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Smart Uses for Camera Phones

By Liz Gumbinner and Kristen Chase of Cool Mom Tech

Technology doesn’t have to be complicated to be useful! We use nothing more than our basic smartphone cameras in so many different situations to help manage our otherwise crazy lives.

Never forget where you parked: Before you walk away from your car in a crowded parking lot at a mall, sports stadium or the airport, snap a quick shot of the car’s location — and if there is one, make sure you include the parking space number.

Never be without directions: If you’re using a GPS or map app to get you somewhere, it’s a lifesaver to take a couple of quick screenshots of your route and the list of directions, then save the images in your gallery. If you end up traveling through an area where phone service is spotty, it’s so reassuring to know you have directions on hand without having to access the app itself.

Preserve masterpieces: We take photos of all the artwork and even the school papers our kids bring home from class. It’s a great way to save sentimental keepsakes without all the clutter. You can even upload to an app like Artkive, which is designed specifically to organize and print children’s artwork.

Keep critical docs: Another helpful things is to snap photos of your driver’s license, insurance cards, passport, and other important documents, especially right before you travel. You can even forward these photos to a family member for safekeeping in the event that family member has to act on your behalf. Just be sure your phone settings require a password to get in!

Keep a visual list: When we’re at a grocery store, local boutique, or flea market, we love taking quick pictures of the items we want to learn more about but don’t want to look up right then and there. It’s great for ingredient lists on food boxes too. Also, when you love a wine you’ve tried in a restaurant, taking a photo of the label is so much easier than trying to remember “Chateau Le Blablabla 1996.” Especially after a glass or two.

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11 Responses to “ Smart Uses for Camera Phones ”

  1. Thx for all the advice!

  2. These are really great ideas! Much better for those addicted “selfie” people!

  3. I take pictures of craft patterns so I know what I need to pick up to do that craft. And recipes, too, especially from magazines so I don’t have to copy it down.

  4. Taking a pic of a custom paint lid and uploading to a file for house.

  5. Inventory of fridge/pantry for shopping. Small Articles/recipe in magazines in waiting rooms. Screenshots of things on www or Facebook. Photo of Whiteboard at home shopping list. Business cards you don’t want to misplace. Dog licence / chip rego. Car rego for hotel book in.

  6. I have a folder dedicated to information like handouts and flyers from the pediatrician, event calendars from the library, instructions to products, etc. to avoid paper clutter… I just take a picture and keep it moving.

  7. Good ideas! I use a couple of these. I also snap pictures on online bill – pay confirmations and business cards. Less paper to have to keep!

  8. Take a picture of your hotel room number before you go out – since most hotels no longer have real keys with the room number printed on them.

  9. all great ideas!

  10. Also while looking through a magazine while at the dentist or doctors office and you find a recipe you like you can always snap a picture of it and have it in your phone for when you want to make The recipe!

  11. nice post information thanks.

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