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Do you have a secret for making any celebration a touch better? Whether it is a low maintenance menu plan or a terrific theme to guarantee a good time, we want to know.

Share your brief suggestion for making any event a touch better, and you could be selected to win a copy of the Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book.

Here are some great tips from last week's winners:

"Plan ahead and keep to a simple theme for an enjoyable gathering of friends. Have lots of substantial appetizers arranged on a center table with fresh cut flowers and lit candles."
— Debra, Surprise, AZ

"Involve your children or grandchildren by letting them help set the table, choose which napkin rings to use, or letting them help arrange the cookie & dessert trays. They love being a creative part of the preparation. Perhaps they can help make a simple centerpiece and place cards for the table too."
— Mary, Pittsburgh, PA

"Do a test run of any new recipe before using for a party. It gives you a chance to see what it really takes in time and effort to create. Plus you'll be more relaxed cooking something you've made before on party day."
— Michelle, Commerce Township, MI

"In trying to make an event "a touch better" we tend to get wrapped up in the details and making sure everything is just right. My suggestion to make an event better is to let it develop organically and go with the flow. Remember that things Never go exactly according to your plan and sometimes that makes them more fun. Embrace spontaneity and allow yourself to enjoy your event for what it is, not what you expected it to be. Be present in the moment and it will be a better event for you and your guests."
— Allison, Winter Haven, FL

Enter a new suggestion everyday to increase your chances of winning.

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