spring!

Trend: 12 Garden DIY Ideas for Spring!

Ok guys, the first day of Spring is TOMORROW. The weather here in Portland has been weird and almost Spring-like for the past month. We’ve been working like crazy in our backyard and can’t wait to start planting the garden. Today I’ve gathered some wonderful Garden DIY Ideas from around the internet to share with you. These bloggers have some great ideas to get your Spring started.


Herb garden coffee table DIY, from A Beautiful Mess.

Mini Live Succulent Wreath tutorial, the La Crema Blog.

Super simple outdoor DIY seating, from Lena Sekine.

Simple Vertical Trellis Garden, from BHG.

Chandelier Candler Holder Makeover, from The Paper Mama for BHG.

Make a handmade outdoor chaise lounge for under $35, from Ana White.

Handmade Painted Trellis DIY, from The Paper Mama on BHG.

DIY Color Blocked Garden Markers, from Sarah Hearts.


How to build a garden box, from The Paper Mama.

DIY Outdoor Terra Cotta Storage Side Table, from 17 Apart.

Create these garden gifts: Little Egg Succulent Planters, from The Paper Mama.

Recycled Barrel Planter DIY, on Design Sponge from Centsational Girl.

 Who else is ready for Spring?

- Chelsey, The Paper Mama

P.S. the photos from the first image are from: BHGA Beautiful MessLa Crema Blog, and Sarah Hearts

Khristian A. Howell

Playing with Pattern: Fresh Stripes


A classic never gets old.  Stripes are such a great go-to for pattern mixing.  They can create balance in a mix of patterns of any style from traditional to modern.  The freshest crop of stripes can easily stand alone as a statement pop of pattern in any space.  I love a good stripe as it can help to create movement, make a bold graphic statement or serve as subtle texture.  Stripes are always a fantastic, versatile pattern pop!






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Jennifer OBrien

Vintage Style-Decorating With Demijohns

Vintage Style-Decorating With Demijohns BHG Style Spotters

Ahh,the sound of spring is in the air and I for one couldn’t be happier. After a long winter I am ready for a style overhaul & living coastally I seem to embrace this idea a little early, I tend to skip over spring & head right for summer. One decorating element I can never seem to get enough of this time of year is glass. Whether old or new, it’s transparency gives a worn, causal layer to any space without it feeling large or heavy. Demijohns and glass bottles have become a hot trend, if you walk into any home décor store you will have a variety to choose from. They come in an assortment or sizes & colors and can be used as pure decoration or for purpose. Here are some of my favorite vintage style inspirations using demijohns and glass…

A variety of glass containers in different sizes and hues make this mantle feel cohesive and fun, a perfect look for spring or summer.BHG Centsational Style{BHG}

This vignette feels organic and unified with the turquoise tones and warm worn textures.

VIBEKE DESIGN-White, wood, aqua glass, greenery {via}

Varying size and scale can make any stylized area feel effortless.

VIBEKE DESIGN great grouping with vintage posters, basket and demijohns{via}

Decorating a built-in or hutch is a perfect place to mix and match your collection and give yourself some creative freedom. Layering height, color and odd number assortments are a few things to keep in mind when trying to achieve this look.

summer hutch craftberrybush {via}

Adding or interchanging just a few glass elements into a space will instantly give you a casual, coastal look without redecorating the entire room.

Rooms for Rent Printers Cabinet With Demijohn{via}

Varying sizes, heights and colors gives this collection a casual, cohesive look.

Perfectly Imperfect - A Seasonal Refresh Using Demijohns {via}

Glass bottles and demijohns on a woven tray gives a casual coffee table look, ideal for this time of year.Life On Virginia St-Coffee Table Styling With Glass Jars{via}

Adding a few worn bottles to open kitchen shelving makes this space feel stylish, original & uncluttered.

In the Kitchen with Skye Gyngell, London's Chef du Jour - Glass Jars on Display{via}

Decorating your open shelving with large purposeful glass bottles & jars brings function to your space and by balancing that with whites and organic textures it gives a stylish & rustic look.

Ella Claire Bathroom Makeover Using Open Shelving & Glass Jars {via}

Layering moody tones in with your vintage demijohn collection makes the space feel grounded and unified. This rustic, coastal look is timeless and be worn all year long.

Eclectically Vintage Assorted Demijohn Mantle{via}

Using your glass bottles and demijohns as a purposeful collection is a fantastic styling idea. Whether its cut flowers or branches, using them as vases brings function & beauty together and also makes for a great conversation piece.

BHG Adding Texture & Vintage Style With These Demijohns{BHG}

Another example of how a collection can seem organic and have flow by simply repeating color and texture. BHG Cottage in the Minimalist White soft blue sideboard + blue glass vases{BHG}

This is the perfect time of year to keep your eyes peeled for glass bottles, you may even want to start a collection{smile}. I hope this inspired you to see beauty in imperfection.

Have a beautiful week,

Jen-City Farmhouse

Melissa Bahen

Building a Dream House: Front Porch Container Gardens

front porch urn planter reds blacks lavender, coral bells

I know it’s not warm and sunny everywhere right now, but in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve had quite a stretch of beautiful Spring weather lately. It’s been a very welcome departure from our usual cold, Winter drizzle. The sunshine and balmy weather are inspiring thoughts of gardens and flowers, and there’s no better or quicker way to welcome Spring to your house than with lush containers overflowing with greenery and gorgeous flowers on your front porch. I bought some black fiberglass urns filled with fall foliage the week we moved into the Dream House. One of them still looks great, but the other has been completely taken over by midnight purple coral bells, and it looks like something straight out of the Haunted Mansion line at Disneyland! I think it’s high time they both had a Spring-worthy makeover. Here are some container garden looks I’m loving (click on the link beneath each photo for details)…

front porch urn planter hot pink chartreuse greenphoto from Pocket Full of Posies Design

large urn planter hot pink purple container gardenphoto from Serendipity Refined

front porch planter container garden greenphoto from One Hundred Dollars a Month

front porch planter purple black chartreuse greenphoto from Pocket Full of Posies Design

front porch urn planter geraniums pink red greenphoto from Tundra Monkey Gardening

 front porch urn planter red geranium creeping jennyphoto from Kasey’s Korner

window boxes geraniumsphoto from Dirt Simple–Technically, these are window boxes, not urns on a front porch. But WOW!

front porch urn planters white green chartreusephoto from Dirt Simple

patio garden chartreuse purple hot pinkphoto from Dirt Simple

patio garden front porch urn planter white purple chartreusephoto from Dirt Simple–This website is a goldmine!! Truly, such beautiful designs.

front porch urn planter patio garden hot pink chartreusephoto from Power Flowers

front porch urn planter springphoto from–BHG has lots of great container garden ideas, and they’re all labeled! Each photo tells you exactly what plants you need, so there’s no guesswork.