The Good Kid Project

The Good Kid Project is a year-long series in which we explore the 12 qualities that are key to a happy, well-adjusted child.


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Perseverance Talking Points

Here are a few common academic and social situations your child might find herself in, and how to help her persevere.

Conversations in Compassion

Teach your children to show compassion toward others with key conversation starters, tips, and more.

Books and Movies on Civility

See the best books and movies help your little ones learn to treat everyone with respect and kindness.

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  • The Good Kid Project: Perseverance Talking Points

    Cultivating a "setbacks won't stop me" mind-set starts as early as when kids are learning to tie their shoes. As ch...

  • Confidence

    In our ever-competitive, social-media fueled world, it's easy to forget that confidence involves embracing your str...

  • Self-Discipline

    Letting kids help make the rules is key to teaching self-restraint, but what can you do when your child doesn't har...

  • Self-Reliance

    Fostering independence is truly a balancing act: Children need -- and want -- rules to follow, but if we hover over...

  • Civility in Action

    When it comes to teaching children about the Golden Rule, reinforcing good manners is just the start. Let these boo...

  • Conversations in Compassion

    A key step in nurturing compassion in children is to help them act more empathetically and sympathetically in their...

  • The Good Kid Project: Tolerance

    Each of us is unique -- from our interests and abilities to our religious and cultural backgrounds. And, as our wor...

  • Conversations in Tolerance

    Nurturing tolerance and acceptance in children is incredibly important, and everyday life offers tons of opportunit...


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