Must-Have Recipes: Frequently-Asked Questions

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Learn how to find and personalize recipes, manage your shopping lists, and find cooking tips with our Better Homes and Gardens Must-Have Recipes iPhone app. Get answers to your most common questions here.
Q: How do I save my place when I'm reading a recipe?

A: Tap the number for the next step, and the red arrow marker will slide there.

Q: How can I add my own notes and comments to a recipe?

A: Tap on the "Notes" tab of a recipe, and your digital keyboard will pop up. Type in your notes and click "Done" to save them.

Q: What does the blue button do?

A: The blue button helps you move and share the recipe easily. You can "Add to Favorites," "Add to Shopping List," "Share to Facebook," and "Email."

Q: How do I collect and organize recipes that go together?

A: Tap on the blue button on the top right of the recipe. From there, you can Add to Favorites, Add to Shopping List, Share on Facebook, or Email. If you select "Add to Favorites," you can create and name a new group of favorites or add to an existing group. These groups can be customized to match your needs, such as "Birthday Party Menu" or "Kids' Favorites."

Q: What do the numbers in my Favorites Groups mean?

A: The numbers next to each Favorites Group tells how many recipes are in that Group.

Q: What if I only want a specific type of recipe, such as healthy chicken recipes?

A: You can search by precise ingredients, by tapping on the magnifying glass search icon. Type one or more ingredients then tap cooking time and then select your cooking time (such as less than 30 minutes) and "Done" and special designations (Editor Picks, Fast, Low Fat, Healthy). Tap Search.

Q: What makes a recipe "Fast"?

A: Our definition of fast is a recipe that takes 30 minutes or less to make total, from start to finish.

Q: What makes a recipe "Healthy"?

A: Low Fat: To qualify for this designation, appetizers must have 2 grams of fat or less per serving. Main-dish recipes must have 12 grams of fat or less. Salads must have 5 grams of fat or less. Breads and vegetable side dishes must have 3 grams of fat or less. Cookies must have 2 grams of fat or less per cookie. Healthy: These recipes adhere to these specific guidelines. Fat: Less than or equal to 35 percent of total calories or less than 1 gram per serving. Sat. fat: Less than 10 percent of calories or less than 1 gram per serving. (To figure either fat, multiply the grams of the fat in the serving by 9; divide that number by the total calories in the serving.) Trans fat: 0 grams. Cholesterol: Less than or equal to 80 milligrams. Sodium: Less than or equal to 600 milligrams. Sauces: Less than 2 g fat and less than 200 g sodium Beverages: Low Fat if 3 g or less per serving. Healthy if less than 150 calories and 250 mg sodium.

Q: How do I create a shopping list?

A: When you have opened a recipe you'd like to try, tap on the blue export icon. A list will pop up, allowing you to "Add to Shopping List." From here you can save all ingredients to your list by tapping the blue save button (or) if you have some ingredients on hand tap the circle next to "all ingredients" and select the items you wish to add to your list. You can save to "My Shopping List" or create a shopping list for a specific store by taping "My Shopping List" and then typing in a store name. Tap "Continue" and then "Save."

Q: How do I use my shopping lists when I'm in a store?

A: Click on "My Shopping List" and see all the ingredients organized by aisle. Tap the circles next to each item to check them off as you shop. To delete items or entire recipes from your list, tap "Edit." Then tap the circle next to each ingredient to give it a red delete sign. Tap "delete" to remove the items you?ve selected.

Q: How do I send my shopping list to someone else?

A: When you are in your Shopping List, click the blue export icon. Tap "Email Shopping List."

Q: What if I want to add my own ingredient to a shopping list?

A: With your Shopping List open, tap "Add Item." Type in your ingredient, choose the quantity, select the aisle, and tap "Done."

Q: What if I need help with a cooking skill or technique?

A: Tap the recipes button at the bottom of the screen. Tap on "How To" on the top, scrolling red plaid bar. Select the category that fits your technique, such as "General Baking." There, you will find handy step-by-step guides and videos, full of tips.

Q: I'm having a hard time reading the recipes.

A: Tap "More" at the bottom of the screen and then tap "Settings." Tap "Text Size" to enlarge the font.

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